Friday, April 16, 2010

I was turned on by the suggestion of this website. I think it is very enlighting. Something to look at over the weekend. I would love to hear your comments. Have a good weekend...

Based on The Story of O, the erotic novel by Pauline Reage, is 4 days of reality porn -- real slave training, not staged. It is the real journey of truly submissive women who wish to become trained sexual slaves for men. To train these female slaves, Master trainer James Mogul uses everything from humiliation, bondage, whipping, spanking, caning and corporal punishment to female orgasm, cocksucking, pussy licking, hardcore fucking, anal sex, and even vaginal fisting. But at TheTrainingOfO, the primary means of training female sex slaves is psychology. Consensual erotic torture and domination increase each woman's submission, remolding her mind and attitude until she is an obedient sex slave.

The Training Of O is hardcore erotic humiliation and slave training, with bondage, sex and punishment along the way. The female slaves at are gagged, fucked and bound until they cum. Real female orgasms are just another way to increase a slave's submission. Photo galleries and high definition videos show the rope bondage, whipping, spanking, humiliation, training, psychological domination and finally the ecstasy of total submission.

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