Sunday, March 17, 2013

Its the End of a Long Day

I've had a long day today and I want nothing less than to relax. I turn on my computer and see what you have posted today. You're asking for my story. My fantasy. Interesting. I've been thinking about you, a lot lately. Would you fulfill my every need? Would you touch me the way I like to be touched, spank me the way I like to be spanked, fill me with every inch of your cock - ramming it in over and over? I think you would. Just thinking how you would tease me has me wet. I am reaching down into my panties now which are already beginning to get wet. Can you see me? I run my fingertips over the lips of my pussy feeling my slickness. So nice. Gently, I push a finger inside me, I'm so hot inside. My pussy begins to throb with desire as I think about you watching me. Would you like that? To watch me masturbate? I move my fingers up to my clit and begin to move them in a circular motion, teasing my hard nub. You're touching yourself now aren't you? Touching your hard cock as it grows. Wrapping your hand around it, stroking the long hard shaft. Watching me is turning you on. My other hand pushes my shirt up and my bra down. I encircled my nipple with my fingers and roll it between my fingertips. I want to feel your wet tongue on my nipples, your teeth biting them. Oh yes. My fingers are working harder now... gasping... My pussy is so wet for you. You're working it harder now too, aren't you? My juices are wetting my thighs now. I am rubbing my clit hard, so wet with my juices. I want to feel your cock inside me, pushing at me, ramming it in. I am so close. My fingers... oh god... feel so good...can you see me? so hot for you... so wet for legs tense... can you feel it... can you feel my pussy tighten... my back is arched now...pushing my fingers inside me... ohhhhhhh...fucking myself with my fingers... my hand on my clit... rubbing...I'm coming.... fuck me now... hard... ahhhhhhhhh YES ohhhhhhhhh... fuck yes... ohhhhhh... pussy clenching... pulsing...breathing heavy... body shaking... Now thats how to end a day