Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Quick Thought

The clothes lay scattered on the floor. The steam seeps out from behind the door and I tentatively place one hand inside. Deciding it's perfect, I slide the door the rest of the way open and step inside. The hot water hits my skin and I instantly relax. I stand for a moment and let the water hit my face. Running down over my shoulders, it swirls over my skin, gently pooling around my feet. Turning slowly, I let the heat permeate my body. My hair becomes quickly saturated and I let my hands smooth it down over my scalp. My eyes closed, my head back, I relax for a moment and think of you.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Merry Christmas

I lay waiting for you under the tree. My hair down around my shoulders, my body propped on one elbow, two bows strategically placed around me. I wait for you, hoping you come to me soon, waiting to feel your touch to warm my skin on this cold morning.

I anticipate your touch. I wait to feel your hands sliding through my hair. I wait to feel your lips press against mine drawing the passion from me. I wait for your fingers to slip down and untie the bows, to feel your fingertips caress my skin. I wait for the moment in which we surrender to each other. In this moment the passion will break free, a hunger in need. I wait for the feeling of your body pressed against mine, your hands and lips devouring me. I want you to feel to heat between my thighs, the ache and desire that waits for you. I want you to feel how wet I am just thinking about you here with me.

I will wait for you, come this Christmas...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Need Help

I am heading up the biggest fundraiser of the year for my daughters dance group. It is their Annual Showcase. We need to raise $30,000 this year and this event helps put a big dent in that number. We currently have $11,000 so as you can see we need a lot of help.

What I need is new ideas. I need to do low cost (close to free as possible) fundraising ideas to do at the show. So if you have an idea or steal one from a event that you have attending...I'm all ears.

Thank you for your help...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Office War

I was told yesterday that my job hours and pay will be cut in half starting January 2ed. After 8 years with this company and putting up with my bipolar boss, I cant believe this is how I am being treated. It seems just as I start to get ahead in life something or someone take it away.

But here is the kicker. My other boss, the CFO wrote the big boss a letter saying what an ass he is. Spelling out that his hate for me is just because he likes being a bully to me. And all that he said about people not thinking I am nice is bull shit since he had never gotten a single complaint about my work or my attitude. He really stood up for me...telling the boss how sweet I was and a hard worker. And that saving the company 20k a year is nothing and he needed to cut back on his 40k a month spending on his personal shit.

So, I don't know if that will change anything but I am kicking it into high gear to find another job.

Hope none of you mind me venting here but it is the big reason why I haven't written much lately. Thanks for listening...

Friday, December 2, 2011

Daughter Troubles Again

For most kids, Christmas is an exciting time of year. They love to decorate and enjoy doing holiday stuff with the family. Of course by the 25th of December they are jumping out of their skin, cant wait to open their gifts.

For my daughter this is especally true. She is such a sweet girl and loves spending time with her family and loves to decorate the tree and the house. And at age (almost 15) I think this is a rear thing for a teenager so why is her father so determand to do things with out her. He and his two other kids put up a tree and decorated the in and outside of the house. My daughter came home the the other day almost in tears that he didnt wait for her to get home from dance class and then my house. (She stays with him 3 nights a week so its not like he only sees her once a month)

I really feel sorry for her. She wants to love her father and his family but he makes it so hard for her to do that and ends up just hurting her feelings.

Well, the other day I let her and her brother pick out a tree, decorate it and this weekend we are going to local park that is decorated in Christmas lights. It should be a lot of fun.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend...

Monday, November 28, 2011


"Come here. "
You watch me walk toward you, my head down. Knowing it's how you like me to be, submissive, willing to do what you ask. I come to stand in front of you and you look me over. My body wants to give you a night of pleasure. You step forward a bit and breathe me in. It makes you internally groan at the anticipation of what you are about to do. You walk around behind me letting your fingers trail across my shoulder and neck. My breathing harder now. Your hands drifts over my shoulder and down my naked back, I moan softly... "Sit on the chair," You whisper in my ear. I comply eagerly and sit in the hard wooden chair next to where your standing. Still behind me, running your fingers through my hair then pull on it hard. "Do you want it, slut?" you inquire a bit menacingly, "Do you want to be my filthy whore?" "Yes Master," I whisper, "Let me be your whore, your slut, your dirty girl" I can feel the heat between my legs growing as I sit here.

You step back from me and reach into the drawer and pull out restraints. You put them on nice and tight. I feel them tighten if I try to move too much. I love feeling of being restrained, I love the feel of helplessness, the feeling of submission.

What will you do to me next? Maybe you will force me to give you head. To hold my head, as I am restrained, onto your hard throbbing cock....Maybe you will just play with every hole? Tease me with your mouth and fingers....Maybe you will give me a soapy sponge bath. The feel of the warm water being poured over me. Letting the water to only touch me... Perhaps, you will let another woman in and you tell her what you want to see her do to me?

Any of these situations turn you on?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy ThanksGiving

There has been such hardship this past year in my life. Emotionally and financially. But I would like to give Thanks to all the people who follow my blog, my new and old friends, and most of my family who have given me love and support this year. I do see light at the end of this very long tunnel and I am grateful for that.

I am learning valuable lessons and working hard on my strategies on how to achieve my goals. I have learned that to get what you want you have to go after it....Being a submissive woman sometimes makes it hard for me to do that. My personality does not always allow that but as my submissive journey continues I am going to try this up coming year to work out those differences.

Please have a safe and warming Thanksgiving. I will think of all of you and wish you all thanks for your loving support.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Want You

Can you see how much I want you?
I can’t control myself around you.
Just the scent of you arouses me.
I want you.
I need you.
Fuck me.
Please fuck me.
Don’t wait for me to ask.
If you want me, take me.
I always want you.
I want you all over me.
I want your hands, your lips, your body, on mine.
Fuck me.
Use me.
Take me for your own pleasure.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Some Thoughts

Some people cant take NO for an answer. My ex keeps calling and texting me asking me to go out with him. That he loves me and talks about how he misses the sex. The more he talks about it the more turned off I get. It is really hard to trust what he says and he seems to think it is me pushing him away and I am the one with the issues...the truth is, maybe he is right but all I want is honesty from him. I want a man who cares not only for me but for my kids and respects my family.

My biggest thing is Trust. I love being able to talk openly and feel a connection when talking to that someone special. I want to feel like I care all that happens to him and enjoy his life journey. The good and the bad.

I know I write about my sexual fantasies and as most of you know that most of my stories are based on truth but in reality if the chemistry isn't there and the connection isnt just right the fantasies will always be fantasies.

Have a wonderful day....

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day

This shall remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave. -Elmer Davis

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Can Feel You

Do you have any idea how much I want you right now? How much I want to feel your hands sliding over my body? Feel your lips on mine? Your body pressed against me? I'm thinking about that right now. You. Your body. Your hands. Your lips. Your tongue. My own hands are acting as yours, sliding over me. I'm touching myself as you would, letting them caress my arms. My eyes are closed as I feel my fingers drift across my breasts. I want you. My fingertips gently tease my nipples as I feel my heartbeat quicken. My nipples grow hard under my touch. I roll them between my fingers, moaning softly at the feelings they produce. They are so sensitive. You know that though. You know how it makes me writhe under you when you suck on them and bite them. You know the pleasure it brings me, the feelings in my cunt. I pinch them harder, feeling you in place of my fingers. I let my other hand move across my belly. The anticipation I feel when you do this to me. Will you touch me? Will you tease me? I move my hand down my thighs, feeling your hand spreading them. I let them fall open and caress the insides of my thighs. Just the soft touch of fingertips on my skin. I pinch my other nipple harder, moaning as I do. I see you there, propped above me, watching me as you give me pleasure, loving the look on my face, the movements of my body. I know you love that.
My fingertips move up my thighs. I want this, I need this. My fingers gently slide up my slit. I am so wet for you. You know how wet I get when you touch me like this. I spread my wetness up to my clit and gently rub, such intensity. My eyes close tighter, my breath quicker. You love this, finding my hard little button and circling it, watching me become helpless to your touch. I let my fingers slide back down my slit and tease my pussy lips, touching them softly. I am so ready for you. I open myself and slowly slide two fingers inside. I'm so warm and wet. I slide my fingers in and out, feeling them stroke me. Feeling your fingers as I do. Feeling them touch me in the way I love. I slide them out and bring them up to my lips. My tongue slides up my fingers, licking my juices off, tasting me. I know how much you love my taste. I know how much you love licking me off you. I move my hand back down and spread my saliva over my clit. I rub again, a bit harder this time. I can't wait much longer. This teasing is too much. I want to cum for you. My other hand moves down along my belly. I can feel you sliding down my body until I feel your hot breath on my pussy. My fingers slide back inside me. I curl them forward to find my spot. My back arches up as I feel your tongue on me. My fingers rub faster. I can see you there, your face buried in my pussy, looking up at me and smiling. You know how much pleasure you bring me. My fingers stroke in and out, curling forward each time, pressing into me. I know it's what you want, to see me like this, masturbating for you. My fingers move in tight little circles as I stroke myself. Pushing three fingers inside, filling me. My head falls back as I arch my back higher. It's too much, not enough. I push my fingers in deeper, fucking myself with them. I can feel my pussy tighten around them, starting to pulse. Bring me there. I press harder with my fingers as I feel the warmth spreading through me. Bring me over the edge. I can feel your body moving with me, willing me to cum for you. I know you want that, for me to cum on your face, your tongue, your lips. My fingers move with you. Pushing deeper, rubbing harder. The pleasure is growing, blossoming out from my touch. Rubbing faster. It's there. I moan your name as I feel the release wash over me. A white hot pleasure crashing into me. My cunt pulses around my fingers, your fingers, making them so very wet, throbbing hard. Such amazing sensations, such release. My breathing is ragged as I come down. Feeling you in me, over me, through me, I relax at the thought, wishing you were here.

Friday, November 4, 2011

I Need to Vent

This post might be a bit gross... I work in a very small office. That consists of the President, the CFO and myself. I seem to always have issues with the big boss but over the last couple of days I have had issues with the other one. Now, I don't mind if people telling me personal things, I don't mind if they tell me about their aliments. But 3 days ago this guy tells me how he wasn't feeling well. He said how he was unable to have a bowel movement. That he has been pushing and pushing and nothing was happening. Yesterday he came in...And tells me he no longer has the pushing issue but he had the runs. He kept going into the bathroom and when he came out he went into great detail about what was happening to him. He finally went home early THANK GOD...Well today I got to hear how he was feeling better but now his ass is sore and how he had hemorrhoids. How there was some sort of bubble and had to use medication to take down the swelling (I have no idea about what this is about) Then to top it off he tells me how bad his gas is...OMG. who tells people this?

Now...don't you think this was way too much information? Especially to an employee? I have never been so grossed out. I get a lot of comments about how detailed I am in my writing but this was beyond detail. I learned stuff about him and bodily functions more then I would ever care to know.

ok...Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Need This

We're against the wall... your body pressed against mine... kissing you sensually... our lips sliding together, our tongues caressing... my thighs wrapped tightly around you, clinging onto you, keeping your cock deep inside me... You haven't cum yet, still holding back your orgasm, wanting more... and your so hard inside me, so erect... I'm trembling, kissing you greedily, my pussy so wet around your cock, my juices dripping down your penis, dribbling over your balls, running down the inside of my thighs... My orgasm still lingering, small aftershocks pulsing through my body... my pussy squeezing around your cock, sucking on it...

"I want you to cum..." I gasp, "I want you to cum for me..."

"Not yet..." you whisper, feeling your erection throbbing inside me at my request, knowing how easily you could succumb, "I want to fuck you from behind... I want you to... ohhh... want you to bend over the back of the couch for me..."

You slip slowly out from inside me, my wetness dripping from my pussy as you slide out, kissing me again softly... I look down your body, seeing your penis so erect, so hard... dripping wet from my juices... as you move back from me, I smile at you, sliding down your body, my hands running down your chest, your belly... kneeling down in front of you

I take your erect cock in my hand, stroking you, caressing you... you moan as you feel my fingers slipping easily up and down your length, still wet from me... I can feel your cock throbbing... I know your holding it back... and I smile up at you, opening my lips... and take your cock into my mouth...

You groan..." god that feels so fucking good." Your hands sliding through my hair... my lips are wrapped around your erect penis, sucking, lapping at your erection with my tongue... my hands sliding around your ass... pulling you deeper into my mouth... I know you want to cum but you refuse to let this end.... pulling me up to face you again... kissing me greedily... tasting yourself on my lips, my tongue... and you turn me around... and push me over the back of the couch...

"I need to fuck you so much..." you tug my skirt up around my waist, pulling the crotch of my panties to one side... and you cant wait any longer... "I need to be inside you..." I feel your swollen head skidding against the lips of my pussy... and you grip my hips... and thrust your cock... hard... deep into my wet swollen pussy... god... all the way inside me... Thrusting deeper and deeper into me... ohhhh god... You start to fuck me... god it feels so good... I'm dripping down your cock... pushing back against you... wanting you deeper... needing to be fucked... ohhh god...

You can't hold it back much longer... you grab my wrists... pulling them behind my back.... holding me there... ramming into me hard now... pounding your erect cock again and again into my dripping wet pussy... fucking me... ohhh god fucking me... your other hand slides up to my hair... taking a handful in your fist... pulling me back hard... leaning over me... thrusting your cock deeper into my pussy as I feel your breath on my neck... biting me... biting my neck as your cock rams into me from behind... again and again and again... and you pull my head back further... kissing me greedily... my lips sliding over yours as your tongue slides into my open mouth... fuck I'm so close... god I'm gasping with each thrust... trembling now... I can't take this... I'm gonna cum... and your cock is pounding into me hard... fucking me... and fucking me... god.... god that's it... and my body convulses... my juices splashing down your thrusting cock as you start to cum also.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Ok...I have got to tell someone... You all know my boss is crazy, I have spoken about him many times. This morning my office (consists of 2 people) has our heads spinning. My boss has the new I Phone 4S and there is an app called friend finder. Basically, we can look up exactly where he is at all times as long as his phone is with him. So today... Anthony ( He is the one actually tracking his whereabouts) followed him from his house, to the bank, he circled the parking lot like 12 times, ended up at the edge of a lake, walked back to his car, and came into the office. Hmmm, a little strange don't you think? What is he doing at a lake for like 2 minutes.

Anyway, I guess we will be having fun with his new IPhone. LOL

Did I tell you all that he was once considered a suspect in his wife's murder? It turned out she was killed by her doctor boyfriend...But my boss could have prevented her death and choose not to help her. But that is another story. But does make for a great Halloween tale.

I told you all he was CRAZY. Please I need a job...

Monday, October 31, 2011



Tonight is my Son's favorite night of the year with exception of Christmas Eve. He has been ready for weeks. His costume is almost worn out from being worn so much over the past weeks. So rain or not (And there has been a lot of rain lately) we will be out trick or treating.

This weekend we got 8 inches of rain but it was actually a nice weekend with the kids. My daughter performed at a Halloween concert.
And my son was invited to a pizza making party. That was a lot of fun. Yesterday afternoon was a nice rainy afternoon watching horror movies on the tv. - My daughter's performance. She is the one with the long black wig on

Enjoy your evening.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Phone Sex

Hi, what are you doing?
--Um, working
Are you busy?
--Sort-of, but I have a few minutes to talk
I was sitting here thinking about you
--Oh yeah?
I was thinking about your cock
I was thinking that I’d love to feel it inside me right now.
Would you like that? Sliding your cock into my dripping pussy?
--Ohhhh yes
I’ve been sitting here rubbing my pussy thinking how I’d like to lick you and suck you until your hot cock was ready for me.

--Ok, I shut the door
Are you hard for me?
Take your hard cock out for me.
That’s it, feel me around you, feel how hot and wet my mouth is.
Do you like when I suck you?
--I love when you suck my cock.
Take it all the way in.
--Ohhh yes.
I’m licking my way down to your balls, I want to taste them, suck them. I want to devour your gorgeous cock. I want to suck your head.
God, my pussy is so wet.
--Put your fingers in, fuck yourself with them.
Oh yes
--Lick your fingers, taste yourself.
Is your cock ready? Do you want to fuck me?
--I want to fuck you hard.
Do it then, slam your cock into me.
That’s it, fuck me hard.
Fill up every inch of my pussy.
Make me cum.
Harder, I need to feel you deep.
--I am so close, I want to cum all over you.
My pussy is dripping, fuck me harder, grab my hips, pull me into you.
--I can’t hold back.
Do it, cum for me.
That’s what I like.
--You are so bad.
I know.
Have a good rest of the day and I’ll see you tonight.
I’ll be waiting…

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Answer To My Dream Post

I do not usually post twice in one day but after receiving this email about my dream post, I just had to post the email here. I think this is my answer...

I did work several years
for a well know psychotherapist
When a relatively clear dream about a death, ( rather than one of
those mumbo jumbo dreams where every second something pops up and is non-recognizable) occurs, it is usually quite simple for interpretation. In your case, because of what I have
read in your blog about your ex-boyfriend coupled with bits of
info from you, your dream falls into the classic category, and
is simple to analyze.

Your dream very likely shows the awakening of a new life. Your
dead child was there because your mind needed to wake up
the presents of grief and fear. That dream and the emotions
attached to it was to show that you are becoming alive again,
enough to feel the grief and pain. In coming alive enough to
feel your emotions, you were feeling the pain of death.

I know this sounds complicated, so I'll be more specific. Your
complete severance with your ex-boyfriend imposed an emotional upheaval. You once loved him deeply and even today
there remains not only the memory, but still a bit of attachment,
which is normal. All these deep feelings were denied and buried
deep in your unconscious mind, and it decided to help you find
the experience, the feelings of grief, so that you can be totally
fresh and alive again to have happiness in the future.

In the dream your child who is really 6yrs
old, was presented to be 2yrs old, which was the length of the

Can You Write For Me?

So today it's your turn - tell me what you want to do to me, how you'd love to take me, to fuck me... tell me what excites you... tell me what we'd do together if I was with you now, naked on your bed, aroused, wet, fingering myself as I watch you, wanting you... I want you to make me cum for you... I want to imagine you here with me, want to feel your breath on my skin, feel your body brushing against mine... I want to taste you...

Tell me what you want from me... touch yourself first, I want you to touch yourself as you think of me... I want you to feel every thrust, every pulse... masturbate with me, right now... let me watch you... and once you're nice and hard, when your intensely aroused... I want you to start writing for me... be as disgracefully explicit as you like... touch yourself as you write... I want this to excite you as much as it excites me... and I want your words to make me cum... urgently... intensely... thinking of you...

How do you want to fuck me...? Do you want to use me? Or perhaps you want me to use you, to take you, to hold you down as I fuck you hard... tell me what you want... I need to know... I need you to make me cum...

and if writing this excites you... if you can't hold back any longer... then cum for me... I want you to cum for me... and I'll cum with you...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Dream

A while back I wrote a post of a dream I had. It was rather strange but some of you had good points of view of what is was trying to tell me. Well, last night I had a dream that was disturbing on so many levels. I am not the type of person who dreams very much or at least I don't remember them. This dream last most of the night, woke me up 6 or 7 times, and nothing strange happened in it. (you know what I mean? )

I was sitting at home (except I was living at my mothers house) the only other person there was my son who was 2. (he is 6 in real life) He was taking a nap on the couch when he died of a massive heart attack. I was very upset over this crying and holding him. The next day I went about my day, going to the grocery store and taking a walk, and people would ask me about Ryan and I would break down crying. I didn't tell anyone he died but it was like everyone knew. (This is weird) I was afraid to tell my parents that he past away. My daughter came home and saw me holding Ryan and telling him that I loved him, over and over. I told her what happened (then finally my alarm went off)

I never thought about a dream like I have thought about this one today. It was extremely upsetting to me. Any ideas as to what this could be about?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Some of you know that I am now a single girl once again. And there is always a certain thing, when dating, that I cant seem to tell people right off. I never had a problem with someone not understanding or is grossed out but I still have a hard time just coming out and saying it. I guess I never know how to approach the subject.

So for anyone out there who is reading this blog and want to get to know me on a more personal note, her is goes.... I am a Type I Diabetic. I have been this way for the past 20 years. I was just a kid. No one in my family has it and they are not really sure how I got it except they think I caught a bad viral infection that cased my pancreas not to work any longer. I wear an insulin pump, that can come off when I am in the shower or doing other naked type activities.

So now you know and I don't have to speak of it any longer. All I ask is...Love me for me.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Book Review?

I was reading a blog...(Not sure of the name) that reviewed Damnation / submission type books. And I came across this one, Below... It caught my eye because it stars my name and because of its subject line. Dont get me wrong I am not into this kind of slavery but I think it would intrigue me to read and follow. Has anyone read this book? Maybe you can give me your review.

CARRIE’S STORY by Molly Weatherfield

PUB. INFO: Cleis Press, 2002
GENRE: Contemporary BDSM
NARRATION: First Person

From Publisher: “I had been Jonathan’s slave for about a year when he told me he wanted to sell me at an auction. I wasn’t in any condition to respond when he told me this…”
So begins Carrie’s tale of uncompromising sexual adventure. Imagine the Story of O starring a Berkeley PhD in comparative lit (who moonlights as a bike messenger) with a penchant for irony, self-analysis, and anal sex. Set in San Francisco and the Napa Valley, Carrie’s Story takes the reader on a sexually explicit journey into a netherworld of slave auctions, training regimes, and human “ponies” preening for dressage competitions.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Can You Read My Mind

I can't seem to control myself around you. I need you, here, now. I always need you but this is more urgent. I really need you NOW. Don't hesitate. Fuck me. Use me. Control me... That's it. Kiss me, hard. I want to feel your tongue in my mouth. Make me gasp for breath. Press your body into mine. I can feel your cock getting hard. I love that feeling. Grind your cock into me, urgently. Rip my shirt off. I don't care... I just need to feel you on my skin. Your rough hands over my skin. Pinch my nipples. You know how much I love that, roughly, make me cry out. Make my pussy ache for you. Make me grind my hips into you, your hard cock. Lick my breasts, suck them. Tangling my fingers in your hair. I need you so much... Take your shirt off. I want to feel your chest on mine. Feel my nipples brush against yours. God, I'm so wet. I need you to feel how wet I am. Push my skirt up. Rip off my panties. Feel me, taste me. I know you want to lick me. To taste my juices. Push me down on the floor. Spread my thighs. Put your tongue in my dripping pussy. Make me moan your name. That's right, fuck me with your tongue. Make me writhe on the floor. Flick your tongue over my hard little clit. Make my hips rock. God, I need to taste you. Take your pants off, now. Kneel over me. Let me taste your hard cock. Let me suck you. Run my tongue over you, swirling, licking, sucking. My lips on your cock. Making you groan. Reach back and finger my clit while I suck you. That's it... My pussy is aching for you. You need to fuck me. You need to fuck me, NOW. Do it. Fuck me hard. Push yourself in deep. FUCK ME PLEASE....

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Masturbating for You

My hands run over my body and I let out a soft sigh. I need to ease the ache between my thighs. I need to touch myself. I need to cum. The feeling overwhelms me and I can't do anything else until I'm sated.

I'm already naked. I shed my clothes to the bedroom floor and now lie on the bed. The ache deepens. My fingers slide down my neck. I shiver with anticipation. My nipples are already taught when my hands find them. I feel the ache intensify. I roll them between my finger tips and gasp as a pulse begins in my pussy. I squeeze my thighs together wanting so much to cum. My breasts are soft and full in my hands as I caress them. My chest heaves with anticipation. If only you were here to watch me.

I slip one hand down. I know what to do to ease the ache. I know how to satisfy myself. I know you know this and the thought of having you as a voyeur stokes the flames further. The decision now is to make it quick and hard or draw it out slowly. My fingers slide through the wetness pooling between my thighs. Slick juices coat my fingers and I spread it around my clit. I moan softly. Electric waves run through me as my fingers start to circle my clit. The room has disappeared. The outside world has disappeared. Desire, need, want is all I feel.

I let my thighs fall open and slip my fingers to my cunt. Heat envelopes them as I slide two inside. I wonder what you would think now. Would you want to join me or continue to watch. I groan. My hips rise and fall. I need more. My other hand trails down, taking the place on my clit. My pussy throbs with pleasure. I imagine you inside me, filling me. I slide another finger inside, greedily filling myself, thrusting them in and out to keep rhythm with my hips. I lift my leg, needing to push deep, feeling the velvet walls of my pussy squeezing tight around my fingers. My arousal surges. My legs tremble. I wonder if you can feel me. I wonder if you know I'm masturbating for you.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Fool me once, shame on him... Fool me twice, shame on me" Did Taylor Swift say that?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

For Better For Worse?

Have you ever had an ex that pushes so hard to get back with you? I have been split up with my ex for some time now. And everyday he emails, texts, IMs or calls me. He tells me that he loves me and he is working hard so we can be together. He even promises me a ring.

The thing is...I just don't know. He lied to me in the past and I'm afraid this might happen again in the future. I do care for him and I did and maybe still do love him but can I trust him? Should I give him the benefit of the dought? Should I give him another chance?

If I go back to him, this could change my life. It would be a huge step for me. I have been single for 10 years and I'm not sure I have the strength to move forward.

I guess my real question is...Is this really about the lying or is it I am having trouble settling down? Should I take that leap of faith...

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Time of My Life

Had a great weekend! I was invited by a couple of my friends from Boston to join them in Orlando. Thursday night was a blast. We had dinner and then ended up at Howl at the Moon. Friday was spent by the pool and the pool side bar. Then off to Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studios. ( I highly recommend all of you to go) Saturday was back at the pool and the bar before I headed back home.

I think I have forgotten what it was like to have fun and to be with good friends. Even thou I was so very tired by the time I reached home... I loved every minute I was there

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Want You

I want you, now.
I can't get enough of you.
Let me touch you...

I kiss you, hard, greedy, my lips caressing your lips, sliding, teasing, wet, as my tongue slips into your mouth, kissing you hungrily, wanting you, wanting, wanting, wanting...

You lay me back on the bed, smiling at you, watching you, seeing you filled with that same desire, that same urgent need, that consumes me too. Hours of flirting, hours of playful foreplay, brings us to this - I, in your bed, laid back, naked, watching me, waiting for me, wanting me to touch you, to tease you, to caress you...I want you.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Last Day of Summer

Is it getting any colder for any of you yet? It is the last day of summer but here in South Florida it is still 95 degrees and will stay that way until November / December. There are lots of changes going on in my life and I hope they are all for the better. I will keep you all updated as life goes on for me. Next week my best friend and his wife are coming to visit...I am so excited. It has been at least 7 years since we saw eachother. I am sure it will be a trip with lots of happy emotions and fun.

Off topic...I am trying to leave comments on some of your blogs but for some reason blogspot wont allow me to leave them. It says my password is not valid. Although it does allow me to post on my own blog....Has anyone else had this problem? I find it quite annoying and I am not ignoring your comments, I just cant leave them for you. PLEASE HELP

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Life Update

I am a mess this morning. I woke up with my eye swollen shut. I kinda freaked out and went to the walk- in doctor. He looked right at me and said...your having an allergic reaction. Thank god I'm not going to loose my eye. lol So I am now on steroids and eye drops. It is feeling better and I am able to open my right eye again.

Fall is in full swing for me. Last night officially started Tball season for my 6 year old son and dance classes for my teenaged daughter. So after I get home from work it is a rush to run everyone around to drop off and pick up. What are moms for, right?

Besides from that my boss is having one of his bi polar episodes today. He is pacing the office yelling why was I late today, and he wants lunch, and everyone is ripping him off. But in about 30 minutes he will be crying...Poor me, my life is so rough.

So my life has been busy but it has been a good busy. Hope all of you are doing well. Love ya all...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Am I Dreaming?

I slowly open my eyes. I've awoken from a very sensuous dream in which I could feel your hands roaming over my body. Am I awake? I still feel your hands. Smiling, it dawns on me that you are the one who has awoken me. I start to turn my body to face you but you push me back on my side and press into me a bit closer. "No," you whisper, "this is for you." These simple words begin the throbbing between my thighs. I lay my head back down on the pillow and give in to the feelings created by your hands. Your fingertips sensuously trace the length of my body. I can feel your body pressed up against mine, thighs touching thighs, hips touching hips, chest touching my back... I press back against you, I need to feel more of you. I feel your fingertips brush the underside of my breasts and it makes me suck in my breath. Mmmmm. They continue to trace the contours around my chest, up and over my collarbone, down my sternum between my breasts, up the side of my breast to circle my hardening nipples. The feeling is so sensual, so arousing. Your circle my nipple a little tighter, causing me to writhe a bit, trying to find relief for the growing ache between my thighs. Sensing this, you slide your arm under me and hug me tighter. Your other hand is now circling its way down my belly and brushing the top of my shaved pussy. I moan, I need you to touch me. Your fingertips continue their circling on my nipple, pinching gently, twisting... My breath quickens. I try to reach my hands back to you, but you gently, but firmly, put them back in front of me. "Just let me pleasure you," you whisper. Your tongue flicks the back of my neck sending sparks down my spine. Oh god. I feel you tasting me, gently nibbling. I don't know how much more I can take. "Please," I whisper urgently. You respond my sliding your fingers along the length of my slit. I suck in my breath. ohhhhh. Your fingers gently part my pussy lips and run the length of my slit again, spreading my wetness up its length. You move to my hole, gently sliding one finger inside, circling as you go. My hips are rocking with your motions. I need you. Please. You slide a second finger in and start stroking them in and out of my pussy. Oh god, please. Your thumb reaches up and starts to circle my clit in the same rhythm as your fingers. I arch my back with the pleasure. You press yourself closer. Your fingers on my nipple pinch harder... Ohhh the fire I feel inside. Your hand at my pussy now slides three fingers inside, fucking me with them. Ohhhh, I'm so close. "Take me over the edge. Let me come on your hand, " I hiss. You moan and feverishly begin licking, sucking and biting at my neck. Your hand works harder at my pussy, your thumb moving faster on my clit. Yes. Please. Oh god. I can feel the heat rising. I can't hold it back. Oh god. Yes. That's it. Like that. Oh god. Ohhhhhh. I'm exploding...

The alarm comes to life...Crap! I was dreaming. I need to feel this again one day.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Want a Blowjob?

You need a blowjob. I know that....And I want to give you one right now. No need for you to make any effort whatsoever. You just sit back and open your thighs, and watch me as I crawl between your legs on my hands and knees, and slide my warm fingers around your erect cock... stroking you... smiling at you as you watch me... then leaning down... licking my lips... and sliding my tongue teasingly over and around the tip of your cock... but you wouldn't put up with the teasing... You'd grab a handful of my hair, and force me down... make me take your cock all the way into my mouth... feeling the delightful sensations as my mouth slides down over your erect penis... my lips sucking on you... my tongue caressing the length of your cock... god...

And you start to fuck my mouth... watching me... getting off on the lips and tongue still licking and sucking your throbbing cock...

god...yes... Your getting close... You wouldn't be able to hold back... you start to cum... your cum suddenly spurting into my mouth... hard... again and again...

Lean back....relax. There is more of that to come.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Imaginary Friend

As I lie in bed at night I have images in my head of being taken. It is no surprise to any of you but I love to share my thoughts with you... Here is what my imaginary friend wants to do to me...

I love the way you beg me like that, love knowing how much you want me, how greedy you are for me to fuck you, long and hard and deep. Even though I've instructed you not to move, I can still feel your pussy tightening deliciously around my erect cock, squeezing around me, trying to suck all the cum from my throbbing erection. You are such a bad girl...You clearly still need to be punished, you're being so bad and wilfull, such a dirty girl, but it's getting so hard to keep from fucking you, I want you so much right now, and you know it, you can sense it, you can feel my hard cock throbbing deep inside you...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Taking Me From Behind

You move closer to me, your hand around your cock, stroking, so hard, so erect, your other hand sliding between my open thighs, tracing your fingers over my wet pussy, and I gasp with pleasure, pushing back towards your fingers, inviting you, needing more, obscene wet sounds from my pussy as you slide your fingers against me, rubbing, teasing... and I can't wait any longer, I need you to fuck me so badly... I feel the swollen head of your cock skidding against your pussy, beginning to push, beginning to slide into me, and again I push back, your cock penetrating me, thrusting all the way into me. I groan with pleasure, I'm so wet, my pussy squeezing around you as your cock slides inside me, my body trembling, pushing back harder, wanting you deeper, my juices drenching your cock as you start to thrust and thrust and thrust... Oh yes, yes, yes!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Pleasuring Myself

My hands run over my body and I let out a soft sigh. I need to ease the ache between my thighs. I need to touch myself. I need to cum. Wanton desirous thoughts invade my mind. The feeling overwhelms me and I can't do anything else until I'm sated.

I'm already naked. I shed my clothes to the bedroom floor and now lie on the bed. The ache deepens. My fingers slide down my neck. I shiver with anticipation. My nipples are already taught when my hands find them. I feel the ache intensify. I roll them between my finger tips and gasp as a pulse begins in my pussy. I squeeze my thighs together wanting so much to cum. My breasts are soft and full in my hands as I caress them. My chest heaves with anticipation. If only you were here to watch me.

I slip one hand down. I know what to do to ease the ache. I know how to satisfy myself. I know you know this and the thought of having you as a voyeur stokes the flames further. The decision now is to make it quick and hard or draw it out slowly. My fingers slide through the wetness pooling between my thighs. Slick juices coat my fingers and I spread it around my clit. I moan softly. Electric waves run through me as my fingers start to circle my clit. The room has disappeared. The outside world has disappeared. Desire, need, want is all I feel.

I let my thighs fall open and slip my fingers to my cunt. Heat envelopes them as I slide two inside. I wonder what you would think now. Would you want to join me or continue to watch. I groan. My hips rise and fall. I need more. My other hand trails down, taking the place on my clit. My cunt throbs with pleasure. I imagine you inside me, filling me. I slide another finger inside, greedily filling myself, thrusting them in and out to keep rhythm with my hips. I lift my leg, needing to push deep, feeling the velvet walls of my cunt squeezing tight around my fingers. My arousal surges. My legs tremble. I wonder if you can feel me.

My clit throbs. I press harder, stroking myself. My fingers are slick against me. My body begins to succumb. I don't want to draw it out any longer. I need it too much to let it last. I need to be greedy. I need to be satisfied. My fingers move frantically over my clit. My pussy pulses harder. I feel the heat building inside me. I gasp again and a small cry escapes my lips.

I can't control my hips as they buck up against my hands. My heart pounds as I feel pleasure flood my body. Hot breath rushes from my lungs as I cry out. Warmth pulses over my hands and I careen into bliss. Can you feel it?

Friday, August 26, 2011


I enjoy all kinds of sex, and I love variety and experimentation, trying out all kinds of different things - for me pretty much anything goes, so long as it feels good for both of us.

However, when it comes to fantasizing, when I'm masturbating and thinking of something I know will make me cum, I often find myself returning to the idea of fucked deliciously from behind. It's becoming quite a specific fantasy these days, crystallized in my mind from writing entries in this blog, from reading comments left for me, from delightful cybersex I've enjoyed. It goes pretty much like this...

You love for me to be submissive. Imagining that it's against my will, wanting you to be a little playfully rough with me, You can't resist - You love it when I'm like this, when I want you to just fuck me, hard, any way you please. And I surrender control to you.

The heat from your body as you lay on top me is enough to generate the wetness and excitement I need...I crave. Your touch , your breath, the whispers in my ear makes me want to beg. Beg for all you have to give me. To fuck me raw.

Please, Im begging...Give me what I need. What I know you need.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Need Advice

I have a 14 your old daughter who seems to be so unhappy with her current home life with her father. Her father and I have been divorced for 10 years and I have always believed in making it a high priority to make sure she had both of her parents in her life. That is why I agreed to 50/50 custody agreement. So 3 days a week Sunday - Tuesday she is with her father, step mother, and her siblings ages 1 and 3.

Everyday she tells me horrible stories about how her step mother hates her, yells at her, and separates her from her little brother and sister. And now her father curses at her everyday, threatens her if she doesn't quite dance class, tells her if she goes to live with me he will no longer pay for private school. Now she tells me they are going to kick her out of her bedroom and put her on a pull out bed in the home office. She is so upset

My daughter is a good kid. Never gets into trouble, she is respectful, loving, kind, and her passion is to dance. I want to run to my ex-husband and tell him what is going on and how she feels but she is begging me not to. That if I do he will take it out on her and she wont be able to see her father.

She loves him, loves her brother and sister but I can see how unhappy she is to go to his house. She was shaking the other day because her step mother was picking her up. What can I do? What should I do? Is this normal with teens and divorce? Any advice would be great...

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Last Days of Summer Vacation

Monday school starts back for the kids. Thank goodness... They are driving me crazy. "Mom, I'm bored... Mom, I'm hungry... Mom, You never let me do anything... Mom, you make me do to many chores"

Of course my schedule will get demanding. After school starts homework then my daughter to dance class, 6 days a week and my son starts Tball, that is games 2 days a week plus practice. In between all that there is dinner to be made, baths given, and the rush to get my boy to bed by 8:00.

Then it is up at 6:00 and the stress of getting everyone up, dressed and feed before driving them to school by 8:00

Most of the time I don't mind rushing around. And of course my imagination does get the best of me since I am not out creating my true life fantasies. So I guess that will benefit my readers.

TGIF...have a great weekend

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Short and Sweet

I slip my fingers into my panties. I don't think I can wait for you. The lust growing between my thighs is too much. I need to touch myself. I know I'll see you soon, but I can't wait. I need to find some relief from this aching. I'm already so wet from thinking about you. Knowing how you're going to touch me later causes me to shiver. I close my eyes, knowing how good it will feel.

I want to make myself cum, but I won't. I will wait for you. I know what is to come later when I see you. So much more.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This Is What I Crave

"Bend over the desk," you say. Your tone is firm. Trembling, I quickly clear a space on your desk, bending over, presenting my ass to you. You take hold of my panties, and tug them all the way down, your hand sliding between my thighs, your fingers slipping over my hot, wet pussy, stroking me greedily. "You're dripping wet,"

"yes..." I gasp, trying to push myself back against you. You lift up your hand rapidly, and bring it down firmly onto my ass, spanking me hard, and I gasp with pain and pleasure, groaning sensually.

"Greedy little slut..." you say, spitting out the words, stood behind me now, your hand in my hair again, pushing my face down onto the desk roughly, holding me there. I can feel you pressed against me now from behind, your erection hard between my buttocks, rubbing against me, not entering me yet.

"Please fuck me..." I gasp, "god please... I need it..." I reach around behind me, trying to take hold of your cock - you pull away for a moment, spanking me again, hard!

"Give me your wrists," you hiss. "If you can't behave, I'm going to have to restrain you." I lean forward on the desk, letting it support me, passing my wrists back to you nervously - picking up the belt, you tug my wrists tightly behind my back, tying them with the belt, a little too tightly - it hurts a little when I struggle, digging into my wrists.

"Sir... please fuck me..." I gasp. I need it so much now - I can feel a trail of my wetness dribbling down the inside of my thighs, my pussy aching, needing to be filled. "please..."

You slide your cock against my ass again, still holding me down. I can feel your erection pulsing between the cheeks of my ass, so hot, so hard.

"Then beg me..." you say, "beg me to fuck you... tell me what a dirty fucking slut you are..." and you take a handful of my hair, pulling me back towards you, my back arching as I push back against you, your hand sliding around my body, cupping a breast in your fingers, pinching one of my nipples, "beg me, you little slut.."

"Beg me..." you say, "beg me to fuck you... tell me what a dirty fucking slut you are..." and you take a handful of my hair, pulling me back towards you, my back arching deliciously as I push back against you. I can feel your hot, hard erection throbbing against my ass as you tug me back against you, rubbing yourself against me, using me. I need you inside me, need to feel your cock deep inside my pussy, but my wrists are tied tightly behind my back, and it's almost impossible for me to move, bent roughly over the desk, your hand still in my hair, pulling me back harder, leaning over me, hissing in my ear. "Tell me..."

"unnnhhh yeah... I'm a slut.. I'm a dirty fucking slut..."

"Then beg me to fuck you..." you demand, "beg me to fuck you like the slut you are...". you drag me back harder, your cock pressed hard against my ass, your free hand sliding underneath me, cupping my breast, pinching my nipple hard.

"uunnhhhh... ohhh Sir... Sir please fuck me... please fuck me Sir... I'm begging you... fuck my pussy... unnhhhhh... ohh Sir please..."

"That's better," you growl. You push my face down against the desk, holding me down, your cock slipping down from between my buttocks, throbbing and erect, sliding quickly between my open thighs from behind, rubbing the head of your swollen cock against my dripping wet pussy... getting it wet.. and then pushing... hard... all the way inside me with one long, deep thrust.

I groan with pleasure, pushing back onto you.

"unnhhhh Sir... yes..." I gasp, "fuck me harder... I need that...Sir, fuck me..."

"Greedy little slut," you growl, lifting up your hand and spanking me, hard. I let out a whimper, and you thrust your erection deeper and harder inside me. you can feel me trying to grind back onto you, and you lift up my hand again.

"Don't you dare move - did I say you could move?" and I felt your hand come down again, harder this time... slapping my bare ass. I groan with pleasure, unable to help myself pushing further back onto you, my warm, wet pussy engulfing the full length of your cock, squeezing tight around me. "unnhhh god... such a bad girl..." you gasp, "I told you not to move... and you're still moving... unnhhh fuck... dirty girl... dirty fucking slut..." and you spank me again, harder this time, taking hold of my hips, ramming your cock into me, deep and hard. I squeal with pleasure and pain.

You start to move inside me now... "I know that's what you want... my cock fucking you... harder... faster... and you're so fucking wet... so tight around my thrusting cock... ramming deeper into you now... your cunt splashing around my cock" I'm groaning, already so close to cumming... crying out with each hard thrust of your cock, slamming into me... taking me... using me for your own pleasure...

What more could a girl want?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Im in the game this morning

I woke up this morning with an incredible feeling of hornyness and the words of my early morning fantasy seem to pour form my finger tips.

My lips drift across yours
you steal my breath as you taste me
I arch to your touch
wanting more
a moan escapes my throat
raw and greedy
your fingers trace down between my trembling thighs
an intimate touch
my thighs fall open
a soft sweet surrender
a thrust of my hips
as your fingers explore
gliding against me
and then
and then...
your there at my sex
stroking my clit
and I moan once more
soaked, open
my pussy inviting you
exquisitely wet
you bite on my neck
as your fingers slide down
parting my lips
and you push
my pussy engulfs you
clutching your fingers
a groan ripped from my throat
as you thrust
a ripple, a spasm
and you push your hand deeper
enclosed by my sex
soaking your fingers
as you shove
and I shove
filling my sex
two fingers, then three
and I groan
my thighs wide
a spill of my wetness escaping my pussy
the movements more frantic
urgent and rhythmic
needing release
and your gaze meets mine
your breath hot and lustful
and I whisper these words
as your fingers plunge deep...

come for me...
let it go
come for me
right now...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Miss Me?

It seems I have been lazy keeping up with my blog. For some reason I have been unmotivated to write. I have been stressed out with my job, (soon to be no job) my expenses seem only to go up, (no matter what I do to cut back) and the therapies I am trying to lean to help my son (because I can't afford the $100 and hour for a professional to do it.) So I haven't been feeling real sexual or have fantasies dancing around in my head.

So I am going to try to write whenever I get a little inspiration but if you don't see me for a while, please remember I still keep up with your blogs and think of you all often. So for now my 5 day a week blog schedule is being cut back until something truly exciting happens to my life or the fantasies jump back into my mind.

Please check in with never know. Love you all.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lap Dance

Her hair drifted across my body. Long brown curly hair slowly slid down my body following her as she traced over my legs. I could only see her hair until she dipped down. Her head dropped lower and the curve of her back revealed her luscious ass. Her hands ran up the outside of my legs as she pushed her body back up. A smile spread across her face as she looked up to me.

"Enjoying yourself?" she asked and I nodded.

Her grin increased. She dipped her head back down and pressed her lips against my clit. The fabric of my panties warmed as she breathed against them. Flipping her hair, she eased up my body rubbing in time of the music playing behind us. Her breasts brushed against mine as her hands ran up my sides. Just as her face and lips got close she turned over in my lap. Her ass ground down against me and she leaned her body back against me. Her back arched, her body swayed back and forth. Taking my hand in hers, she ran it over her breast, allowing me to caress her for just a moment before putting it back on the chair.

Her body writhed over me, her back pressed against my breasts. Her curls trickled down over me and I inhaled her scent. It was a musky scent, pleasant and sexy. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply again. Her body shifted and she sat up and gazed at me over her shoulder. I paused, unsure, before running my fingertips down her back. She smiled into it and moved on me again. Her body undulated, her ass rubbing my lap, her hands reaching down between my thighs.

With a gentle, yet forceful motion, she pushed my thighs apart and turned over to face me again. She crawled up my body, her hands propping her body up as she slid back up over me. The heat between her thighs warmed mine. Her whole body touching me, caressing me, sensuously moving against me. Her face so close to mine. Her lips touched mine ever so briefly before she let her body slide back.

She stood and look at Master who paid her nicely.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Date Night

Saturday night was a lot of fun. I had a real life date and ended in bliss. So I showered, dressed and by 8:30 my gentleman friend and I were out the door. He decided to take me to a Country Western bar called the Round Up. Its pretty popular among the cowboy community. We had some drinks and listened to music and watched the people dance. We would have danced too but I have no idea how to line dance. But we had a lot of fun talking and feeling each other up under the table. After some time and feeling a bit tipsy we decided to do something else.

It was suggested to me to go to a strip club. So... I did. I love to watch and watching these girls hang upside down totally nude was very interesting. It made me wonder how they got into this kind of business. They were spread eagle and bouncing their ass right in front of these men's faces. A little more then I was expecting to see. I thought most of the women were very beautiful and wonder if I could ever do anything like that....Well, the answer is NO but watching them did turn me on a quite a bit.

Have you ever brought your wife or date to a strip club? Did she like it? Did you like bringing her? I would love some details.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Having it Rough

I lie here naked on the floor breathing heavily as I feel the result of your lust pooling between my thighs and dripping down my back. You had taken me greedily this evening. I barely had the door open to greet you when you pushed me inside and up against the wall of the foyer. Your kisses were hungry and passionate - more carnal than loving. Your hard body pressed tight against mine, temporarily taking my breath away. Your mouth roughly moved over my lips, pushing your tongue into my mouth, invading me. Your arousal was evident as I felt your hard cock pressing against my thigh.

Hands moved over my body, feeling, groping, needing. Your fingers brushed over my nipples, hard against the fabric of my shirt. Making me gasp into your mouth as you pinched them. I whimpered softly as you pulled and twisted them in your hands. My body didn't know how to react as you moved against me. It became too much for you though. Slamming me back against the wall, your lips departed from mine. Your fingers found the buttons on my blouse and with one sharp jerk, your ripped it open scattering buttons across the foyer floor. Growling softly, your mouth assaulted my breasts, licking and biting at them as the while pinning my arms in the sleeves of my blouse. Writhing against you only caused you to press your thigh in between mine, pinning my hips as well.

Your tongue circled my hard nipples, over and around torturing me with your touch. Pulling them into your mouth, you sucked hard, causing me to gasp again. Rolling my nipple between your sharp teeth, you bit hard. My body cried out as your teeth left their mark on my breasts again and again.

Suddenly you released me, backing away for a moment to quickly strip your jeans and boxers off. As quick as you had released me, you were back pressed tight to my body. Your lips pressed hard against my neck and your stubble scratched my skin. I could feel your ragged breaths as you licked and sucked at me. Your hips moved, your hard cock rubbing against my skirt. I could feel the precum seeping through the fabric as you continued to thrust your hips against me. Your groaning was much more urgent, growing louder as your erect cock slid against the fabric of my skirt.

With a movement I wasn't expecting, you whirled me around to face the wall. Pushing me hard against it, I moaned as the cool surface touched my breasts. Your hands made quick work of my blouse, tossing it to the floor beside the scattered buttons. I felt your hand pressing between my shoulder blades as your mouth moved over my back, alternating licking and biting it. My hands clutched at the wall as your body moved against me.

Withdrawing slightly, your other hand grabbed the edge of my skirt, shoving up up over my ass. Your groan intensified as your hand traced over the skin next to my silk thong. Your fingers threaded through the soft silk, playing with the fabric, toying with it before yanking them down my legs. Your fingers wasted no time sliding down between my ass cheeks, down to my pussy. Your body was pressing closer, your cock still rubbing against me as your fingers explored me. Moving over and around my pussy, you rubbed and stroked me, each movement forcing my legs wider. I could feel your precum smeared all over my ass. Your cock slipped over me, getting wet along your length. Getting wet enough to fuck me.

Your fingers started first though. Two fingers pushed slowly into my pussy as your other hand continued to press me against the wall. Without warning, you thrust them hard inside me, pushing in as far as you could go. Thrusting harder and harder, fucking me with your fingers, pushing my thighs apart. Two fingers in and out, thrusting faster. Then three, filling me, stroking over and over. Pushing hard against me as your fingers fucked me.

Your cock throbbed against my ass, wet and slippery, needing to fuck. I felt you slide your fingers out and stroke yourself firmly. Looking at my swollen cunt lips, you positioned yourself directly behind me. Your hard cock rubbed against my entrance, needing to be inside me. Your thigh nudged my legs further out, your hand pressed me harder against the wall. With a growl, you grabbed my hip and thrust your cock deep inside me. I cried out as I felt you invade me. With a groan, you began to thrust hard against me, sliding your throbbing penis in and out of my pussy. From your thrusts, I knew you wouldn't last long. This excited you too much. Your teeth found the back of my neck, biting at it with more and more intensity as your arousal grew. Each thrust elicited a groan. Your body slammed into mine, harder and harder, pushing me into the wall with ferocity.

Then I calapse onto the floor...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Advice for a Friend

One of my dearest and best friend is having problems with his marriage. He has always had issues with his wife but I guess he was always willing to over look them and make the best of the situation.

He caught her cheating on him. He is truly good to her. He works so she can stay home with the kids, he buys her flowers when he thinks it will cheer her up, he takes her on vacations, provides a nice home, and makes sure the kids (3 of them) have what they want and need. Its not so much that she cheated because he thinks he could get over that but of the person she chose to be with.

She was sleeping with a married, drug dealer, convicted of animal cruelty man, who lives in the slums of Lowell, Mass. He just can't seem to get over that. They are going to marriage counseling but it doesn't seem to helping.

I told him he may never forget what has happen and he might need to leave her if he cant make amends but eventually he will need to forgive her. When that happens the hurt and the anger will ease. I know this is easier said then done and I wish I had better advice to get him though these hard times. I care for him very much and this hurts me as well. Any advice for him? Have any of you been though this kind of thing?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Unreal... A child murderer gets let go free... I didnt think she would be convicted of first degree murder but that she would be convicted of the death of Caylee in some way...This was another OJ case.

I hope her father doesnt let her back in the house. She threw him under the bus for no reason. But I guess we will have to see when the movie and the book comes out.

The Verdict Is In

2:15... I have a feeling I was wrong in perdicting she is not guilty. The jury is back to soon. We will see...Stay posted

Guilty or Innocent?

I hope you all had a nice 4th. This July 4th has turned out to be an exciting one. Not so much for me, although I spent some time at the beach with my son, but the Casey Anthony trial had me on the edge of my seat. The closing arguments did not disappoint. After 35 days and over 100 witnesses it all came down to...who do you believe? On one hand the state really doesn't have any real evidence that Casey murdered her daughter but who can deny she is a lair and how she treated her family on the phone when she was in jail. But the Defense simply can't prove that baby drowned in the pool or that George or Lee Anthony molested Casey (not that it would prove anything) The defense only proved he can make everyone, including the judge hate him.

But the best was when the Sate attorney laughed at the defense during closing arguments and Baez called him on it. I thought for a split second there would be fists flying but Judge Perry quickly put an end to it and was about to charge both attorneys with contempt.

So now it is in the hands of the jury. I think they will find her not guilty of 1st degree murder but she will get time for the death of her daughter.
What are your thoughts?

Monday, June 27, 2011


Once, you loved me.
I had felt the desire.
It burned hot against my skin.
It grew around me,
Engulfing me in flames of passion.

Once, no day passed in which I felt neglected.
You wanted me, desired me.
You yearned to feel my skin against your own.
You yearned to caress my breasts,
And run your hands along my body.

Once, you couldn't contain your hunger.
Your cock would grow hard at my scent,
And my body would become wet from yours.
Your mouth would find me,
Licking, tasting and craving me.

Once, our minds and hearts fulfilled our needs.
There were no others.
There wasn't a need for more than us.
There was only flesh and need,
Our bodies and breath mingled as we sought out pleasure.

Once, we found delight in bringing each other delight.
I would open my thighs for you,
And groan your name as you filled me.
We would move together,
Seeking the heat.

Once, we were lovers,
Filling our time with carnal needs and desires.
There was no if, only when.
There was no time,
Only each other.

Once, we found happiness in that.
I thought I was an everything,
Instead of a something.
That I may have been enough,
That I could have been.

Friday, June 24, 2011

He Craves Me

I got this email the other day and I just had to share it with you. It turned me on greatly...

I want you naked on my bed
the thought of it makes me pulse
I can feel it in my cock
An ache, a need
a constant throb
And I'm erect, and I want you...

your exquisite curves are liquid against the sheets
soft, subtle movements as you breathe
light dappled on your gentle skin
secrets to be discovered
intense pleasure between your thighs.

As much as I love this image...
as much as I love thinking of you this way...
all I want is to take you

You're so beautiful
So sensual
but all I want is to be all over you
to fuck you
to cover you in my hot wet cum

I want to make you wet
to fuck you with my hard cock
to make you scream
to turn this beauty into lust
hard, frantic, urgent lust.

The images tumble in my head
my body between your thighs
urgently moving
thrusting and fucking
overwhelming need and desire.

I want you wrapped around me
I want my cock deep inside your cunt
I want to feel you clutching around me
clinging onto me
engulfing my cock with your hot, wet need
bathing my cock with your cunt.

Our bodies melt, merging into one another
the wet slap of cock inside cunt
the irresistible rhythm of sex
my body in yours
inside you
craving you
wanting you
plunging deeper, harder
grabbing at me frantically
clutching at my cock
fucking me
and fucking me
and fucking me...

and when you come...
ohh god when you come
all over my cock
a hot, wet flood
screaming my name
your body arching
beauty out of passion...

that image of you
your breasts exposed
your thighs clinging
your head thrown back

it's what I need and
what I want

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Im sooo....

My hands run over my body and I let out a soft sigh. I need to ease the ache between my thighs. I need to touch myself. I need to cum. Desirous thoughts invade my mind. The feeling overwhelms me and I can't do anything else until I'm sated.

I'm already naked. I shed my clothes to the bedroom floor and now lie on the bed. The ache deepens. My fingers slide down my neck. I shiver with anticipation. My nipples are already taught when my hands find them. I feel the ache intensify. I roll them between my finger tips and gasp as a pulse begins in my pussy. I squeeze my thighs together wanting so much to cum. My breasts are soft and full in my hands as I caress them. My chest heaves with anticipation. If only you were here to take care of me.

I miss your touch... I wouldn't need to do this myself if you were here. But my own touch will have to do for now.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Sometimes I come across an article that catches my submissive mind. What would people think if there was a obedient wives club? Would you sign up your wife? Do you think it's a good idea? Read below...

JAKARTA, Indonesia -- A new club in Indonesia that encourages women to be totally obedient to their husbands and focus on keeping them sexually satisfied has generated an outcry from some activists.
The Indonesian branch of the Obedient Wives Club, launched early this month in Malaysia, claims to have about 300 members in several cities. Group leader Gina Puspita said the club would offer its members a package of teachings including how to treat their husbands in bed.

"A wife has to be 100 percent obedient to her husband in all aspects, especially in sexual treatment," she said.

About 50 women and their husbands attended the Saturday launching of the Indonesian branch of the club at a restaurant in southern Jakarta.
The club was founded by the conservative Islamic group Global Ikhwan in Malaysia, where hundreds of women are members. Organizers claim they can cure social ills such as prostitution and divorce by teaching women to be submissive and to keep their men happy in the bedroom.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Weekend

I have a friend that just found a slave. They were together for the past 4 days and boy is she a kinky one. She does everything on a first command without question. She sleeps in a cage until he comes to get her. Makes him meals and she loves to be beaten. My friend doesn't seem to be the type of person who would enjoy this on a 24/7 level. And I think after this weekend the novelty is running out.

The question much is too much? Kinky is great but if one is way kinkier then the other will the relationship work? And who do you prefer, a sub or a slave?

On a lighter and not so kinky note...Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there. I had a nice Sunday. Went out with my parents on their boat. Went to a local sandbar where we could swim and make some lunch. Then went home and had hamburgers and corn on the cob for dinner. It was soooo good. The kids had a great time.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Did Not Fall Off The Face Of The Earth

I feel like I have been out of the loop for such a long time. I have been fighting the flu and just haven't had any inspiration to write. And it is so hard to come home after work and have to take care of my little one. He is a good kid but he is 5 with lots of energy. It is times like these I wish I had a husband. Someone who would want to take care of me and let me just sleep or make me some soup. Or have someone there who provides so when I am sick I don't care if I call in sick and lose my job.

Anyway, last night I did tune in on Deadliest Catch. What an incredible show. All the boats are at the start of the crab season and in the middle of an arctic hurricane. The men are working in 35 foot seas and battling the ice. There have been horrible injures and sickness. This is a rough season but I love the drama.

Hmmm...lets see, is there anything else going on this week? Nope! But I am still looking for job if you know anyone in the South Florida area. I am about to go part-time in July so I need something fast.

Well, I hope your all having a good week. And I will try to come up with a new story for ya soon.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Want You

I'm feeling rather hungry today. Greedy really. I've needed you all day.

And now here we are.


What do I want from you?



I want to feel you, experience you, fuck you. I especially need you to make me cum. Come here and kiss me, passionately. Let me feel your body pressed up against mine. Let our heat warm our skin as we embrace each other. Slide your hands over me, feel me, want me. God, you feel so good under my touch. Your chest is tight to my breasts. I can feel your hardness through your pants as you grow erect for me. I need you so very much.

Lead me to the bed and lie me back against the pillows. Caress my body with your fingers. Find my pleasure. Let me feel your soft lips on my neck, licking at me, gently. Find the buttons to my blouse and release me from it. Groan softly as I stroke you through the fabric of your pants. I want to hear your arousal. Kiss me again, hard and sweet as your hands find my breasts. Seduce them, play with them, they are yours. God, yes. Find my nipples, pinch them softly and let me feel the sensations grow in my heat. Feel my back arch up to you as you take them into your mouth. Make me dance for you as you tease me.


For all of you who is following my daughter's friend Katie on SYTYCD...She has made it to the top 40 dancers. Watch tonight if she makes it to the top 20. If she does then next week are the live showes and you can start voting. I can't wait!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Could this be me? Is this were i get my sexy stories from? LOL...No wonder I have trouble getting a good night's sleep. Read this article below

We’ve all heard of people who walk, wet the bed, or grind their teeth while sleeping — but what about having sex?
Though rare, sexsomnia is a recently recognized sleep disorder that causes you to have sex in your sleep. Canadian sleep doctor J. Paul Fedoroff, MD, of the University of Ottawa, is credited with coining the term “sexsomnia” in 1996, and it has been getting a lot more attention from researchers of late.
“When I first started doing research, you couldn’t find much about it in academic literature,” says Michael Mangan, PhD, an adjunct professor of psychology at the University of New Hampshire in Durham and author of the e-book, Sleepsex: Uncovered. Now it’s advanced to the point where it’s commonly believed to be another one of those things that people do in their sleep.”
According to Mangan, sexsomnia can include the full range of sexual behavior, including simple fondling, sexual vocalizations, moaning and groaning, and intercourse.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Your Secret

I've seen you with her. She's seems sweet, kind, lovely. She's the one you introduce to your friends. She's the one your family loves. She's the "keeper" as they say.

I'm not any of those, am I?

I'm the one who makes you utter those filthy words. You are the one who makes me the fucking slut that I am to you. Your the one who tells me what you want and I comply.

I'm your dirty little secret.

And you love it.

I know you do.

I know that you think of me when you're with her.

I know you fantasize it's me you're fucking. It's my dripping pussy squeezing around your cock. It's my fingers tracing down your back. It's my hot wet mouth around your cock as you moan in lust.

And I know what you like.

Sex isn't made to be pretty. It's made to be ugly and raw. It's made to be pure carnal pleasure in any form that it comes. It's made to be a release, a yearning, a desire - something you need to have. Now.

Don't tell me you want to make love to me. Save that for her.

I know you want to fuck me hard and raw with no complications.

Tell me you want your cock in my pussy, in my mouth, in my ass. Tell me you want to feel my lips around you. Tell me you want to spread my thighs and lick me until I cum for you. I like to hear it. I love hear those harsh words whispered, so full of arousal.

That's why I'm here...

That's my purpose. I'm here for you to fuck and use. I'm here to keep you satisfied. To tease you and fuck you.

You know I'll do whatever I ask.

You know I'll comply.

Because I'm your dirty little secret.

The one that make you stroke yourself when no one's home. The one who makes you cum while reading my words. The one who fantasizes with you. The one who fantasizes for you. The one who wants your cock. The one who wants to feel you pressed up against me as you slide your erect cock inside me. The one who needs to feel your body rubbing against mine.

You like me being your secret. Will that ever change?

Friday, June 3, 2011


Katie is on her way to Vegas. Im so excited for her. If you missed it she was on at the very end jumping up and down at the AL auditions. She has short white blond with black highlights hair.

This weekend is my son's birthday party. He will be turning 6 on the 24th but I had to have his party a bit early. I have never seen a kid so excited. We are having a giant waterslide and a snow cone machine. I got a bunch of waterguns and water balloons. I am making cupcakes and it will be catered (a cookout) My little buddy and his 46 guests are going to have a blast.

On top of all that I am hoping I will have some time to fit in a little sex. I have been sex free since last week. I am feeling frisky. And am in need.

Have fun this weekend. Bye

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Guilty or Not Gulity

Ok... I am addicted to the Casey Anthony murder trial. I have been watching it online and reading the online blogs. Anyone else watching? I think she is so guilty. Maybe not of First Degree murder but maybe manslauder. I think she accidently killed Kylee then dumped her body. I think when that baby was in her care she had no one to watch her (Casey hated her mother) while she partied so she tied her up and gave her something to make her sleep, maybe give her other drugs. And it killed that poor little girl.

What do you think?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Weekend

Hope you had a nice Memorial Day Weekend and that you said Thank You to a veteran. I don't have a lot to talk about but had a few things to chat about with you. This Sunday I went to the Keys with someone special. It was real nice. Hung at the pool, went boating, then enjoyed a local band at the bar. I don't drink so I am sure it was quite interesting to see me with a couple of drinks in me.

My daughter finally got her braces off after 2 years. She was all smiles and flirty with some boy at the marina.

My son got to drive a real pirate ship. When we were in the Keys they have a pirate ship that goes out and we all had to work to get the sails up. (OMG that is hard work) And my baby boy got to drive it. It was a lot of fun. He hasn't stopped talking about it.

Then I was home...And started to put together a glass computer desk. I got it on clearance and thought it was a great deal until I had to put it together. It took me 4 hours. The worse part after figuring out how to put it together...I got to the last piece and realized the entire desk was put together backwards. I was so frustrated and after saying some choice words I took the desk apart and put it back together again. But during that time I was able to watch Dirty Dancing (my all time favorite movie in middle school... and still is) And then watched 4 episodes of Mickey Mouse Club House with my son. Poor guy, I was planning on making a nice dinner for him and I but it got so late he got a hotdog in the micowave and some goldfish crackers.

So that was my weekend, how was yours?

Monday, May 23, 2011

May Update

Good morning everyone... If your reading this then I guess the End of the World didn't happen and you all had a good weekend. LOL Although my prayers go out to those in MO who was hit by that massive tornado Sunday. I just want to give you a quick update on what's happening in my life. My kids last day of school is Wednesday and my son is graduating kindergarten tonight. I am so proud of him :) Tball has ended and dance classes are over for the year. The summer is sort of my break time. For the next couple of months I wont have to rush home from work to get homework done, dinner on the table, baths, and running kids around to their events. YEAH!!!

I did want to mention Katie once again to you all. She is the girl (and my daughter's friend who she dances with) who you all help vote for in the Burlesque online dance competition and won... Well this time she made it to So You Think You Can Dance. I believe she has made it through Hollywood week and will be on the show. The show starts this Thursday the 26th. So you must watch and vote for her again. Her name is Katelyn Draper. She's a Great dancer and just a sweet kid.

That's all for now folks... Happy Monday

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Kiss Part IV

your gaze following my curves
leaning over me again
and parting my thighs

holding them apart softly with your hands
moving closer
your breath warm between my legs
your lips so close
and kissing me
ohh god right there
on my pussy lips
your tongue flicking out
circling my clit
feeling me tremble
parting my thighs further
moving down

the tip of your tongue teasing my slit
feeling it begin to part
tasting my wetness
as your tongue slides up my slit
dragging it all the way up
until the flat of your tongue
reaches my clit
sliding over it
your fingers parting my pussy lips
as your tongue dips inside me
inside my cunt
tasting me
drinking me

and I writhe under you
so wet now
arching up towards you
your tongue circling my clit again
lapping greedily
opening your lips
and engulfing my clit with your mouth
feeling me tremble
hearing me gasp

you kneeling up between my thighs
feeling my gaze on you
as you slide your boxers down
taking them off
feeling me watching you
seeing how hard you are
your cock so erect
visibly throbbing
needing to be inside me
needing to fuck me

and I gasp
pulling you over me
our naked bodies sliding together
your hands stroking me
touching me
my hand finding my erect cock
gasping as I stroke it

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Kiss Part III

You lift me into your arms
and carry me to the bed

laying me down
leaning over me
kissing me again
lingering on my lips
wanting you so much

your hands slipping around my back
unclipping my bra
sliding it off my shoulders
pulling it gently from me
smiling lustfully as you look at my breasts
leaning over to kiss me again

one of your thighs slipping between mine
moving together
our bodies warm
and soft
brushing together
as we push and move
our movements becoming one

wanting you
craving you
kissing your way down my neck
nibbling gently
your breath warm
as you move down further

your hands tracing down my body
as your lips kiss my collar bone
kissing down to my breasts
your tongue circling a nipple
flicking across it teasingly
taking it into your mouth
biting gently
feeling me arch underneath you
wanting you
wanting you so much

kissing your way further down
lips tracing over my tummy
hands gently parting my thighs
your fingers sliding over my panties
down to my crotch
stroking softly
rubbing me
caressing me
as your lips slide down

your fingers slipping into the waistband of my panties
smiling at me again
and tugging them down
all the way
pulling them off my ankles
leaving me naked
naked underneath you
looking at me...

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Kiss Part II

Your hands moving to my blouse
tugging it gently over my head
smiling at me again
and kissing me sensually
as my fingers unbutton your shirt
tugging it off your shoulders
our heat rising
looking at me
smiling back at me

Your hands unfastening my skirt
letting it fall to the floor
your hands sliding over my ass
following my curves
stroking it softly through my panties
pressing me to you
wanting to feel my body
pressed against yours

My hands sliding up over your bare chest
drifting over your warm skin
then moving down
exploring your body
still kissing you

My fingers unbuttoning your pants
tugging down the zipper
pulling them down your thighs
watching you step out of them,
my hand sliding over the bulge in your boxers
greedily touching you
tracing the length of your cock
feeling you hardening
as we embrace softly

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Kiss

our heartbeats moving faster
our bodies pressed together
your hands pulling me closer
needing me
wanting me

my tongue slipping gently into your mouth
tasting I smile at you, pulling you close to me
you know that I need you
my hands sliding around your back
holding you close to me
warm in my arms

smiling again
looking in your eyes
our gaze meeting
and kissing you softly
oh so sensually
my lips gently caressing yours
tasting you
oh so soft
our breath quickening
as my lips slide softly against yours

kissing you passionately

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

I hope all of the Mother's out there had a Happy Mother's Day. Mine was very nice. The whole family had brunch that my brother had catered at a local tree / flower park. Then went to see a movie. Water for Elephants was wonderful. I love story... Then it was home for dinner then spent the evening at the pool and making milkshakes. The kids had a blast and it is so lovely to see them happy.

Sorry about not posting. I have been having issues at work and have not been in a writing mood. Maybe tomorrow.

But still love ya all!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Need It....BAD!

I'm just gonna say it... IM SO FUCKING HORNY TODAY!!! I know what you are all thinking...This girl is always horny. That if I wern't, I would not be able to write my stories. And that is true but today I am so horny that I can't even think of anything sexy to write. My mind is only on the tingly feeling running though my body. I am really thinking I should come up with an excuse and leave work early and make a phone call to somebody who cares about how I feel and take care of my needs

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I had a dream last night. You were in my thoughts as I drifted off to sleep and you came back to me as I slipped deeper into slumber. We were together. I'm not sure of the place, but it was soft and dark. I felt your hard body next to mine and I smiled. My arousal was sudden when your lips touched mine. I was not expecting it. It took my breath away just as it did the first time you kissed me.

Your kiss was long and hard and deep. Our tongues swirled over each others in a hot and urgent frenzy. My hands grabbed at your neck, your hair, your shirt. I balled the fabric up in my hand as it became more intense. We pulled at each other, barely taking the time to breathe. I wanted to be next to you, a part of you, in you. Then the scene shifted as it often does in dreams.
My body lay naked on a white silky surface. My mouth sought you out but you weren't there. Only your hands were there. They drifted over my whole length. Strong hands caressed my curves, moving sensuously over my breasts, pinching my nipples and sliding down over my stomach. They moved slowly but with purpose. I left out a soft mewl, asking for more than just these soft touches, but you would not relent. Your hands touched, caressed, teased and massaged every part of me. At times it felt like there were two hands, while other times it felt like six. My body was alive with your presence.

We shifted. I was lying on top of you, my leg tucked in between yours, my clit rubbing against you. All I could see was pleasure swirling around me. Your lips were on mine again, greedy and decadent as you slid your tongue into my mouth. Your hands emanated heat as they roamed over my back and down over my ass. You pulled me to you, crushing my body to you. My body felt flushed with desire. My hips moved against you, straining to to feel you against my clit as I felt the familiar pulse rising in me. The heat flooded my senses. There was no floor or ceiling, there was nothing but a black veil of warmth billowing over us.
I pressed harder against you, needing the release, no longer in control of my body. My lips were assaulted with kisses as I reached my climax. Long, pulsing waves of pleasure ran through my body. I groaned into you as the heat engulfed me and my body surrendered to it. The world disappeared.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Take Me

I can't seem to control myself around you. I need you, here, now. I always need you but this is more urgent. I really need you NOW. Don't hesitate. Fuck me. Use me. Control me. That's it. Kiss me, hard. I want to feel your tongue in my mouth. Make me gasp for breath. Press your body into mine. I can feel your cock getting hard. God I love that feeling. Grind your cock into me, urgently. Rip my shirt off. I don't care, I just need to feel you on my skin. Gasp! Pinch my nipples. You know how much I love that, roughly, make me cry out. Make my pussy ache for you. Make me grind my hips into you, your hard cock. Lick my breasts, suck them. Tangling my fingers in your hair. Moaning! I need you so much. Take your shirt off. I want to feel your chest on mine. Feel my nipples brush against yours. God, I'm so wet. I need you to feel how wet I am. Push my skirt up. Rip off my panties. Feel me, taste me. I know you want to lick me. To taste my juices. Push me down on the floor. Spread my thighs. Put your tongue in my dripping pussy. Gasp! Make me moan your name. That's right, fuck me with your tongue. Make me writhe on the floor. Flick your tongue over my hard little clit. Make my hips rock. God, I need to taste you. Take your pants off, now. Kneel over me. Let me taste your hard cock. Let me suck you. Run my tongue over you, swirling, licking, sucking. My lips on your cock. Making you groan. Reach back and finger my clit while I suck you. That's it. god! My pussy is aching for you. You need to fuck me. You need to fuck me, NOW. Do it. Fuck me hard. Push yourself in deep. Fuck me...

Monday, May 2, 2011

U.S. A.

- From President George Bush
"Earlier this evening, President Obama called to inform me that American forces killed Osama bin Laden, the leader of the al Qaeda network that attacked America on September 11, 2001. I congratulated him and the men and women of our military and intelligence communities who devoted their lives to this mission. They have our everlasting gratitude. This momentous achievement marks a victory for America, for people who seek peace around the world, and for all those who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001. The fight against terror goes on, but tonight America has sent an unmistakable message: No matter how long it takes, justice will be done."

Almost 10 years it took to bring this SOB down. Today is a day of celebration and remembrance of all who were lost... I only pray that there wont be retaliation but for now I will want to congratulate all the military who have chosen to serve our country. GO USA!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

What A Night

I have to admit I have never had a man take a Viagra. There has never been a need. Over the past couple of weeks, Master and I had been talking about trying it to see what would happen. HOLY SHIT... He was a machine. Making it larger then normal and powerful. I have always been the one to keep going and wish that after he came he would be able to keep going but after last night not only did he fuck me once but fucked me twice and I had to turn him down the third time.

I woke up sore and needing to give my pussy a rest. I am not sure if I can even think about having sex for the next couple of days. Is this a normal feeling? Have any of you used Viagra and what were your results? I am interested in knowing.

World News... Did you all watch the Royal Wedding? It seemed to be very traditional from the ceremony to the dress. I was hoping there would be more personally but the couple does look very happy and Kate looked like a queen and seems like the kind of person who can handle that pressure.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So Many Questions

If you had a choice in your death, would you want to die during sex? This is a question that has come up a lot in my personal life lately. I think this would be a horrible way to go. I would feel the guilt that he might think he killed me. Or that I killed him. Not only that but how would you react to a person dying in your bed. For the dead guy I guess there would be no worries but as for your partner.... There you are, maybe he is on top of you. Fucking you, he climaxes then... PLOP he collapses on top of you. He is heavy and he wont answer you. You force him off and realize he doesn't have a pulse. What do you do first? Call 911, get dressed, do CPR?? Are you having an affair with this person...Do you call the wife? Do you tell the paramedics or god forbid the corrner the truth as to what you were doing? What if you were having really kinky sex...Would it be necessary to give them those details?

Then when its all said and done...What do you do with the bed? Do you keep it or throw it out? Could you ever have sex again without thinking about what happen? Gee, all these questions in my head today. Am I horny or am I in a fucked up mood? LOL

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hi Everyone, I am sorry I haven't written lately. I have been getting several emails asking if everything is alright since they haven't seen me post in a while. Well, as most of you know my son had eye surgery about 6 weeks ago and it was thought that after fixing his eyes he would do a lot better in school and his behavior would be better. Well the surgery was a success in that he is now using both eyes and no longer runs into things and no longer has double vision. I am so thankful for that because if we let it go on much long he would have become blind in one eye.

Well last Friday I took him to see someone to determine if he had a learning disability or if he just needed more time to adjust to his new eye site after talking with his teacher that he was having trouble in class. It is believed he has something called Audio Processing Disorder. He is unable to process what he hears. It is more complicated then that but it is something that can be fixed with different therapies, hopefully. The problem is I am having trouble finding a doctor who will do this test. The insurance company will pay for the test if done by a MD but the only people we can find to do the test are PHD's So for the last few days I have been on the phone begging anyone to help my son.

Ryan is 5 years old and a real sweet kid and all I want is to help him. I have already spent 6k on expenses that the insurance company didn't pay for with his eye surgery and now the funds just aren't there to just pay the $900 for this test, not to mention treatment. So I am not ignoring my blog I am just busy trying to get my son the help he needs. Thank you all for your concerns.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

You Woke Me Up

His breath was hot against the back of my neck. Hands slithered around me and I could feel his hard cock nestled against my ass. His body moved slightly, a gentle rocking, pressing against me in a slow rhythm. I moaned softly as his hands drifted over my breasts. The question 'What time is it?" entered my mind before quickly leaving as his fingers pinched a nipple. I groaned as my body began to respond. I pressed back against him, letting him know I needed him just as much while lips touched my neck, gently tracing its contour. His hands caressed and soothed me as I began my own rhythm of want and need.

I let my hands drift over his before sliding them behind me, down over the side of his body, feeling his heat and strength. I moved slightly to allow my hand to slip between us. His cock was hard and erect. Heat poured from him into my hand as my fingertips grazed over him. His lips responded by parting to kiss my neck a little harder. His tongue swirled over my skin as my fingers did the same to his cock. Not quite touching him fully, just enough to tease. His hips pushed up to me, pushing his cock into my hand, asking me to stroke him.

His hands found their way across my body, sliding down over my hips, over my thighs. They coaxed my thighs open, giving him access to me. Already hot and wet, his fingers nimbly slid along my slit, gasping as he discovered just how aroused I was. Showing his appreciation, his fingers pushed against my pussy, slipping inside me as I took my turn and gasped. My hand grasped him a bit tighter as his fingers worked me. Pushing up inside then sliding out to slip up and tease my clit. Little circles over and over, building me up. My pussy was drenched in my juices, slippery for him, wanting him.

His cock pulsed in my hand, telling me what he wanted. I stroked him slowly, sensually, teasing out his erection, wanting him desperate with desire. His body pulsed with arousal, rocking against me, my hand. His lips pressed firmer and I turned my head to meet his. His mouth devoured mine, greedily kissing. Lustfully kissing. His tongue slipped past my lips, letting me taste him, letting me return my desire. His other hand slid up into my hair, holding my head to his. His fingers tangled in my hair, fueling his arousal as the silken stands caressed his skin.

His thigh slipped in between mine, pushing my thighs open, urging me. Without hesitating, I moved against him, directing his cock to my dripping pussy. Feeding him into me, opening for him to slide all the way inside. We both broke our kiss and groaned at the feeling. My soft wet pussy enveloping his cock, his hard hot cock filling me. Our bodies moved together. Slow, lazy, intimate fucking as we found our rhythm. His hand held my hip, pulling me back to him as we rocked together. We do this until we both fall asleep after intense orgasims.

Yes to everyone...I wrote this about 3am this morning as I was unable to get back to sleep. I know some of you wish me poor sleep so I can write all this erotica. LOL. Have a wonderful Easter and I will see you all on Monday.