Friday, February 25, 2011


I know most of you miss my posts about Deadliest Catch. I know I miss the show and cant wait for this summer to watch the new season. I just wanted to give you an update on what has been going on. As you all know Captain Phil died a year ago now and life of the fleet must have been rough without him and really tough on his sons. So far this season the producers of Deadliest catch sued the Time Bandit for not showing up to do a spin off show. So the Hillstrans said they refuse to film the next season of Deadliest Catch and got Sig Hanson to do the same...I'm not sure what happened but all the boats are back on and filming. The latest news is that deckhand Justin Tennison, 32 on the Time Bandit died in his sleep last week. The reason is still unknown.

So that is Deadliest Catch update. I know you all love this show. I cant wait!!!

This weekend is the 74th annual Orange Blossom Festival in Davie, FL. There is a parade, games, live music, craft sale, and the end of the evening there is a big rodeo. The kids love going and watching cowboys ride those bulls is heart throbbing. Nothing is more manly then trying to concur a beast.

Hope the rest of you stay warm and have a great weekend.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is It Cheating?

I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine today. So I will put this question out there to you... If you were married and had an affair with a same sex partner, would that be considered cheating? Would you be upset if your mate was having a "gay" affaire?

I got 2 responses to this question. One of my male friends said he would be upset. That it is considered cheating. The other said...It would not bother him but would rather know about the affair. But in all honesty, both men said they would like to be involved. LOL

What do you think? And does it matter if you are male or female? I have had a few experiences with women and I loved being in the moment with them. I do not think I would have a long term sexual relationship, as I am not a lesbian. I do love reading about other types of relationships. It is why I enjoy all your blogs out there. To get a peek into your lifestyle. Just because it might not be for me doesn't mean I don't think it is HOT.

OK I'm getting off subject.... But you know me I just cant help my mind from wondering

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You Want It Don't You?

You want it don't you. I can see it in your eyes. So greedy. Always wanting. We'll see about this. You think you want this? You think you want me? I saw you touching yourself, trying to rub yourself through your jeans when you thought I wasn't looking.

I see the desire you have for me. The thought of having me strip for you, bent over the bed gets your cock to throb to life. See my ass inviting you to spank pussy wet for your cock.

I know this turns you on. I know you want to ravage me. Come and get it...What are you waiting for. TAKE IT...NOW!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Weekend

Well its been a nice long weekend. I hated having to come back to work. As most of you know my daughter had her 14th birthday party at my house. 12 screaming girls enjoyed eating, watching horror movies, eating, talking on their cell phones, eating, dancing, eating, jumping on the furniture, eating, running up and down the stairs, eating, almost setting the house on fire, and did I mention eating.... I have never seen skinny dancer type girls eat so much. At least my daughter had a blast. And that makes me happy. Now she is on a diet. LOL

Other then that not much happened over the weekend. I went out on Friday and had a nice dinner date. Not much else to tell but it was very nice and hope to do more of that in the near future. I do have a membership to online dating sites. Not sure why because I do not go on them very often but for some reason I got a lot of responses from them this weekend. I do love getting replies. So I want to thank all my new friends on there.

I have a busy week coming up. And I hope I can get a few ideas for some upcoming posts. For some reason I am having a bit of writers block. The sexual stories just aren't coming to me like they used to. I hope this isn't the end of my blog as you know it. LOL

Just a quick note... I am praying for the people in New Zealand. I wish you a quick recovery.

P.S. don't you think New Zealand men are hot? ok...not the time. I need to get my mind out of the gutter. haha

Friday, February 18, 2011

50 Ways to burn Calories

Sometimes I read things that I just have to share. Below are 50 creative ways to burn calories. i have got to know if this works so if you have tried any of them please let me know...If you try one out tonight you gotta let me

1. Slather on lip balm 765 times.

2. Relive the '80s: Lip-synch George Michael's "Faith" 16 times.

3. DVR an episode of "30 Rock" and watch it commercial free.

(Laughing for 10 minutes straight can burn 40 calories -- no joke.)

4. Watch a documentary like "Food Inc.," "The Cove" or "An Inconvenient Truth." (Serious stuff doesn't scorch as many calories.)

5. Wiggle while you watch TV for 40 minutes: Fidgeters burn up to 350 more calories a day than couch potatoes.

6. Get off your butt 33 times to change the channel.

7. Use the remote to channel surf for 68 minutes.

8. Surf for real for 34 minutes.

9. Fly a kite for 20 minutes.

10. Play beach volleyball for 13 minutes.

11. Bounce a volleyball on your knee 600 times.

12. Spend 17 minutes wrestling a beach ball away from your boyfriend.

13. Carry a cooler stocked with three bottles of water, a six-pack, four PB&Js, two oranges, a bag of tortilla chips and 12 servings of salsa for 22 minutes.

14. Find the perfect teeny-weeny polka-dot bikini: Try on 16 suits (one every three minutes).

15. Polka for real for 23 minutes.

16. Do the horizontal polka missionary style for one hour and seven minutes.

17. Spice things up with 35 minutes of foreplay and 45 minutes of sex in different positions.

18. Ride him like a cowgirl for 26 minutes (straddling requires more calorie-burning leg work).

19. Swing a lasso over your head 375 times.

20. Milk a cow for 34 minutes.

21. Shear three sheep (six minutes per sheep).

22. Fish for 41 minutes.

23. Make like a fish and swim at a leisurely pace for 17 minutes.

24. Do 250 breaststrokes (about 10 minutes).

25. Indulge your inner dork and do 27 underwater handstands.

26. Dog-paddle for 17 minutes.

27. Walk a toy poodle for 41 minutes (at 2 miles per hour).

28. Let a Great Dane walk you for 13 minutes (5 mph).

29. Learn to "walk the dog": Yo-yo for 25 minutes.

30. Alternate between cat pose, cow pose and downward dog 13 times, holding each for 30 seconds.

31. Walk up 33 flights of stairs.

32. Strap on four-inch stilettos and you only have to climb up 25 flights.

33. Hit the stair climber for 11 minutes.

34. Push a grocery cart for 45 minutes.

35. Put a 42-pound 4-year-old in the cart's child seat and push it for half an hour.

36. Opt for self-checkout: Wait in line for seven minutes, ring yourself up for another 10, bag your own grub and load up the car.

37. Carry five grocery bags from the car to the kitchen and put the food away, take out the trash, wash the dishes, and wipe down the kitchen counter.

38. Eat chili for a couple of days: Research shows that chili peppers boost your metabolic rate, burning 50 more calories a day.

39. Chew calorie-free gum for nine hours.

40. Wash, halve and seed two acorn squash, then watch them bake for 30 minutes.

41. Play squash for eight minutes.

42. Play "Chopsticks" on the piano incessantly for 41 minutes.

43. Eat four meals with chopsticks instead of a fork: Slowing down can help you consume about 25 fewer calories per meal.

44. Lift and lower a soy sauce bottle 170 times with your right hand and a wok 170 times with your left.

45. Take a leisurely walk in the park for 51 minutes.

46. Walk backward in the park for 43 minutes.

47. Walk with hiking poles for 22 minutes -- you'll burn 20 percent more calories.

48. Pole-vault for 17 minutes.

49. Sing the "Grease" original soundtrack from start to finish.

50. Degrease by scrubbing in the shower for 15 minutes, then spend seven minutes shaving, three minutes toweling off, four minutes moisturizing, and 20 minutes blow-drying and styling your hair.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

February 17, 1997

7:35 pm my baby girl was born. 9 pounds 15 oz...The fattest baby I ever saw. I cried when I saw her. Luckily that was just a birth weight and she ended up being the cutest little thing anyone has ever saw. In fact she was always the small one in all her classes that was until this past year where now she is the almost the tallest in her classes.

I never thought I could love someone so much as I love my children. And my daughter holds such a special place in my heart. She is sweet and caring. Lovable and charming. She loves to dance and addicted to her iphone. She loves animals and begs me for a horse at least once a week. She adores her brother, most of the time. He loves her too. He is so cute around her...always wants to be with her.

When she grows up she wants to be a professional dancer and when she is old "like 30" (How depressing is she wants to teach dance or be a teacher. My baby is so precious and I love her more then life its self.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Surprise Ending

Your look of surprise when you enter the door tells me I've done the right thing. I wasn't expected today and I rarely invade your home. You look at me lying on your bed and walk toward me. Your hands work at your clothes as you cross the hardwood floor. Fingers undo your tie and you toss it to the ground. Buttons are ripped as you tear off your shirt. You only stumble slightly as your pants and boxers come down. Realizing your shoes are in the way, you stop momentarily and yank them off your feet and shake off the rest of your clothing. Standing by the edge of the bed you wait and look at me. I let my eyes wander over your body. Your cock is already beginning to harden, the intensity of your anticipation has you aroused.

I smile and nod to you, shifting my position on the bed. You settle your knee down and the bed sinks gently. Hands follow and you crawl up the bed to me. Your lips touch my toes, softly bestowing kisses as you crawl forward. Your fingers caress my ankles and then up my calves. Your tongue licks my knees and a small groan emits from your throat when I spread my legs wider. Fingers knead my thighs. You inhale deeply, smelling the scent of my own arousal. You groan again and kiss the inside of my thighs. Your fingers clench my skin as you fondle my thighs with your mouth...

Now I know there are a few of you who can end this story for me. What happens next? give me a creative idea and maybe I will add it to the end of the story. I cant wait to hear from you...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

OK Sappy but Happy

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a story about the time I worked in the ER and a patient had died that I felt terrible guilt about...well last night, I was sitting at home tired of thinking about why I wasn't out having a good time on Valentines Day and I just had to feel better and I got to thinking of a story that happed to me that was good.

I believe it was about a week after Valentines Day several years ago when I was working in the Children's Emergency Room when a woman who spoke little English came in with her 2 girls, ages 4 and 6. The one girl had a rash so she wanted her to be seen. I (as a social worker) was asked to sign off on the girl because the mother had no ID. This happens a lot and usually because the parent is an illegal. The hospital doesn't care. We cant refuse to see them or even ask the question. Anyway, I signed off on her and the girl was seen and released later that evening.

The next day I get called to go sign off again on a woman with a child. So I walked over to the woman and it was the same woman who wanted her other girl seen but this time she gave all different information. A different name, address, ect. So I took this a step further, still thinking it was because she was an illegal, I called the local police. I know a lot of people that worked for the police department given my line of work so I knew they would give me some good advice on what to think. I told them the girls names and the situation and asked if they can look the names up on a missing person list...there was a long pause and the Cheif of police gets on the line.... He said do what you have to do but keep them there until an officer arrives. It turned out that the girls had been kidnapped from Jacksonville, FL and the police had a hunch they were headed to Hollywood, FL. They had been missing for 4 days and the local police just got this information hours before.

To make a long story short the mother and father showed up a few hours later with V-day gifts and balloons. They were so happy to get their girls back. They even gave me a huge hug. I was given a letter of commendation from the Chief Of Police and the CEO of the hospital for a job well done. That day will probably go down as one of my best.

Just thought I would share with all of you. Hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Great Love Story

OK Ladies...did you get sucked into watching sad love stories over the weekend like I did. There I was flipping though channels when one sad romantic movie after another was playing. I love a good love story but come eyes can't take anymore. Last night I watch "PS I love You" for the 20th time....and each time I ball my eyes out. What could be sweeter then to leave love notes for your wife after you die to help her cope with your passing. Does love like that really exist?

"You Got Mail" Here is a movie how the internet can create such strong feelings for each other before you ever get to meet in person. Then again it also point out how the person your talking to could be making up anything to get you to like them...LOL

Or how about "The Notebook" Written by my favorite author Nickolas Sparks. A story of summer love for two young people who had there up and downs and survived years apart from each other. In the end at the old age home where the husband reads to his wife who no longer can remember him wakes long enough to tell him she loves him then they die together lying next to each other in bed.

There are lots of movies that I love that I can not remember the names but who can forget...
"When a Man Loves a Woman"

"City of Angles"

"Dirty Dancing"


"Gone with the Wind"

OK...Enough boring you. I cant help but to get lost in a great movie.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

TGIF... I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. I am curious of what all of you will do. Valentines day is Monday and I probably wont be doing anything so I need to live my life though you. Please let me know what your plans are...if things will get kinky with you? I love getting to know the type of followers I have out there. KISSES

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Begging You

I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck my pussy. Use me. Use me any way you want to. I'm yours.
You can see how turned on I am - look how wet I am for you. I want you. I want you to fuck me. Get between my thighs and fuck me hard. I want you to come on me. Cum all over my body.

God I want that...

You know I'll do anything you want me to do. I'll fuck you any way you please. Suck you anyway you want. Touch you, rub you, ravage you... I need that so much.

I need you to be inside me. Fuck me. god... please fuck me. Take me any way you want. Make me cum.

Do it to me now. I'm so fucking horny.

Come and fuck me.

Fuck me right now...

I know I shouldn't make demands being a sub, but sometimes my mind and my heart scream for your attention. Please, please do as I beg...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Charlie and the Fetish Factory

OK...I was looking on my daily AOL news board and right here in Fort Lauderdale this party will be happening. I was surprised it was advertised like this. Wouldn't it be great if all of you could come down for this. For most of you it would be a great vacation. It will be warm and sunny, stay on the beach and then walk over to a fetish party. How cool would that be? Anyway... I guess you all could dream about it as you try to fall sleep in sub-zero temperatures. KISSES....

It’s another weekend before Valentine’s Day, and even though you’re now years into adulthood, you’re still a newbie in the liaison department. You think not? Here’s a checklist: Have you ever approached a fem dom? Rubbed elbows with swing-style players? And fetishes — could you name 15? There’s a whole spectrum of them, not just the foot one. And there’s no experience quite like entering the world of kink for a night. The Valentine’s Day Fetish Ball at Sea Monster (2 S. New River Drive W., Fort Lauderdale) is a public play party — but for you first-timers, there’s the nonparticipatory sport: voyeurism. Meet the dress code: Fetish wear is strictly enforced. And, as always, the Fetish Factory upholds the rule: No sex in the club. Just spanking, flogging, leashing, etc., between two consenting adults. The festivities begin at 10 p.m. Prepurchase tickets for $15, or pay $20 at the door (cash only). Call 954-767-6200, or visit

Sat., Feb. 12, 10 p.m., 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tell me your ways

I am often asked what I think about when I am masturbating. I am sure it is much like your own fantasies but here is how I liked to be fucked or dream about being fucked. I suppose they are pretty tamed and would love to know if yours differ from mine...

My thighs wrapped around you, my fingernails clawing your back, my body arching, I'm gasping your name as you thrust deep and hard...

From behind, your hands gripping my hips, the hot slap of your belly against my ass as you plunge deep, my fingers at my clit, masturbating as you fuck me...

On your back, looking up at me, your hands on my breasts, watching as I ride you, my face flushed, my pussy squeezing around your cock as I move against you...

Up against the wall, passionate and urgent, somewhere anyone might see us, hands in each other's clothing, stroking, tugging, clinging to you as your erection slides deep inside me, kissing greedily, helpless with lust...

On my back, your cock deep inside me, pulsing deliciously, another girl straddling my face, my tongue lapping greedily at her cunt, you wanting her to come all over my face, your hands on her breasts, her body, as my fingers thrust deep into her cunt, both of us wanting to make her cum...

Over the back of the couch, my skirt tugged up around my waist, my panties around my ankles, fucking me as you please, taking me for your own pleasure, spanking me hard, making me beg to be fucked...

Watching me going down on you, your hands in my hair, your cock fucking my mouth, cumming urgently over my face, hot and wet, your cum smeared on my lips...

With another couple on the bed, watching them fuck as we move together, all our bodies in rhythm, watching their bodies push and move and writhe and fuck, knowing that their orgasms will trigger our own...

Your cock in my pussy, his cock in my mouth, both of us so close to orgasm, his fingers skidding around your clit as I suck him, you watching as I cum urgently, my own orgasm following moments before yours, cumming over my face, belly, both of us groaning intensely...

Going down on me, caressing me with your lips, your fingers, your tongue, licking me, tasting me, wanting me to cum, hard and wet, all over your face...

Fucking me from behind as I go down on her, her thighs spread wide, watching her arch up to me as I lap at her dripping wet pussy, your cock pulsing deep inside me, my wetness pouring down your cock as I cum hard...

Our bodies wet, dripping with warm oil, slipping and sliding together, wet sounds splashing with each move, wanting you to cum all over again.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Another News Story

It has been a slow week for me. I just don't have it in me to write this erotic stories this week. Sorry to you all. But again I found a news story that just seemed crazy and unfair. A few weeks ago I attached a story where a woman was caned to death and today is a story where a 14 year old girl was flogged after being raped by a 40 year old cousin. WTF? Our justice system isnt the best but we should feel lucky to live in a country that respects the rights of the victim...

A 14-year-old Bangladeshi girl allegedly raped by a much older cousin has died after being publicly flogged for adultery, media reports said.

Hena Begum was sentenced to receive 100 lashes by a village council made up of elders and Muslim clerics in the district of Shariatpur, about 35 miles from the capital, Dhaka, the BBC said today.

She endured about 80 lashes before collapsing Monday, according to The Daily Star, a Bangladeshi newspaper. Her family took her to a hospital, where she died.

"What sort of justice is this? My daughter has been beaten to death in the name of justice. If it had been a proper court then my daughter would not have died," Dorbesh Khan, the girl's father, told the BBC.

Family members said Hena was raped by a 40-year-old married cousin, The Daily Star said. The man's family beat up the teen, then accused of her adultery, the newspaper said.

The very next day, she was sentenced to the flogging in a fatwa, or religious ruling, issued by the village council under Islamic Shariah law, the BBC said.

Her father was also told pay a fine of about $700, police told the BBC.

Four people, including a Muslim cleric, have been arrested in connection with Hena's death, the BBC said. Police said they were looking for another 14 people in the case.

Bangladesh's high court has ordered district officials in Shariatpur to explain why they did not protect the girl, The Daily Star said. The court ruled eight months ago that Shariah punishment was illegal.

In December, a 40-year-old woman in Rajshahi district died after she was publicly caned for allegedly carrying on an affair with her stepson.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

News Story

What is the world coming to? I read this article about a nun who lied about being raped to cover up an affair she had. She was sneaking this guy into the convent. LOL I listed this article bellow but it got me wondering what kind of kinky sex was this nun having. Did she have wild passionate crazy that when she was caught she had to say she was raped. Now she may have to spend a year in jail for this crime. Was is really worth it? Crazy world we live in....I am secretly rooting for the nun.

A nun with a small Christian sect has allegedly confessed that she made up a story about being raped to cover up an affair with a convenience store worker she had sneaked into the convent, the New York Daily News reported.

The nun, identified as Mary Turcotte, 26, originally told police she had been attacked by a stranger on Jan. 22 as she walked on Glenwood Avenue in Brooklyn.

Police sources told the newspaper that Turcotte, who is white, said she was attacked and choked into unconsciousness by a 40- to 50-year-old black man. When she came to, she was seminude and lying in a snow bank about eight blocks from where the attack occurred, she reportedly told police.

She later admitted to police that she made the whole thing up to cover her tracks after bringing a bodega worker into the convent for consensual sex, the Daily News said.

"Nothing happened; none of it," a woman who answered the door at the convent told the Daily News. "It was all proven to be false. It wasn't her fault. She is going to move out and we are going to get her some help."

Jones has denied any wrongdoing. She is scheduled to appear in court next month on two misdemeanor counts of falsifying records. If convicted, she could be sentenced to up to a year in jail.

The New York Police Department said it was not clear whether charges would be filed against Turcotte.

"It is still an ongoing investigation," NYPD spokesman Sgt. Kevin Hayes told AOL News.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm Suffering

Yes, Master, god, yes, please…” I moan. “Take me, use me, hurt me, please.”

He looks at me spread out before him, my body taut with anticipation. Each limb is bound by leather restraints, my eyes dark behind the blindfold. He has already used me once and plans on taking me once again for his pleasure. I love the look of him, the feel of him. He is what I need, what I'm going to have. I'm going to make him dominate to me completely. Make him not want to stop pleasing me. OOOOOH YEA!

He backs off a little. “I think you want it too badly. You’re being too greedy. You’ll get it when I’m ready to give it.”

The altiment tease. The torture of his desire upon me wants me want him more. The passion builds as I lie there, helpless. Please end my suffering Master... PLEASE SIR