Friday, April 29, 2011

What A Night

I have to admit I have never had a man take a Viagra. There has never been a need. Over the past couple of weeks, Master and I had been talking about trying it to see what would happen. HOLY SHIT... He was a machine. Making it larger then normal and powerful. I have always been the one to keep going and wish that after he came he would be able to keep going but after last night not only did he fuck me once but fucked me twice and I had to turn him down the third time.

I woke up sore and needing to give my pussy a rest. I am not sure if I can even think about having sex for the next couple of days. Is this a normal feeling? Have any of you used Viagra and what were your results? I am interested in knowing.

World News... Did you all watch the Royal Wedding? It seemed to be very traditional from the ceremony to the dress. I was hoping there would be more personally but the couple does look very happy and Kate looked like a queen and seems like the kind of person who can handle that pressure.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So Many Questions

If you had a choice in your death, would you want to die during sex? This is a question that has come up a lot in my personal life lately. I think this would be a horrible way to go. I would feel the guilt that he might think he killed me. Or that I killed him. Not only that but how would you react to a person dying in your bed. For the dead guy I guess there would be no worries but as for your partner.... There you are, maybe he is on top of you. Fucking you, he climaxes then... PLOP he collapses on top of you. He is heavy and he wont answer you. You force him off and realize he doesn't have a pulse. What do you do first? Call 911, get dressed, do CPR?? Are you having an affair with this person...Do you call the wife? Do you tell the paramedics or god forbid the corrner the truth as to what you were doing? What if you were having really kinky sex...Would it be necessary to give them those details?

Then when its all said and done...What do you do with the bed? Do you keep it or throw it out? Could you ever have sex again without thinking about what happen? Gee, all these questions in my head today. Am I horny or am I in a fucked up mood? LOL

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hi Everyone, I am sorry I haven't written lately. I have been getting several emails asking if everything is alright since they haven't seen me post in a while. Well, as most of you know my son had eye surgery about 6 weeks ago and it was thought that after fixing his eyes he would do a lot better in school and his behavior would be better. Well the surgery was a success in that he is now using both eyes and no longer runs into things and no longer has double vision. I am so thankful for that because if we let it go on much long he would have become blind in one eye.

Well last Friday I took him to see someone to determine if he had a learning disability or if he just needed more time to adjust to his new eye site after talking with his teacher that he was having trouble in class. It is believed he has something called Audio Processing Disorder. He is unable to process what he hears. It is more complicated then that but it is something that can be fixed with different therapies, hopefully. The problem is I am having trouble finding a doctor who will do this test. The insurance company will pay for the test if done by a MD but the only people we can find to do the test are PHD's So for the last few days I have been on the phone begging anyone to help my son.

Ryan is 5 years old and a real sweet kid and all I want is to help him. I have already spent 6k on expenses that the insurance company didn't pay for with his eye surgery and now the funds just aren't there to just pay the $900 for this test, not to mention treatment. So I am not ignoring my blog I am just busy trying to get my son the help he needs. Thank you all for your concerns.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

You Woke Me Up

His breath was hot against the back of my neck. Hands slithered around me and I could feel his hard cock nestled against my ass. His body moved slightly, a gentle rocking, pressing against me in a slow rhythm. I moaned softly as his hands drifted over my breasts. The question 'What time is it?" entered my mind before quickly leaving as his fingers pinched a nipple. I groaned as my body began to respond. I pressed back against him, letting him know I needed him just as much while lips touched my neck, gently tracing its contour. His hands caressed and soothed me as I began my own rhythm of want and need.

I let my hands drift over his before sliding them behind me, down over the side of his body, feeling his heat and strength. I moved slightly to allow my hand to slip between us. His cock was hard and erect. Heat poured from him into my hand as my fingertips grazed over him. His lips responded by parting to kiss my neck a little harder. His tongue swirled over my skin as my fingers did the same to his cock. Not quite touching him fully, just enough to tease. His hips pushed up to me, pushing his cock into my hand, asking me to stroke him.

His hands found their way across my body, sliding down over my hips, over my thighs. They coaxed my thighs open, giving him access to me. Already hot and wet, his fingers nimbly slid along my slit, gasping as he discovered just how aroused I was. Showing his appreciation, his fingers pushed against my pussy, slipping inside me as I took my turn and gasped. My hand grasped him a bit tighter as his fingers worked me. Pushing up inside then sliding out to slip up and tease my clit. Little circles over and over, building me up. My pussy was drenched in my juices, slippery for him, wanting him.

His cock pulsed in my hand, telling me what he wanted. I stroked him slowly, sensually, teasing out his erection, wanting him desperate with desire. His body pulsed with arousal, rocking against me, my hand. His lips pressed firmer and I turned my head to meet his. His mouth devoured mine, greedily kissing. Lustfully kissing. His tongue slipped past my lips, letting me taste him, letting me return my desire. His other hand slid up into my hair, holding my head to his. His fingers tangled in my hair, fueling his arousal as the silken stands caressed his skin.

His thigh slipped in between mine, pushing my thighs open, urging me. Without hesitating, I moved against him, directing his cock to my dripping pussy. Feeding him into me, opening for him to slide all the way inside. We both broke our kiss and groaned at the feeling. My soft wet pussy enveloping his cock, his hard hot cock filling me. Our bodies moved together. Slow, lazy, intimate fucking as we found our rhythm. His hand held my hip, pulling me back to him as we rocked together. We do this until we both fall asleep after intense orgasims.

Yes to everyone...I wrote this about 3am this morning as I was unable to get back to sleep. I know some of you wish me poor sleep so I can write all this erotica. LOL. Have a wonderful Easter and I will see you all on Monday.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Deadliest Catch

I know you all wait to see what I write about the Deadliest Catch every week so here it goes... Last night was all about the top of the king crab season 2010. The first pots were dropped and their was excitement in the air. Every year it is always the same, right before exhaustion sets in, tempers flair, and mistakes made. So far not much is happening in the way of drama. Jack Anderson wants to run the boat but no way are the 3 Hanson owners (all who work on the boat) is going to allow that. The two new boats on the fleet aren't making nice with the views. They are young and cocky and no one likes that. As for the crab count goes the Seabrook is at the top. The other boats aren't having much luck but it is only 3 days into the crab season and I have faith that our favorite captains will pull out ahead.

Where is my man when I am all horny after watching the Catch? I am sure all of you know how excited I get watching the fleet race for red gold. (Don't you love how I know the lingo) In fact it is when I want to have hot, raunchy, dirty sex. LOL

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In the Shower

The clothes lay scattered on the floor. The steam seeps out from behind the door and I tentatively place one hand inside. Deciding it's perfect, I slide the door the rest of the way open and step inside. The hot water hits my skin and I instantly relax. I stand for a moment and let the water hit my face. Running down over my shoulders, it swirls over my skin, gently pooling around my feet. Turning slowly, I let the heat roll down my body. My hair becomes quickly saturated and i let my hands smooth it down over my scalp. My eyes closed, my head back, I relax for a moment and think of you.

The water pulses over my skin and I feel your fingers there instead. The soft slow caress of your knowledgeable hands. Do you know the power you have over me? One touch from you and I melt. I can't help but let my hands move where yours should be. Water cascades down me, making my fingers glide easily over my body. It's your hands moving over me, your body I want so much. My fingers find the hard nipples piercing the spray of water. I gently brush over them, both hands moving together. My hands cup my breasts, my fingers close around my nipples. Swaying a bit, I massage them, heightening my already growing arousal. Pinching my nipples, I squeeze them hard feeling the familiar pulse between my thighs. I squeeze them again and again, my desire growing with each motion. My body heat is rising yet I want the water hotter.

Stopping for a minute, I reach down and turn up the warmth, hotter water rushes out and over me, the shower filled with steam. I return my hand to my breast, cupping it again, teasing myself. My other hand snakes down between my thighs. I watch as the water streams down my arm and over my fingers. The hot water now has access to my aching pussy. My clit pulses at the heat and I have no choice but to press my fingers tightly against it. I groan softly at the exquisite feeling. My fingers begin to move on their own, the familiar rhythmic movements I know so well.

You're in my mind now, I can see you so clearly. Your soft lips, your wonderful body, your hot skin, your magical touch. I think about the times we've shared. Visions swirl through my head. My hands can't stop now. I need you.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Take Me

Can you see how much I want you?

I can’t control myself around you.
Just the scent of you arouses me.
I want you.
I need you.
Fuck me.
Please fuck me.
Don’t wait for me to ask.
If you want me, take me.
I always want you.
I want you all over me.
I want your hands, your lips, your body, on mine.
Fuck me.
Use me.
Take me for your own pleasure.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Are You Ready?

Tonight is the 2 hour season premier of the Deadliest Catch. I know you all have been waiting for this evening to occur. It is time to see what has happen to our favorite Catch members. How are Jake and Josh doing after their father died? Did Edgar finally retire? Did Josh (form the Northwestern) find out what happen to his father after he went missing? Is the Time Bandit coming back to the show after Discovery Channel sued the captains? Will Keith and Jonathan patch things up between them?

So many questions to answer...such little time. LOL Chat with you all tomorrow about the show. Enjoy!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Quick Update

I haven't forgot about all of you. Just been busy with life over the past 4 days. My daughter had a dance competition that was 3 long days. But she did very well and her dance company won $200. They kids were real excited but when you think about how much it cost to get your kid to this point or the $8500 to let your studio compete in 1 competition, $200 is a drop in the bucket. LOL

My son had a Tball game on Saturday and his team won. Always very exciting for 5 and 6 years olds. Ever since his eyes were fixed he had been hitting the ball so much better and is able to score. Before he would almost always strike out. So I guess the surgery worked. GO RYAN!!!

Other then that not much else is going on. I may not have as much time to write my steamy stories. I am trying to make a little extra money on the computer and it is cutting into my imagination time.

Anyway, have a great week and I will be keeping tabs on all of you. :-)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I love It Rough

"Beg me..." He says, "beg me to fuck you... tell me what a dirty fucking slut you are..." and he takes a handful of my hair, pulling me back towards you, my back arching deliciously as I push back against you. I can feel your hot, hard erection throbbing against my ass as you tug me back against you, rubbing yourself against me, using me. I need you inside me, need to feel your cock deep inside my pussy, but my wrists are tied tightly behind my back, and it's almost impossible for me to move, bent roughly over the desk, your hand still in my hair, pulling me back harder, leaning over me, hissing in your ear. "Tell me..."

"unnnhhh Sir... ohhh Master... I'm a slut.. I'm a dirty fucking slut..."

"Then beg me to fuck you..." You demand, "beg me to fuck you like the slut you are...". you drag me back harder, your cock pressed hard against my ass, your free hand sliding underneath me, cupping my breast, pinching my nipple hard.

"uunnhhhh... ohhh... please fuck me... please fuck me Master... I'm begging you... fuck my pussy Sir... unnhhhhh... ohh please..."

"That's better," You growl. You push my face down against the desk, holding me down, your cock slipping down from between my buttocks, throbbing and erect, sliding quickly between my open thighs from behind, rubbing the head of your swollen cock against my dripping wet pussy... getting it wet.. and then pushing... hard... all the way inside me with one long, deep thrust.

I groan with pleasure, pushing back onto you.

"unnhhhh ... yes...fuck me harder... god I need that... fuck me..."

"Greedy little slut," you growl, lifting up your hand and spanking me, hard. I let out a whimper, and you thrust your erection deeper and harder inside me. I try to grind back onto you, and you lift up your hand again.

"Don't you dare move - did I say you could move?" and I feel your hand come down again, harder this time... slapping my bare ass. I groan with pleasure, unable to help myself pushing further back onto you, my warm, wet pussy engulfing the full length of your cock, squeezing tight around you. "unnhhh ... such a bad girl..." you gasp, "I told you not to move... and you're still moving... unnhhh fuck... dirty girl... dirty fucking slut..." and you spank me again, harder this time, taking hold of my hips, ramming your cock into me, deep and hard. I squeal with pleasure and pain.

You start to move inside me now... "I know that's what you want... my cock fucking you... harder... faster... and you're so fucking wet... so tight around my thrusting cock" as he is ramming deeper into me now... my pussy splashing around your cock... I'm groaning, already so close to cumming... crying out with each hard thrust of your cock, slamming into me... taking me... using me for your own pleasure...

"I've instructed you not to move, but I can still feel your cunt tightening deliciously around my erect cock, squeezing around me, trying to take me deeper inside." you groan with pleasure. I squeeze around your cock again, my pussy pulsating around your erection, pushing myself back onto you, fucking you hard as you fuck me, driving your cock deep inside me, and I groan passionately, begging you to fill me, begging you to cum hard in my pussy, begging you to spurt all your cum deep inside me.

I feel a sudden stream of wetness pouring over your erection, my body starting to convulse. You gasp with pleasure, thrusting your pulsing cock deep and hard into dripping pussy, grabbing my hair, tugging me back... hard. You cum with such intensity... I feel you relax as you let up on top of me. "uunnhhh yes Master... I hope your slut has satisfied you."

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I was going to write a sexy, raunchy story today but I have gotten some sad news and all the creativity ran out of me. My sister, who I don't get along real well with, is pregnant with her 2ed child. I had no idea but I gather she was pretty far along....she lost her baby yesterday. The doctors want her to go into labor naturally and deliver. If she doesn't then they will induce. So my sister is carrying around a dead baby and she is really torn up about it. I feel so bad for her. That must be a horrible feeling. We have our differences but no one should have to carry her dead child for week before the doctors take the baby out. What an emotional wreak that must make you.

I also just found out that my brother tried to kill himself last night. He picked up a gun but his girlfriend had hide the bullets. He has tried this before so she was proactive in doing this. I just talked to my brother the other day and he seemed like he was doing well. He was going to cater my son's birthday party and he seemed in good spirits. I know my brother has had mental issues in the past and it has been a hard road for him. I am not sure what I should do for him. Last time I did what ever he needed to help him recover but it seems after he got me to help him he just got angry with me or shut me out. And I know this is his way but it still hurts when he pushes me away. So I am not sure if I should call him or go visit him. I know my brother would not like that but how else do I show my support?

My parents are real upset about what has happen in the last 24 hours. I hope they will be ok and know that life is about challenges and we will get though them.

Monday, April 4, 2011

How Do You Like It

I know for most of you that you enjoy different kinds of sex. Who wouldn't? No one wants to get bored. We all like it soft, romantic, fun, playful, involve a fetish or role play. But for me...I love it rough. I just cant get enough of being picked up (especially with one hand) being thrown on the bed. A little biting, spanking, being forced to do something nasty.

The act of being tied up, blindfolded, maybe your hand over my mouth... Or perhaps being turned over with you fucking me from behind as you pull my hair. I love being forced into submission.

Many of us had had a rape fantasy. I love this idea of roughness even fighting back makes me wet inside. Him wanting to take me...trying to keep me still enough for him to get what he wants. I can feel him hold my wrists burn as I try to struggle my way free.

At times I want sweet, gentle, loving sex but most of the time I want to be taken. A little pain with my pleasure. How about you?