Friday, July 30, 2010

Last Night's Fantasy

You've been teasing me all day - flirting, playfully smacking my ass, planting kisses on my neck when I'm otherwise occupied. You've made it plenty obvious that you're horny. Do you want me? I think so. Let's go then. Strip off your clothes and hop into bed with me. I shed my clothes, letting them fall to the floor. You beat me to the bed. I smile at you. I slip under the covers and join you. Your body is warm against mine, hot to the touch. I press myself against you, pushing my thigh in between yours. You kiss me sensually. Your lips brush over mine. I slip my tongue past your lips and violate your mouth. You respond hungrily. Your hands come up to the back of my head and tangle their fingers in my hair, drawing me closer. My hands slide over your chest to your back. I pull you tight to me, crushing my breasts against your chest. My nipples are hard, pressing into you, they send an ache through my pussy. I groan. Your thigh tightens over mine. My hands move down to your ass, cupping it. Your hips rock forward pushing your hard cock into my clit. My hips respond by grinding into you. Your hands move down to my breasts. Your fingers deftly circle my nipples sending shockwaves through my body. I moan into your mouth. God. I need you. My hands find yours and we intertwine our fingers, holding on tight. I kiss you greedily now, my hips grinding harder against your cock. You're thrusting up into me forcing your cock to skid over my pussy lips. God. I'm so wet. I know you can feel my wet heat covering you.

You move my hands over my head and push them down into the bed, pinning me. I break our kiss and you smile down at me. "You are mine today," You whisper. "I'm going to use you. I'm going to control you. I'm going to work you until you beg me to fuck you." I groan. I struggle a bit against your hands but you push them down firmly. You lean down and tease my lips with your tongue. My head comes up trying to kiss you and you pull away, teasing again. You lean down across my body and crush your lips against mine.

I love your taste. I move my hips in a rhythm now. My thrusts meet yours. We are covered in my juices and your pre-cum now, your cock is slick against my slit. My lips slide off your mouth and kiss my way along your jaw line. I trail my mouth down your neck kissing, and licking. I take your mouth again, hard. Your mouth responds, frantic against mine. I can feel your urgency. I rub myself harder against you. God. I can feel my own body reacting to you. My pussy is starting to pulse. I'm coming close to the edge. I use your hands as leverage now, driving back against you. Your cock is throbbing under me. I can't take it any longer. "Please, Sir "please fuck me. I need you. I want you. Please fuck me." I kiss you hard, shoving my tongue back in your mouth, fucking you with it. At the same I angle my hips and press your cock head to my pussy. In one move you slide deep inside me. You don't let up. My tongue continues to fuck your mouth as I start to fuck your cock. Your hands grip mine hard, your hips pushing up into me. You fuck me hard, pounding down onto me.

My orgasm hits me hard. I break our kiss and cry out as the waves of pleasure overtake me. You can't hold back. The pulsing of my pussy around your cock pushes you over the edge. Your hips raise up and you thrust hard, shooting your hot spunk deep inside me over and over. We convulse together, moaning, gasping for breath. Such pleasure, such exquisite sensations rock through us. I kiss you again, passionately, feeling the pulsing of your cock as it empties every last drop into me.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Phone Sex

I was thinking this morning of a past experience that I with my exboyfriend of 7 years. I may have written about this before and if I have I apologize. But I just had this kinky story in my head. At least for me it was kinky.

Men are horny horny creatures. And when given the chance of anything sexual they jump in head first. Am I wrong? Lol

Bf and I were in bed one night. And we were getting into it when we decided to call random numbers of people / men. I am quite loud in my orgasms so when these men would get my phone call they could hear what was happening. The harder he would pound me the louder I would get. I do not know what these men were doing on the other end of the line but each one of them listened to the conclusion. It was very hot on my part knowing that someone was on the other end.

How would you react if you got that phone call? Would you listen? Would that turn you on? Please I got to know… Gee, I must be horny today.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


BEEEP… (a minute later) BEEEP… I must be dreaming. BEEEP… The dog is crying downstairs. BEEEP… there must be something wrong with the house alarm. I let the dogs out. BEEEP… WTF, this sound is driving me crazy. BEEEP… I check all the door and window sensors BEEEP… The dogs scratching at the back door to be let back in. BEEEP… Shut up!! BEEEP… I found it, it’s the smoke detector on the 2ed floor. BEEEP… I can’t reach it, now I have to look for the step stool. BEEEP… I am so annoyed, back down stairs and outside to the laundry room. BEEEP… Drag the stupid stool up the stairs. BEEEP… I grab the stupid alarm off the ceiling. BEEEP…Shit! I need a screwdriver to get the back off this stupid piece of crap. BEEEP… Back downstairs I go, outside to the laundry room and open my little tool box, take out the tiny screwdriver. BEEEP… I’m wide awake now and not very happy. I take the thing apart pull out the battery. Then throw the whole thing in the closet.

The time is 2:42 AM. I am wide awake, there is a hole in my ceiling, and the dogs want to sleep in my bed now. Why does the battery have to go low in the middle of the night? Why does it have to beep like that? I am not the type of person that gets frustrated easily but I hate when I am woken in the middle of the night and I have to function. (Warning to all men out there with your crazy ideas…lol)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll

I love to listen to Howard Stern on my drive to work every morning. And what I love best is his interviews. He always asks the questions no one else will ask. Today he had Steven Adler with Guns & Roses on the show. OMG…that man lived one crazy life.

He talked about all the drugs he and the rest of the band took. I am surprised he’s not dead. But the best part of the interview was the sex. Adler was talking about being on the tour bus with 9 women. He was getting laid up to 15 times a day at one point. He then talked about having group sex, constant blowjobs, sex where 3 men were doing 1 girl. How in the world can anyone have so much sex and be alive today to talk about it? He was (and maybe still is) out of control. A true sex addict.

I could never have sex with a guy like this but the stories he told had me rolling on the floor laughing. LOVE YOU HOWARD STERN

Monday, July 26, 2010


Last night I was watching Strange Sex on TLC (I think that’s the channel) Every week they talk about an new aspect of sex that is different in some way. Last night they talked about polyamory. I had never heard of this term before but it was very interesting topic. It is when a person or persons have more then one lover. (And every one knows about it) Sort of like an open marriage, I suppose. The show featured a woman who lives with 2 men. The 2 men were in love this one woman and they all live together. (The show didn’t mentioned if the men loved each other) The woman had a child with one of the men and all 3 of them raise the child together. It seemed like a very loving companionship. I imagine there has got to be some odd conflicts at times…ones the rest of us would not comprehend.

It was said the there are about 500,000 people who live this lifestyle in the US. Do you know anyone who lives like this? Would anyone here ever think about living in this type of relationship? Does anyone know anything about this? I would love to hear from you.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Gotta Love Your UPS guy

OK, I just had to post this… Where I work we have the cutest UPS guys that deliver. And yesterday I was playing around with my web site and the UPS guy catches me. He gets all cute on me as starts asking me questions about the site. And I am not sure why but I told him it was mine. I don’t think he was real surprised because some time ago he caught me watching porn on my computer. (soooo embarrassing) Anyway he wanted a link to my web site and I gave it to him. I must be crazy for doing that but how can I turn down someone with the cutest baby face.

Anyway…back to work


Do you have a rape fantasy? I think most people do… I would love to know what that fantasy is. Are you the one being raped or the rapist? Is there a break in? Do you fight? Does anything go or are there rules between the two of you?

The thought of having rough sex, pain or being forced to do something outside my comfort zone completely turns me on. Even the thought of being outside in a semi public place is a great turn on for me. I read on Heather B’s blog today of taboos… We all have them I am sure. But the thought of doing something that is “not vanilla” is terribly exciting. It is what turned me on to D/s in the beginning. Now I know it is much more then that but the sex part of D/s is such a powerful act.

Please share your comments on your fantasies or taboos. Love to hear them.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


As a submissive / slave punishment is part of what we accepted when we entered into a D/s lifestyle. It is this term of punishment that vanilla persons seem to have issues with. (I’m guessing) Slaves seem to enjoy pain with their pleasure and seem to enjoy being the submissive one but true punishment isn’t fun. The Master has to know when and how to administer that punishment without abusing his power.

I was reading an article that made a lot of since to me… There are 2 types of punishments. 1. Natural Consequences – This is a result when a slave (or anyone) doesn’t obey the rules and a negative result occurs. A Master that is aware of this concept can use it as a training aid. If used properly it not only improves obedience but also can help improve self – image, thoughts, and behavior.

2. Logical Consequences – are a negative result if failing to understand or ignoring the rules that are placed by the Master. According to the article 3 rules should apply when determining the punishment for the slave.

           1. Attitude- The Master should not apply consequences out of anger. The consequences should be well thought out and appropriate to "fit the crime." The purpose is to modify the slave’s behavior so that it pleases her Master.

            2. Choices - In slave training the consequences should be designed to show the slave that their is a price to pay for disobeying her Master. She has no choice but to follow her Master's rules and protocol. She has no choice as well in determining the logical consequence that follows her failure to obey. She is subject to what her Master determines is a logical consequence to her actions. By choosing slavery she has given that freedom of choice to her Master. The choice of a consequence to be taken can be discussed between Master and slave, but the slave must realize that the choice of the consequence belongs to her Master. Her only choice is obedience.

             3. Another important aspect is that action, instead of words, helps ensure success fewer  mistakes in the future. A logical consequence is usually more than just words; it involves a corrective and/or punitive action. The action should point out the bad behavior and the correct expected behavior should be made clear to the slave.

As a submissive I crave to be disciplined. To know that the rules set by my Master are for my own good and for his acceptance of me. I am curious in what you think about punishment. As a sub or a Master.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tid Bits

Sometimes I get questions as to how I am able blog during the day and keep up with my web site. Along with reading other blogs as well as reading the paper and 3 to 4 books a month. The truth is at work I have the place running like a well oiled machine. I am well organized (that helps a lot) my job is 95% on the computer. I have a smart phone so not only can I run 4 email addresses on it at the same time and with both computers running I can blog and still get my reports done. I am not sure why I am still looking for a new job because I am sure this would not be possible at another company. But if you know of any openings…I’m available

So all this brings me to a web site that I cam across the other day. It’s called B.E.S.T. Slave Training.           B.E.S.T. stands for Behavior, Emotions, Self- Image, and Thoughts. It is not a manual for Doms and subs but it is their interpretation of owning your slave’s body, mind and spirit. I found it interesting and thought I would share with all of you.

I know I have mentioned it before on here but I wanted to remind you that I have a web site     It is a social networking site for Doms and subs. As I mentioned in Monday’s post that I met a couple of subs on there. It is not a dating site. I don’t match you up with people but it is a place where you can post your own blogs, put up your favorite pictures (real or not) or simply meet other people. It is completely free and the site won’t send you spam. My goal is to get enough members so maybe someday throw a party where we can all meet.

I also have to mention Deadliest Catch last night. They did a tibute to Phil Harris. It was beautiful. Very well done. Did any of you see it? There is 1 episode left then I will have nothing to watch on Tuesday night. And I wont bore you with my posts on the subject anymore. lol

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Thoughts


I long for you. I long to see your love and adoration in your eyes. I long to feel the comfort
and the feel of peace in your arms. I long to feel the sensual passion of your kiss. I long
to feel the love and desire of your touch. I long to hold you close.

I want to draw from your strength, learn from your discipline, and cherish the time you
spend teaching me.

With all my love,

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sub Meeting

I had an interesting weekend… On Saturday I met 2 of my followers for lunch. I shouldn’t really call them followers but they seem to have known me before I knew they existed. Anyway, it was great. Both of these lovely ladies are subs and it was so wonderful to be able to sit next to someone who are into the lifestyle. We talked about a wide verity of subjects but things did lead to more exciting conversations.

I wont motioned their names here but I will give you an incite to who they are. One of the subs had been in the lifestyle for 25 years. She must have a world of knowledge and I get that she is quite a kinkster. The other is more new. Her Master is long distance and its hard for them to see much of each other. She is completely devoted to him and the love she has for him is evident.

Both women talked so openly and honestly. I loved every moment. I hope that this relationship will continue to grow. Every sub needs an outlet. My blog and web site have done wonders for me and the hope that this new “in life relationships” will bring me to a more fulfilled chapter.

I cant wait to learn more about them both so I can share my experiences and to receive some advice along the way.

Friday, July 16, 2010

My Mission Statement

Within the lifestyle of Dominance/submission, it is held that there are those who desire to surrender themselves and there are those who desire to take control of another. When this union is established, it is a very powerful and intimate relationship. The submission is given to the Dominant as a gift. The establishment of this relationship is not instant, for it takes time to see the integrity of both partners. This is an important part of the D/s within the lifestyle of Dominance/submission.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Are You A Pain Slut?

I know I don’t usually post more then once a day but I just felt like writing and when that happens there is no stopping me….

Last night while I was lying awake in bed, I was thinking why is it that I enjoy pain with my pleasure so much? Most women, myself included if you asked me 5 years ago, would say that I was crazy. That it is abuse. Why would anyone enjoy spankings with canes, belts, floggers, ect?

I have no idea why I like it. I do feel pain like anyone else and when I am beat with something it does hurt like hell but for some reason it makes me so wet, horny, excited… It makes me want to please all the more. Do any of you know the answer to this or is it we should just accept that this is who we are? That there is no real answer, just that is happens.

Below is the definition of BDSM….I didn’t realize there was an actual definition for what we are into.

Distinction between the subdivisions of BDSM

BDSM is a shorthand for the three main subdivisions of the culture: B&D (bondage and discipline), D/s (dominance and submission) and S&M (sadism and masochism).

In its simplest format, sadists desire to inflict suffering and masochists want to receive suffering. The act might be sexual for both, either, or neither. In a particular sub-set of the BDSM culture, submissive personalities who do not enjoy suffering themselves may nevertheless accept suffering play to serve or please their Master or Mistress. Such people are not considered masochist by technical definition. An opposing variation is the person who enjoys the suffering entirely; these people are referred to as "pain sluts" or "suffering sluts".

Similarly, a dominant desires to exercise emotional or relational control over another. A submissive wants to feel such control. Again, there might be a sexual element, or there might not. Such an element is not necessarily mutual.

Bondage and discipline is then perhaps the hardest of the three to define. It usually involves either physical or psychological restraint, formalized service and/or punishment, and sometimes sexual role playing, such as costumes.

Bonds of Love

Flickering light of candle glow
Background music soft and low
Dancing shadows have no mass
Forgotten wine warms in the glass

The gentle caress of loving hands
What the other needs each understands
Impassioned lovers warm embrace
Athirst bodies interlace

Excitement burns to wild desire
Lips and fingers fuel the fire
Urgent needs and wanton lust
Inhibitions wane replaced by trust

The world shut out from this magical tryst
This place and each other are all that exist
An intimate bond that transcends the flesh
Where hearts, minds and bodies intermesh

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Erotic BJ

Picture this…A king size four post bed. Lying on it sideways, with my arms and legs tied to each post, on my stomach, blindfolded. My head is just over the side and Sir standing in front of me naked. He forces his cock deep in my mouth. Trying my best to accommodate him in this position. With a cane in his hand he smacks me with it every once in a while to grab my attention. And boy it did….with every stroke I took his cock deeper and with more enthusiasm. I am loving every minute of it. I could feel his cock getting harder and warmer with every inch of my awaiting mouth. Waiting for that moment of release.

This went on for 2 ½ hours…I have welts on my ass to prove it. But at least he was able to cum twice and I was able to as well. This is my erotic / kinky story of the week. Hope you enjoyed it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'mmmm Back!!!

Have you ever been on vacation and thought….I cant wait to get back home? I had a wonderful time in Orlando with my daughter. But it was so tiring. We spent 2 days at Seaworld and a day at the water park, then it was 5 days of dance competitions. There was 5am wake up calls and didn’t get home until midnight most days. But my daughter and our dance studio did well… they won $2000 in prize money and a $5000 scholarship for dance in Tampa.

I am glad to be back reading my favorite blogs. Happy to see Baby Girl is back to writing and I wish her the best of luck at her new job. To DV…try and not work to hard. And to Heather, good luck with your new relationship and try not to dwell on what others say…you will make the right choices with your life. Hang in there. My dear Neo Dom you and Lizard have something truly special. I love how you are always thinking of her and how you want to be with her.

SEX…I need it! I was alone (man wise) in Orlando. I would have loved to be able to spend a couple of nights cuddled up next to a strong, hungry for sex type of man, who would force me to be his…. OK I know “Carrie, go out and get some” Well fellow bloggers, I am working on it!!

A quick update on tonight…There is a 2 hour Deadliest Catch on tonight at 9. Captain Phil Harris dies. I am not sure I can sit through the entire show without crying for the beloved Captain.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 4th of July


And it’s the last day of work for me until the 12th. I am headed on vacation. The first vacation I have had in 2 years so I am most excited about it. I am headed to Orlando with my daughter (my son is spending several weeks with his grandparents in Chicago) to spend some time at the theme parks and then 5 day of dance competitions. She is a beautiful dancer and has spent the past month of her summer vacation in the dance studio practicing, not only for her group dances but her solo routines as well. The girl is completely dedicated to scoring well. This is a National competition with dancers all over the country. As soon as I know where and when the competition will be televised I will post it here so all of you can see my little girl (not so little at age 13) perform.

So tonight I will be packing, getting the dogs and cat ready for the kennel and loading the car. I know this will start to stress me out as soon as I pull out of the drive as I know or think I will forget some very important piece to my daughters 8 costumes. I am the type of person who makes list after list but always seem to forget something. Oh well, that’s me.

I want to let you know that I will not be posting until the 13th. I will not be bringing my laptop and its to frustrating for me to type to much on my phone. So I will miss you all but you wont be forgotten.

And to Sir, I will miss you too. I am planning a short trip in a few months and maybe you can come along. Have a lovely week and have a BLAST this 4th of July.

Love you all

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Quick Note

Has anyone heard from Baby Girl? She has not posted in awhile and that is unlike her. Did she go on vacation? Hope everything is ok. 


The Power of a Kiss

This is the moment
Hearts begin pounding as one
Entering each other,
knowing what has come.

Plunging into emotions,
Overwhelmed with excitement.
Whispers of yearning
Enveloped into passionate hugs
Rendering whispers into speechless moans.

Opening doors of lust and love
Freeing emotions trapped in the soul
In a body afraid to let go.

Kisses turn into heavy breathing
Intertwined bodies are melding together
Senses explore new parts not found before
Soothing the needs of the soul.