Monday, November 28, 2011


"Come here. "
You watch me walk toward you, my head down. Knowing it's how you like me to be, submissive, willing to do what you ask. I come to stand in front of you and you look me over. My body wants to give you a night of pleasure. You step forward a bit and breathe me in. It makes you internally groan at the anticipation of what you are about to do. You walk around behind me letting your fingers trail across my shoulder and neck. My breathing harder now. Your hands drifts over my shoulder and down my naked back, I moan softly... "Sit on the chair," You whisper in my ear. I comply eagerly and sit in the hard wooden chair next to where your standing. Still behind me, running your fingers through my hair then pull on it hard. "Do you want it, slut?" you inquire a bit menacingly, "Do you want to be my filthy whore?" "Yes Master," I whisper, "Let me be your whore, your slut, your dirty girl" I can feel the heat between my legs growing as I sit here.

You step back from me and reach into the drawer and pull out restraints. You put them on nice and tight. I feel them tighten if I try to move too much. I love feeling of being restrained, I love the feel of helplessness, the feeling of submission.

What will you do to me next? Maybe you will force me to give you head. To hold my head, as I am restrained, onto your hard throbbing cock....Maybe you will just play with every hole? Tease me with your mouth and fingers....Maybe you will give me a soapy sponge bath. The feel of the warm water being poured over me. Letting the water to only touch me... Perhaps, you will let another woman in and you tell her what you want to see her do to me?

Any of these situations turn you on?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy ThanksGiving

There has been such hardship this past year in my life. Emotionally and financially. But I would like to give Thanks to all the people who follow my blog, my new and old friends, and most of my family who have given me love and support this year. I do see light at the end of this very long tunnel and I am grateful for that.

I am learning valuable lessons and working hard on my strategies on how to achieve my goals. I have learned that to get what you want you have to go after it....Being a submissive woman sometimes makes it hard for me to do that. My personality does not always allow that but as my submissive journey continues I am going to try this up coming year to work out those differences.

Please have a safe and warming Thanksgiving. I will think of all of you and wish you all thanks for your loving support.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Want You

Can you see how much I want you?
I can’t control myself around you.
Just the scent of you arouses me.
I want you.
I need you.
Fuck me.
Please fuck me.
Don’t wait for me to ask.
If you want me, take me.
I always want you.
I want you all over me.
I want your hands, your lips, your body, on mine.
Fuck me.
Use me.
Take me for your own pleasure.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Some Thoughts

Some people cant take NO for an answer. My ex keeps calling and texting me asking me to go out with him. That he loves me and talks about how he misses the sex. The more he talks about it the more turned off I get. It is really hard to trust what he says and he seems to think it is me pushing him away and I am the one with the issues...the truth is, maybe he is right but all I want is honesty from him. I want a man who cares not only for me but for my kids and respects my family.

My biggest thing is Trust. I love being able to talk openly and feel a connection when talking to that someone special. I want to feel like I care all that happens to him and enjoy his life journey. The good and the bad.

I know I write about my sexual fantasies and as most of you know that most of my stories are based on truth but in reality if the chemistry isn't there and the connection isnt just right the fantasies will always be fantasies.

Have a wonderful day....

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day

This shall remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave. -Elmer Davis

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Can Feel You

Do you have any idea how much I want you right now? How much I want to feel your hands sliding over my body? Feel your lips on mine? Your body pressed against me? I'm thinking about that right now. You. Your body. Your hands. Your lips. Your tongue. My own hands are acting as yours, sliding over me. I'm touching myself as you would, letting them caress my arms. My eyes are closed as I feel my fingers drift across my breasts. I want you. My fingertips gently tease my nipples as I feel my heartbeat quicken. My nipples grow hard under my touch. I roll them between my fingers, moaning softly at the feelings they produce. They are so sensitive. You know that though. You know how it makes me writhe under you when you suck on them and bite them. You know the pleasure it brings me, the feelings in my cunt. I pinch them harder, feeling you in place of my fingers. I let my other hand move across my belly. The anticipation I feel when you do this to me. Will you touch me? Will you tease me? I move my hand down my thighs, feeling your hand spreading them. I let them fall open and caress the insides of my thighs. Just the soft touch of fingertips on my skin. I pinch my other nipple harder, moaning as I do. I see you there, propped above me, watching me as you give me pleasure, loving the look on my face, the movements of my body. I know you love that.
My fingertips move up my thighs. I want this, I need this. My fingers gently slide up my slit. I am so wet for you. You know how wet I get when you touch me like this. I spread my wetness up to my clit and gently rub, such intensity. My eyes close tighter, my breath quicker. You love this, finding my hard little button and circling it, watching me become helpless to your touch. I let my fingers slide back down my slit and tease my pussy lips, touching them softly. I am so ready for you. I open myself and slowly slide two fingers inside. I'm so warm and wet. I slide my fingers in and out, feeling them stroke me. Feeling your fingers as I do. Feeling them touch me in the way I love. I slide them out and bring them up to my lips. My tongue slides up my fingers, licking my juices off, tasting me. I know how much you love my taste. I know how much you love licking me off you. I move my hand back down and spread my saliva over my clit. I rub again, a bit harder this time. I can't wait much longer. This teasing is too much. I want to cum for you. My other hand moves down along my belly. I can feel you sliding down my body until I feel your hot breath on my pussy. My fingers slide back inside me. I curl them forward to find my spot. My back arches up as I feel your tongue on me. My fingers rub faster. I can see you there, your face buried in my pussy, looking up at me and smiling. You know how much pleasure you bring me. My fingers stroke in and out, curling forward each time, pressing into me. I know it's what you want, to see me like this, masturbating for you. My fingers move in tight little circles as I stroke myself. Pushing three fingers inside, filling me. My head falls back as I arch my back higher. It's too much, not enough. I push my fingers in deeper, fucking myself with them. I can feel my pussy tighten around them, starting to pulse. Bring me there. I press harder with my fingers as I feel the warmth spreading through me. Bring me over the edge. I can feel your body moving with me, willing me to cum for you. I know you want that, for me to cum on your face, your tongue, your lips. My fingers move with you. Pushing deeper, rubbing harder. The pleasure is growing, blossoming out from my touch. Rubbing faster. It's there. I moan your name as I feel the release wash over me. A white hot pleasure crashing into me. My cunt pulses around my fingers, your fingers, making them so very wet, throbbing hard. Such amazing sensations, such release. My breathing is ragged as I come down. Feeling you in me, over me, through me, I relax at the thought, wishing you were here.

Friday, November 4, 2011

I Need to Vent

This post might be a bit gross... I work in a very small office. That consists of the President, the CFO and myself. I seem to always have issues with the big boss but over the last couple of days I have had issues with the other one. Now, I don't mind if people telling me personal things, I don't mind if they tell me about their aliments. But 3 days ago this guy tells me how he wasn't feeling well. He said how he was unable to have a bowel movement. That he has been pushing and pushing and nothing was happening. Yesterday he came in...And tells me he no longer has the pushing issue but he had the runs. He kept going into the bathroom and when he came out he went into great detail about what was happening to him. He finally went home early THANK GOD...Well today I got to hear how he was feeling better but now his ass is sore and how he had hemorrhoids. How there was some sort of bubble and had to use medication to take down the swelling (I have no idea about what this is about) Then to top it off he tells me how bad his gas is...OMG. who tells people this?

Now...don't you think this was way too much information? Especially to an employee? I have never been so grossed out. I get a lot of comments about how detailed I am in my writing but this was beyond detail. I learned stuff about him and bodily functions more then I would ever care to know.

ok...Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Need This

We're against the wall... your body pressed against mine... kissing you sensually... our lips sliding together, our tongues caressing... my thighs wrapped tightly around you, clinging onto you, keeping your cock deep inside me... You haven't cum yet, still holding back your orgasm, wanting more... and your so hard inside me, so erect... I'm trembling, kissing you greedily, my pussy so wet around your cock, my juices dripping down your penis, dribbling over your balls, running down the inside of my thighs... My orgasm still lingering, small aftershocks pulsing through my body... my pussy squeezing around your cock, sucking on it...

"I want you to cum..." I gasp, "I want you to cum for me..."

"Not yet..." you whisper, feeling your erection throbbing inside me at my request, knowing how easily you could succumb, "I want to fuck you from behind... I want you to... ohhh... want you to bend over the back of the couch for me..."

You slip slowly out from inside me, my wetness dripping from my pussy as you slide out, kissing me again softly... I look down your body, seeing your penis so erect, so hard... dripping wet from my juices... as you move back from me, I smile at you, sliding down your body, my hands running down your chest, your belly... kneeling down in front of you

I take your erect cock in my hand, stroking you, caressing you... you moan as you feel my fingers slipping easily up and down your length, still wet from me... I can feel your cock throbbing... I know your holding it back... and I smile up at you, opening my lips... and take your cock into my mouth...

You groan..." god that feels so fucking good." Your hands sliding through my hair... my lips are wrapped around your erect penis, sucking, lapping at your erection with my tongue... my hands sliding around your ass... pulling you deeper into my mouth... I know you want to cum but you refuse to let this end.... pulling me up to face you again... kissing me greedily... tasting yourself on my lips, my tongue... and you turn me around... and push me over the back of the couch...

"I need to fuck you so much..." you tug my skirt up around my waist, pulling the crotch of my panties to one side... and you cant wait any longer... "I need to be inside you..." I feel your swollen head skidding against the lips of my pussy... and you grip my hips... and thrust your cock... hard... deep into my wet swollen pussy... god... all the way inside me... Thrusting deeper and deeper into me... ohhhh god... You start to fuck me... god it feels so good... I'm dripping down your cock... pushing back against you... wanting you deeper... needing to be fucked... ohhh god...

You can't hold it back much longer... you grab my wrists... pulling them behind my back.... holding me there... ramming into me hard now... pounding your erect cock again and again into my dripping wet pussy... fucking me... ohhh god fucking me... your other hand slides up to my hair... taking a handful in your fist... pulling me back hard... leaning over me... thrusting your cock deeper into my pussy as I feel your breath on my neck... biting me... biting my neck as your cock rams into me from behind... again and again and again... and you pull my head back further... kissing me greedily... my lips sliding over yours as your tongue slides into my open mouth... fuck I'm so close... god I'm gasping with each thrust... trembling now... I can't take this... I'm gonna cum... and your cock is pounding into me hard... fucking me... and fucking me... god.... god that's it... and my body convulses... my juices splashing down your thrusting cock as you start to cum also.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Ok...I have got to tell someone... You all know my boss is crazy, I have spoken about him many times. This morning my office (consists of 2 people) has our heads spinning. My boss has the new I Phone 4S and there is an app called friend finder. Basically, we can look up exactly where he is at all times as long as his phone is with him. So today... Anthony ( He is the one actually tracking his whereabouts) followed him from his house, to the bank, he circled the parking lot like 12 times, ended up at the edge of a lake, walked back to his car, and came into the office. Hmmm, a little strange don't you think? What is he doing at a lake for like 2 minutes.

Anyway, I guess we will be having fun with his new IPhone. LOL

Did I tell you all that he was once considered a suspect in his wife's murder? It turned out she was killed by her doctor boyfriend...But my boss could have prevented her death and choose not to help her. But that is another story. But does make for a great Halloween tale.

I told you all he was CRAZY. Please I need a job...