Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Want You

I want you, now.
I can't get enough of you.
Let me touch you...

I kiss you, hard, greedy, my lips caressing your lips, sliding, teasing, wet, as my tongue slips into your mouth, kissing you hungrily, wanting you, wanting, wanting, wanting...

You lay me back on the bed, smiling at you, watching you, seeing you filled with that same desire, that same urgent need, that consumes me too. Hours of flirting, hours of playful foreplay, brings us to this - I, in your bed, laid back, naked, watching me, waiting for me, wanting me to touch you, to tease you, to caress you...I want you.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Last Day of Summer

Is it getting any colder for any of you yet? It is the last day of summer but here in South Florida it is still 95 degrees and will stay that way until November / December. There are lots of changes going on in my life and I hope they are all for the better. I will keep you all updated as life goes on for me. Next week my best friend and his wife are coming to visit...I am so excited. It has been at least 7 years since we saw eachother. I am sure it will be a trip with lots of happy emotions and fun.

Off topic...I am trying to leave comments on some of your blogs but for some reason blogspot wont allow me to leave them. It says my password is not valid. Although it does allow me to post on my own blog....Has anyone else had this problem? I find it quite annoying and I am not ignoring your comments, I just cant leave them for you. PLEASE HELP

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Life Update

I am a mess this morning. I woke up with my eye swollen shut. I kinda freaked out and went to the walk- in doctor. He looked right at me and said...your having an allergic reaction. Thank god I'm not going to loose my eye. lol So I am now on steroids and eye drops. It is feeling better and I am able to open my right eye again.

Fall is in full swing for me. Last night officially started Tball season for my 6 year old son and dance classes for my teenaged daughter. So after I get home from work it is a rush to run everyone around to drop off and pick up. What are moms for, right?

Besides from that my boss is having one of his bi polar episodes today. He is pacing the office yelling why was I late today, and he wants lunch, and everyone is ripping him off. But in about 30 minutes he will be crying...Poor me, my life is so rough.

So my life has been busy but it has been a good busy. Hope all of you are doing well. Love ya all...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Am I Dreaming?

I slowly open my eyes. I've awoken from a very sensuous dream in which I could feel your hands roaming over my body. Am I awake? I still feel your hands. Smiling, it dawns on me that you are the one who has awoken me. I start to turn my body to face you but you push me back on my side and press into me a bit closer. "No," you whisper, "this is for you." These simple words begin the throbbing between my thighs. I lay my head back down on the pillow and give in to the feelings created by your hands. Your fingertips sensuously trace the length of my body. I can feel your body pressed up against mine, thighs touching thighs, hips touching hips, chest touching my back... I press back against you, I need to feel more of you. I feel your fingertips brush the underside of my breasts and it makes me suck in my breath. Mmmmm. They continue to trace the contours around my chest, up and over my collarbone, down my sternum between my breasts, up the side of my breast to circle my hardening nipples. The feeling is so sensual, so arousing. Your circle my nipple a little tighter, causing me to writhe a bit, trying to find relief for the growing ache between my thighs. Sensing this, you slide your arm under me and hug me tighter. Your other hand is now circling its way down my belly and brushing the top of my shaved pussy. I moan, I need you to touch me. Your fingertips continue their circling on my nipple, pinching gently, twisting... My breath quickens. I try to reach my hands back to you, but you gently, but firmly, put them back in front of me. "Just let me pleasure you," you whisper. Your tongue flicks the back of my neck sending sparks down my spine. Oh god. I feel you tasting me, gently nibbling. I don't know how much more I can take. "Please," I whisper urgently. You respond my sliding your fingers along the length of my slit. I suck in my breath. ohhhhh. Your fingers gently part my pussy lips and run the length of my slit again, spreading my wetness up its length. You move to my hole, gently sliding one finger inside, circling as you go. My hips are rocking with your motions. I need you. Please. You slide a second finger in and start stroking them in and out of my pussy. Oh god, please. Your thumb reaches up and starts to circle my clit in the same rhythm as your fingers. I arch my back with the pleasure. You press yourself closer. Your fingers on my nipple pinch harder... Ohhh the fire I feel inside. Your hand at my pussy now slides three fingers inside, fucking me with them. Ohhhh, I'm so close. "Take me over the edge. Let me come on your hand, " I hiss. You moan and feverishly begin licking, sucking and biting at my neck. Your hand works harder at my pussy, your thumb moving faster on my clit. Yes. Please. Oh god. I can feel the heat rising. I can't hold it back. Oh god. Yes. That's it. Like that. Oh god. Ohhhhhh. I'm exploding...

The alarm comes to life...Crap! I was dreaming. I need to feel this again one day.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Want a Blowjob?

You need a blowjob. I know that....And I want to give you one right now. No need for you to make any effort whatsoever. You just sit back and open your thighs, and watch me as I crawl between your legs on my hands and knees, and slide my warm fingers around your erect cock... stroking you... smiling at you as you watch me... then leaning down... licking my lips... and sliding my tongue teasingly over and around the tip of your cock... but you wouldn't put up with the teasing... You'd grab a handful of my hair, and force me down... make me take your cock all the way into my mouth... feeling the delightful sensations as my mouth slides down over your erect penis... my lips sucking on you... my tongue caressing the length of your cock... god...

And you start to fuck my mouth... watching me... getting off on the lips and tongue still licking and sucking your throbbing cock...

god...yes... Your getting close... You wouldn't be able to hold back... you start to cum... your cum suddenly spurting into my mouth... hard... again and again...

Lean back....relax. There is more of that to come.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Imaginary Friend

As I lie in bed at night I have images in my head of being taken. It is no surprise to any of you but I love to share my thoughts with you... Here is what my imaginary friend wants to do to me...

I love the way you beg me like that, love knowing how much you want me, how greedy you are for me to fuck you, long and hard and deep. Even though I've instructed you not to move, I can still feel your pussy tightening deliciously around my erect cock, squeezing around me, trying to suck all the cum from my throbbing erection. You are such a bad girl...You clearly still need to be punished, you're being so bad and wilfull, such a dirty girl, but it's getting so hard to keep from fucking you, I want you so much right now, and you know it, you can sense it, you can feel my hard cock throbbing deep inside you...