Thursday, December 30, 2010


Lets hope this year is better then years past. Love you all

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

News Story

I read this article this morning. I was wondering if this guy is telling the truth. Have any of you tried to have sex where you use a deadly wepon for excitment. Arnt you worried about something going wrong, as stated in this news story? I would love to know your comments...

Wife Accidentally Killed During Sex Game, Husband Tells PoliceDec 29, 2010 – 7:35 AM

An Oklahoma City resident arrested on suspicion of murder told police he was playing a fantasy sex game with his wife when he accidentally shot her to death.

Arthur Sedille said he often got his kicks in the bedroom by holding a handgun against his 50-year-old wife's head. But the 23-year-old telecom worker said he didn't realize the gun was loaded when he grabbed the weapon from a bedside shelf and racked the slide back during sex on the night of Dec. 21, reports The Oklahoman.

The firearms aficionado -- whose interests include the AK-47 assault rifle, M-1 Carbine rifle, Jagermeister and Jesus Christ, according to his Facebook page -- claims that the handgun accidentally discharged, killing his wife, Rebecca. Sedille immediately phoned 911, CNN reports, but it was too late.

Sponsored LinksShe was pronounced dead on arrival at a hospital. A state medical examiner's office spokeswoman told The Oklahoman that Rebecca Sedille died from a single gunshot wound to the head.

Arthur Sedille is being held at Oklahoma County Jail on suspicion of first-degree murder out of an abundance of caution.

Neighbors told KOCO-TV that the couple kept to themselves and had moved to the area about six months ago.

"You never know who lives beside you," said resident Josh Wright. "You never know what's gone on in the house beside you."

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Out Of Control

I can't seem to control myself around you. I need you, here, now. I always need you but this is more urgent. I really need you NOW. Don't hesistate. Fuck me. Use me. Control me... That's it... Kiss me, hard. I want to feel your tongue in my mouth. Make me gasp for breath. Press your body into mine. I can feel your cock getting hard. I love that feeling... Grind your cock into m. Rip my shirt off. I don't care, I just need to feel you on my skin. Your rough hands over my skin. GASP! Pinch my nipples. You know how much I love that, roughly, make me cry out. Make my pussy ache for you. Make me grind my hips into you, your hard cock. Lick my breasts, suck them. Tangling my fingers in your hair... MOANING! I need you so much... Take your shirt off. I want to feel your chest on mine. Feel my nipples brush against yours... I'm so wet... I need you to feel how wet I am. Push my skirt up. Rip off my panties. Feel me, taste me. I know you want to lick me. To taste my juices. Push me down on the floor. Spread my thighs. Put your tongue in my dripping pussy... GASP! Make me moan your name. That's right, fuck me with your tongue. Make me writhe on the floor. Flick your tongue over my hard little clit. Make my hips rock... I need to taste you. Take your pants off, PLEASE!. Kneel over me. Let me taste your hard cock. Let me suck you. Run my tongue over you, swirling, licking, sucking. My lips on your cock. Making you groan. Reach back and finger my clit while I suck you... That's it... My pussy is aching for you. You need to fuck me. You need to fuck me, NOW! PLEASE!! Do it!!! Fuck me hard. Push yourself in deep. Fuck me... I need you.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Movie Night

Good Morning... I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I know a lot of you are stranded in the snow so I hope you are able to stay warm. My holiday was nice and the kids had a great time.

Last night I rented a movie called The Killer Inside Me. I had no idea what kind of movie this would be. I rented at the my local grocery store. It had an interesting title so I rented it for a dollar. To my surprise (although I couldn't figure out what the story line was really about) there was lots of adult spanking going on. In the first 5 minutes the lead character wacked his woman on the ass with the belt until she submitted to him. She was fighting him and crying until she finally calmed and submitted to his advances... Through out the movie he was with a couple of woman who both liked to be strangled and spanked. He loved hurting them for his pleasure and the women seemed to love it too. Of course he ended up killing them...but the spanking had turned me on and I had no choice but to take care of myself.

So that was my weekend...I couldn't wait to tell you about this movie. As far as the story goes the movie sucked but to see that kind of BDSM in a mainstream movie I thought was unique and give it 2 thumbs up.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mushy Christmas Cheer

I want to wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas, even if you don't celebrate this holiday but I am tired of saying Happy Holidays. (so politically correct) I would like to thank all that have helped me out this past month. You know who you are and I am so grateful for all the help.

I would also like to thank all that read my blog and who follow so closely. Your comments always bring a smile or make me laugh. All of you are totally GREAT. (That sounded so valley girl of me. lol)

I suppose I have a typical holiday planned this year. I will spend Christmas Eve at my mother's house and open the family gifts with the kids then we will go to midnight mass. I do love going at that time...its so beautiful and the music is inspiring. Then on Christmas Day will start early with opening Santa's gifts then I will cook my covered dish and head to Grandma's house for dinner. I won't have the kids on Christmas night they will be at their Dad's place so I will head home for a quite evening with the dogs and thinking about how long I should wait to get rid of the tree that I have had enough with

Another year has gone by, and it seems like it goes faster each year. If I had 1 wish this year it would be to have a white Christmas. I know for a lot of you it might sound crazy or you always get snow where you are but in South Florida it will never happen. Of course, the local grocery store sometimes brings in fake snow (shredded ice) for the kids to play in. Oh so much fun!!!

Merry Christmas everyone. HOHOHO

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How Do You Want Me

You want to bend me over the desk, hold me down, and tug my panties all the way down, down to my ankles. If I start to struggle, You'll spank me, punish me, teach me a lesson, remind me what a dirty girl I am.

If I'm a good girl, if I don't struggle, You will fuck me from behind, long, hard and deep, sliding your erect cock deep inside me, deep into my wet pussy, teasing me with my cock, thrusting deliciously inside me, taking me over the edge, making me cum over and over again, until you can't take any more, and you cum frantically, filling me with all your gift, spurting deep inside me...

If I'm a bad girl, I'll be punished. You'll force me down onto my hands and knees in front of you, make me take your cock into my mouth, and you'll watch me as I suck you, holding me by my hair, treating me roughly, using me for your own pleasure, until you feel yourself about to cum, and then you'll cum in my mouth, urgently, selfishly, not caring about my own pleasure, and once you have cum, you'll leave me there on the floor, your cum dripping from my mouth, my body trembling, leaving me wanting more.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Well, it is 1 week till Christmas. I am sure you all are just as busy as I am especially if you have kids. This weekend my daughter has 2 parties to attend, dance class, and I have to force her to clean her room. My son wants to see Narnia, go to the Christmas carnival, and see Santa. OK...we will be only doing 1 of the things on his list. So, as you can see I will be busy driving kids around.

I wanted to spread you all a little Christmas cheer. you all remember Katie who won an appearance on MTV. Well, I would like to invite you to see this video of a girl named Jenny LaRoche.
She was also a student at the dance studio may daughter attends. There have been many kids that have gone on to dance careers from Stella's Dancers Studio and only fuels the desire to make it as a dancer for my daughter.

That is ok...I love watching my daughter on stage. She seems to just shine. Love you Ashley. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. KISSES to you all.

P.S. Stay warm... It will be in the 80's here this weekend and I will be thinking of all of you who are freezing. (sorry I had to brag

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

HATE Is a Strong Word

OK...its bitching time. As most of you know I have been looking for a new job. Mostly because I can't stand my boss. Well today was a topper. Every Christmas I usually get a bonus. 7 years ago I started out getting about $3500...every year it seems to get smaller and smaller. This year (today) he took the accountant and myself out to lunch. I was excited because this is when he gives out our bonuses. He is going on a 2 1/2 week vacation so we had out lunch early this year.

So we got a speech about how poorly he is doing and he cant give us our usual Christmas bonus. (He was telling us this in his new car on his way to the restaurant) The entire 2 hours we spent eating he was telling us how much he spends on his girlfriend to keep her happy and how much he spends on his 5 homes, and his new cars...and his $250,000 he spends on country club dues every year.

So the company paid for lunch and at least I didn't have to eat the ham sandwich I brought to work.  the highlight of our lunch was the woman at the next table you flashed the girl sitting at her table and we all got a peek. HOHOHO!!! And now I'm back here sitting at my desk blogging to you wonderful people who have taken the time to hear me bitch.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

For You Jess

Jess, a blogger, suggested I write a threesome story on f/f/f.... I wanst able to that but hope she find this story just as much fun. ENJOY

I look down at her as she's sliding her hand up my leg. I was very lucky to have found someone as beautiful as her. She was just standing there admiring a pair of strappy sandals when I first noticed her. I noticed her legs first, long and lean standing atop a gorgeous pair of black stilettos. I followed them up to her short tailored skirt that showed off her luscious ass. That's really all the further I needed to go but the rest of her delighted my eyes all the same. She noticed me staring at her openly. She didn't look away. It didn't take long to get her back to my bedroom.

She's knelt before me now, her hands sliding over my calves as I run my fingers through her hair. She's naked as I had stripped off her clothes a few minutes ago. She melted at my touch, her mouth was so warm and wet when I kissed her for the first time. My tongue gently probed her mouth as I slowly undid the buttons to her blouse exposing her lacy bra. Her blouse slipped easily from her shoulders. Her breasts were small but perky and her nipples were rock hard. I gently teased them through her bra before removing it altogether. Her hands moved to her skirt zipper, pulling it down and letting the skirt fall to the floor. Her small lacy thong followed quickly. I let my hands run over her soft skin. Such a tantalizing feel. My mouth traced her jaw and lingered for a moment before moving down her neck. Her soft sighs permeated my thoughts and I could think of nothing but her. My hands traced over her breasts and circled to her nipples. So pert, so delicious. She slid slowly from my hands as her body lowered to the floor.

Her fingers traced over my feet and up my bare legs. Her hands taking me in. She caressed them as if they were the essence of my sensuality. This is where we are now. Her lips are softly licking their way up my legs to the edge of my skirt. She looks up at me briefly as her hands part my thighs. Such beautiful eyes looking up at me. I open my thighs for her as her fingertips make their way to my already wet cunt. She gasps softly as she realizes my panties have already been removed. She slowly traces her fingers around my wet lips before pushing them open. She lazily slides one finger inside, sampling me. Her touch was delightfully erotic. With my help, she pushes up my skirt, exposing me to her. I let my head roll back as I feel her warm breath on me, my hands tangled in her hair. I gasp as I feel her tongue gently lick my slit. I spread my thighs a bit wider as she pushes another finger inside, expertly stroking me. Her tongue moves up to my clit and slowly circles it. I sigh and wrap my fingers tighter in her hair. The feel of her tongue mingled with her hot breath is exquisite. I moan as her fingers push deeper and find my spot. I need her. I pull her from me and lift her up until she's standing in front of me. My hands move to lift my shirt off as her hands reach behind me and unhook my bra. My hands then remove my skirt and let it fall to the floor. I then pull her close so her body is pressed tight against mine, I can feel her hot skin on mine. I kiss her lips again and let our tongues glide over each other. I push her back to the bed and lay her across it. Climbing up onto the bed, she slides her hands over my hips, pulling me down onto her. I move my cunt against hers, our clits rubbing together. Our hands explore each other further, mine massaging her breasts, hers gliding over my ass. She wraps one leg around me, pulling me closer, grinding harder. We're both so close. My fingers pinch her nipple and she arches her back to me. I need to take her in my mouth. I break our kiss and lower my head to her beautiful breasts. My tongue deftly flicks over her nipple. She moans and pulls me tighter. I lean off to the side and reach my hand down between her thighs. She's so ready for me, I can feel her wetness flood my hand as I push my fingers inside her. I reach back with my thumb and rub her clit as my tongue teases her nipples. Her hand reaches across mine and finds my clit. She rubs me rhythmically to my own hand, keeping pace with me. She's going to make me cum, her body, her sounds, her touch, oh god. Her hips thrust up to meet my hand, I can feel her pussy pulsing around me. I slide my fingers in and out, fucking her with them. She moans loudly as her one hand claws at my back. I move with her, pressing my own pussy harder against her other hand. My thighs tighten around hers, my muscles tightening. I'm going to cum, she's going to make me cum. My teeth clamp down on her nipple, biting hard. She screams in pain and pleasure and suddenly starts to convulse under me. I push my fingers in hard as she cums on them, clenching around them. Seeing and hearing her cum pushes me over the edge. I cry out as I feel it hit me. God. The pleasure flashes as I convulse on her. I kiss her lips hard as I let it flood over me. Our bodies rock together as we ride out our orgasms. We stay like that, entwined as we slowly come down. Gasping for breath we smile and lazily untangle ourselves. I'm so glad I found her today.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Threesome Bliss

I moaned again as he began to move inside me, my pussy reacting immediately, pulsing around him. Closing my eyes briefly before looking up to her again, I relished the feelings. Coming closer, she leaned over and kissed me, her lips parting and her tongue sliding over mine. I heard him groan as he watched us, pausing for a moment, his hard cock throbbing inside me as he took in the view. She was naked, her beautiful body glistening in the candlelight. Her fingers slid over her clit, circling as her other hand wove through my hair. Our mouths connected, separating briefly so he could see our tongues dancing in each other's mouths.

Breaking our kiss, she turned to look at him, her lids heavy with desire. Leaning closer, she kissed him over me. My thighs tightened around him as his hips involuntarily began moving against me. Their bodies moved together, rocking gently as he began to fuck me again, one of his hands on my breast, one against the back of her neck. We stayed like that, three bodies together, touching, moaning. Her hand moved quicker around her clit as I slid my hands up inside her thighs. Her juices ran down her leg covering my fingers in its slickness. Moving up higher, I found her warm wetness, so inviting. Gently, I slid my fingers around her, giving her the time to spread her thighs for me. Greedily, she spread herself wide as my fingers slid over and around her dripping cunt. With one soft movement, I slid two fingers inside her, feeling her body welcome me. Her gasp was reward enough and I started to slide them in and out of her cunt. Slowly at first, but increasing speed as her hips pushed down against me, fucking my hand as she kissed him.

Suddenly, I was lifted up off the sofa and I tightened my legs around his back. Carrying me, he pushed the coffee table out of the way and laid us down onto the carpet. As he placed us on the floor, his hard length pushed deeper inside me, deeper than he had been while we were on the sofa. I moaned again, my breath becoming more rapid.

A tingle of arousal ran through me as I envisioned what we looked like. Him, on his knees, his cock buried deep inside me. My thighs parted wide, my wet pussy engulfing him each time he thrust forward. She is standing over us, clearly wanting more from the situation. So I pushed away and moved over so she could have her fill of him. Then I was over top of her, my thighs on either side of her head, her hands stroking me, her tongue licking me, her face smeared with my juices. The three of us are connected. Each push and pull, each movement affecting all of us.

Her tongue pushed deeper inside me and my legs start to trembled. My hand pressed against her stomach, steadying me as I drew closer to orgasm. I could hear him begging for me to cum for him, to come for all of us. Over and over, cum for us, he wanted to see me cum. His hips thrust to his words, wanting me to feel what he wanted to see. My body was lost to the sensations. I gasped time and time again, each movement, each lick, each stroke pushing me there. He spoke to me again, soft, desirous talk, telling me to cum, telling me how much he wanted me, telling me he wanted to see my juices pouring over her face. I moaned, my muscles stiffening, my body arched as I cried out...

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Fun

One of my friends / followers wrote this story for me and I just had to post it. He says this is part 1 of 2. Its very playful and sexy...

You try on the "Ms Santa" dress he sent from Fredericks . . slide on the candy apple red heels . . ohh, and the tiny white lace thong he included. You look in the mirror and admire the way you look, your legs smoooth, tan and gleaming from the lotion you know he luvs.

You go into the garage and there sits the sports sedan he had Enterprise deliver last night just for this occassion . . you slide into the leather seat and realize the 'dress' is barely long enough to cover your thong . . you sit for a moment, anticipating the excitement on his face when he approaches . . and the thought of his warm hand on your bare thigh. You're pussy begins to get very wet and you haven't even left the garage! LOL Its what you luv about him . . spontaneous, playful . . unafraid to tell his pet what he wants and how!

As you wait by the curb at the airport arrivals, you are approached by a policewoman . . she is waving at you to move, but you freeze. As she approaches the car she sees your red outfit and smiles (its the Holiday spirit!) and then as she peers inside and takes in the outfit, she decides to get a closer look . . just as I exit the Terminal. I see the car, and begin smiling at what might be happening in the exchange with the cop . . . you are startled at my voice when I call out "Is there a problem officer?" . . but relieved just the same. The cute female officer says "ohhh noo, no problem . . I was just admiring her outfit!". You are in near panic in the car . . knowing your pussy is nearly exposed to this lady cop. You hear me say . . "well that's good, I sent her the outfit and told her what to wear so she had no choice. In fact if you'd like to see more of her . . take my card and give us a call later. I'll make sure she's dressed appropriately." She smiles, takes my card and thanks me . . and I know you will be doing me a favor later today! lol I get in the car and place my hand on your thigh, grasping your warm leg . . leaning over to kiss you. You know not to ask about my 'invitation' to the officer . . but I swear you are close to cumming because of what just happened. I tell you to drive ahead . . and that I need to stop at the nearby Mall to pick up something for this evening. You lick your lips, look at me with a lustful desire . . yes my pet, I KNOW you need to cum . . patience!

You pull into the Mall area and I tell you to park in the garage . . go to the upper floors I tell you as its easier to park there. You pull into a spot near the cross-over bridge to the mall . . and ask what I am picking up. My finger to your lips . . shhhh, then I move my hand between your thighs as I hold you back in the seat with my other hand . . "I luv the way you look in this outfit my pet . . your soft warm thighs begging to be licked, kissed". I move my hand up to your pussy and you spread your thighs even more . . my pet luvs my touch, and as I tease your thighs just beyond the cloth of your thong, I can feel you already on your way to a powerful orgasm . . I 'spank' your clit firmly and it sends you into an explosive orgasm . . and I proceed to rub you even more through your panties. Your scent fills the car as you pussy has thoroughly soaked your thong . . and I tell you its a bad thing to wet your panties and 'spank' your clitty again . . you JUMP from the pain as your clit is still very sensitive. I begin pulling off the thong . . its now on the floor still wrapped around one ankle as my fingers begin their assault on your drenched cunt. Three fingers easily slide inside as you arch your back . . come on baby, cumm for daddy . . you again scream out as I am stroking your clit . . your juices coating my fingers and the leather seat. "That's it my pet . . give yourself to me, your total attention . . do what I ask, when I ask . . and WANT more! Yes? I want to see the look in your eyes, that you NEED me . . that you can't wait for my direction, my punishment when deserve and also my cock." I feed you the fingers covered in your juices and you hungrily lick them clean. You suddenly see me looking around and know I am not yet finished . . . ohhh damn! LOL

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Friends

I have a friend who I have known for about 10 years. He is great... Him and I can tell each other anything. From everyday things to our deepest fantasies. Recently, he has been exploring other sexual aspects about himself. In fact, I think he might be a sex addict. ( a real one)

Anyway, he likes pushing the boundaries and is always coming up with new ideas on how to push them even more. So last night he calls me to tell me about this sexy 24 year old male that just gave him the best blow job and they both want to know if I would be willing to take pictures of them having sex. I told him that I love to watch and I would have no problem in doing what they are asking of me.

It sort of puts me in a strange situation....I have seen live women do this but not men. They want graphic type pictures. Oh my...What kind of position will I be in? LOL

I will let you know what happens. I am sure there will be quite a story to tell. Just thought I would share this odd conversation with you all.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Your Words

Desirous talk comes from your lips. Whispers of promises. Naughty thoughts and deeds all streaming off your tongue. Your mouth produces a staccato of dirty words mixed with insinuating thoughts. I listen. My tongue crosses over my lips, wetting them, as my body warms to your words. My thighs squeeze together slightly masking the growing wetness pooling between them. I wait.

I wait for your words to become physical. I wait for your words to cross over and touch me with their consonants and vowels. I need to feel them coursing over my body just as hands on flesh. I want the harsh tones to bite and the sensual tones to caress. I need to feel your filthy dreams drip off my tongue and dribble down my chin to drip onto my breasts. I want to be able to rub them into my skin so I can totally absorb you. I need to feel them all. But I wait.

My own hands crave you. I tell you so. I tell you my erotic thoughts and hope that you can feel them. My breasts against your flesh. My hard nipples brushing past you ever so softly. My mouth on you. My tongue swirling.

The sting of your hand as you spank me hard. "Can you feel it? Do my words manifest their strength into what I need you to feel? Does the force of my desires pin you to the bed unable to move against them?"

You tell me more and hear my heavy breaths. My arousal so clear and I know you can feel me. You speak again. Another slew of vulgar utterances slap me hard and my breath leaves me from the impact. Can you feel me now? I can feel you.

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Weekend

Good was your weekend? Mine was ok. Had to get the car fixed again and spent another $500. I didn't go out and do much this weekend but I did get a Christmas tree with the kids and it was nice to see them so excited about decorating it. Now I just need to keep the dogs away from it. LOL

For the past few days the weather here has been so nice. The temperatures have been in the 60's and low 70's but tonight it will get down to the high 30's with the wind chill. For those of you who don't know I live in Fort Lauderdale, FL... So these kind of temperatures are quite low for us. Last year we had several days where the temps got into the 30's and there was a big concern that the iguanas were passing out or dying do to the cold. As soon as their blood gets to a certain level they fall asleep and would fall out of trees or you would trip over them in the yard. Kinda funny when you think about it.

So if you plan on coming to South Florida watch out for falling iguanas. LOL

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Quick Fantasy

Your tongue is on my slit, it is wet, I am excited. Your tongue invades me, up and down, touching my clit briefly, I shiver.... I love it when you make contact with my love button. Your tongue laps at my pussy, I am moaning, You reach for my breasts, massaging them, play with my nipples, twisting them, feeling them harden... You want me to cum, you love when I cum with just your tongue, I am pushing my pussy into your face, my hands on your head, pushing you, You stab my slit with your tongue, circle my clit... You feel my legs start to entrap your head, You know that I am almost there, I am squeezing you, breathing hard, moaning, I keep your tongue on my clit, I start to shiver, squeezing you more, Your finger finds its way to my anus, circling it, my wetness has made my crack slippery, You slide a finger in my ass as I cum, you push hard, your finger all the way inside, my orgasm explodes, I am screaming your name, don't stop, don't stop... and you keep going, going, it seems like forever before I calm down.

You are straddling me now, you thrust your cock inside me, riding me hard. You have to cum. You push my legs over my head so you can pound me. Your cock thrusting deeper inside me. My pussy is spasming, squeezing you, I am so tight, you can't hold back, you feel the cum rushing through your cock, warm squirts of your hot cum hitting my cervix, you keep pounding till all is exhausted. you lay there inside me, kissing me deeply, your cock softening. You roll off me, we head for the shower, soap each other up, kissing.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


I am often asked what kind of porn do I watch... the answer is I don't really watch porn. I need a story not just a visual. I do not mind watching it with someone or if others like watching it...but I prefer some sort of story.

So I was told the reason why this is for most woman.... Back when men just had their way with woman they would do her doggie style and would be able to see all that was happening. The woman who was unable to see anything had to make up images in their heads.

I thought this was sort of funny but it does make since...what do you think? I feel when doing it doggie style for the man or the woman is about just sex....there is little to think about. It feels good without being invested in what you are doing. Do you feel the same?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When It Rains It Poors

Not to much to report on the D/s side of things lately. As I mentioned my car had to be towed... Some sort of computerized (fancy word for more money) alternator. So after almost passing out at the shop over being told my bill was $650, I got in my car and cried over how am I going to pay for Christmas for my 2 kids. I know money isn't everything but when you don't have means the world. I should be thankful that I have the health of my two kids...No wait! I just got back from the eye doctor with my son. He needs surgery on both his eyes before one of his eyes looses sight.

I know things could be a lot worse and I am sure you all are getting tired of me complaining. I am getting tired of it myself. I am hoping to get a new car by Friday but if I don't I will be replacing the breaks and getting that perfect Christmas tree by the end of the weekend. This way I can leave my wishes under the tree every night and hope they come true.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Life

It seems like forever since I last posted. I have missed logging on and chatting with you all. I got a new computer at work and its great. It is a huge touch screen that is a computer and TV. The only problem is I can no longer chat on yahoo messenger. The boss doesn't want to download it. You have no idea want that is doing to me....

This is not starting out as a good week for me. This morning my car broke down AGAIN. It is being towed as I write this. Every time I turn around the car needs something. Not only have I put $700 in repairs the past 2 months but it also needs breaks, tires and aliment. Plus I still have 2 years of payments left on it so I am sure you can see my frustration. The car was working wonderfully until I reached 100k miles and now it just wants to die. I need a new car and I am searching for a cosigner...I know its a lot to ask but if anyone is willing to help me out please let me know.

Besides from that...I had a pretty good Thanksgiving and started my Christmas shopping. I can't wait for this year to end. Things can only get better...Right?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This is a short work week for me so it will be a short blog week for me as well. I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. My hope is that this will be the last Thanksgiving I will spend alone. I don’t mean really alone, I do have dinner with my family and my kids. ( I do love being with them) But I mean I hope to have a man to share it with next year.

For the past 10 years, since my divorce, not once has anyone want to spend the holidays with me. I would love to be able to bring someone home or they invite me to be with them. Am I missing something? Don’t couples want to spend holidays with each other anymore?

So I guess my evening will be spent hearing how we need to find a man for Carrie. How my mother wants to set me up on a blind date with a friend of hers {eyes rolling} or I get to spend my dinner at the kids table because it’s the only single seat left.

Ok… I’m done complaining. I really do wish all of you a Happy and safe Thanksgiving. And wish you the best Black Friday Deals (My shoe size is an 8…in case you were wondering. Lol)

Love you all…

Monday, November 22, 2010


Over the weekend I went to see the Broadway production of Burn the Floor. It was great. As you all know my daughter is a dancer so as a treat I got her tickets to the show. No story really…just great music and lots of dancing. It was right up my daughter’s alley.

It got me thinking… I tend to go to a lot of shows like this. The ballet, musicals, dancing type productions and I always see them in a different light. Dancing is very much a D/s theme. Hear me out… Take a man and a woman….In dancing the man is always the dominant partner. He is the one who leads and takes control. He always has his woman in his best interest. He cares for her, guides her, protects her. He is always there for her. He shows her he can be trusted.

The woman dancer knows that even if she were blindfolded (this happened in the show, quite impressive) she can trust that her man will be there to catch her. To hold her up and make sure she is safe.

I know most men think dancing is gay or not very manly but to think of it this way brings goosebumps to me. It is beautiful and only can hope that life is like this beautiful dance that never ends.

PS / UPDATE… Katie looked great on MTV. The show really brought out her bubbly personality and showed what an awesome dancer she is. Hope you all got to see it. Have a wonderful Monday

Thursday, November 18, 2010


This is the information that you have been waiting for…Katie will be on MTV this Friday at 5pm (Eastern time) The show is called “The Seven” MTV has been following Katie around this past week and they did some filming at the dance studio. I hope to see my daughter on there, but who knows. I cant wait to see her.

Love vs. Attraction

I was turned on to Safeword Magazine by our good friend DV (who has a published article…congrats to you) There was an article that really caught my attention called Love vs. Attraction. I never looked at my past relationships like this but it has really got my brain thinking. It states that all relationships are made up of Attraction or Love. Both feelings have much of the same symptoms and is hard to figure out what it is that you are feeling.

Attraction has very intense, lust, hard hitting emotions but is only good to fill the place until someone or something better comes along. This is why people cheat.

Love comes natural, the most reliable foundation for a relationship. Love is more than attraction by far! It's more of a desire to have someone as part of your life which is accompanied by the willingness to share future goals, caring (protective instincts) and the willful commitment of loyalty mutually shared.

I am writing this post because this really hit home for me. It’s not about living vanilla or D/s or any other lifestyle. Its about how we see each other in the relationship. If we can learn to understand our emotions maybe there will be less heartbreak in our lives.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Strange Thoughts

I have always had a hard time swallowing. It isn’t about the taste but more about the texture and given that it is real warm…I haven’t required a craving for it. Soooo, I am looking for ideas on how to get over it.

I have a friend who offered a couple of ideas. 1) To put it on a slice of toast. At first I thought, kinda gross but the more I think about it the more I like the idea. It would defiantly help with the texture issue I have. 2) Put it in a glass and then freeze it. Then take it in as a popsicle. Love this idea. It helps with the texture and the warm issues.

What do you all think? Got any better ideas?

I know this isn’t my usual post but sometimes I just get these thoughts in my head and I have to just write them down. And while I am on the subject of weird things to talk about… Is it possible to masturbate and not remember that you did it the next morning? This happen to me. I woke up in the middle of the night, must have did myself with my vibrator, then fell back to sleep. It wasn’t until I got to work this morning when I realized the vibrator was left out and what I did last night. Am I going crazy? Has this happen to you?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm Sorry Daddy

There's only one thing for it - you're going to have to be punished.

I've given you every chance to behave, and yet still you insist on behaving like a dirty little girl, masturbating secretly, thinking I won't know what you've been doing.

Such a little slut.
My little slut.
And you do know what a dirty little slut you are, don't you...?
I think it's time you admitted it.
Not that it'll save you from a spanking, of course. You still deserve to be punished.
But if you're prepared to admit to me what a dirty little slut you are, and if you bend over and take your spanking like a good girl, then I'll reward you afterwards. I'll slip my fingers deep inside you, and tease you, softly. If you're really good, if you tell me what a slut you are, and beg me to fuck you... then perhaps I'll allow you to touch me... we'll see ;)
If, however, you insist on being a brat, then you'll be spanked, hard. The particularly bratty ones amongst you will be tied up first, then spanked, and then made to stand in the corner.
It's up to you.
Are you going to be a good girl?
Then pull down your panties and bend over the couch...
Spread your thighs for me, I want to see you...
Admit to me what a slut you really are...

“Yes Daddy, I’m your naughty little slut. I have been masturbating while you have been away. I deserve what is coming to me…please forgive me Daddy.”

Monday, November 15, 2010


You all did it…you voted and Katie won. She was voted the best dancer. She won $5000 and will appear on MTV and go to the premiere of Burlesque on Thursday. She is so grateful to all of you that voted for her. She is such a sweet girl and perhaps this is her chance to get noticed by other dance companies…She has a bright future as a dancer and now thanks to all of you she will get to show her talent to the country and maybe the world.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thank You

I know, I’m posting twice today but this is really important. To me anyways… Last week I posted how much I love shoes. And if anyone cared to send me a pair that would make my day. I really didn’t expect anyone to do that but he did. They are so sexy. I can wear them to work or out on the town. I LOVE THEM!!! Tall, black, and oh so sexy. Thank you my sweet follower and friend.

Now…I need a date


I read this the other day and it reminded me that sometimes we just assume our lover knows how we appreciate him or her ... and that it doesn't do any harm to remind them!

From Taken in hand... "If you were to die today, would your last moments be spent regretting that you had not sufficiently expressed your love and appreciation for those you love, or would you at least have the comfort of knowing that those you leave behind know how much you love and appreciate them? Would you be regretting not having done everything in your power to have the best relationship possible? Or would you at least know that none of the time you had had together was wasted?"

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Over the past year, as I am leaning to become the submissive woman every Dominant dreams of, I sometimes have questions. It is not always easy to ask your Master / Dom simply because the answer will only benefit him and not necessary the honest answer. So here it goes…

I have learned over this past year you should not question why your Dom has you do something or only tells you what he thinks you should know, ect. But if your not getting the answers you need, should you be able to ask him for a direct answer, even if you don’t agree with his answer or explanation?

I would really like to know your thoughts as a Dom or a sub…

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

5 Things You Dont know About Me

It seems that I get new followers to my blog almost every day. Some stay and read my daily posts and others simply come and go. But it never seems to fail that they all try to find out information about me that goes beyond what is told on my blog. The truth is… My blog is very much all about me. Even when I write a fantasy, I talk about how I am feeling that day or how I would react or what I wish might happen. Every thing I write has a purpose and shares my true feelings, thoughts, and passions.

But I will tell you 5 things most people don’t know about me (or maybe you do…who knows)

1. I am a very forgiving person… I almost always forgive, even the most insane acts if given enough time to heal.

2. Unless you know me personally, I am a very shy person. I have a lot of trouble looking people in the eyes, and will start to giggle if I get nervous.

3. I hate getting older…I like being the young one in the relationship. (Sorry younger guys who keep asking me out)

4. To the outside world…I am very normal / vanilla You would never know by the way I dress or act that I am into D/s

5. I have a very hard time saying no to anyone. I will do anything in my power to help you out or try to please you. I guess that is why I am a good submissive but it is not always a good thing.

So my blog really is an open book into my life. It tells you my loves, my passions, my fantasies…it will also show you how much my kids mean to me and gives you an idea of what my vanilla life is like. If I have left anything out or didn’t point out something, please let me know.

Lova ya all…

Monday, November 8, 2010

Your Tongue

I want you, Sir. I want to wake up with your early morning hardon pressing into your bottom as we spoon. I want the leisurely fucking that becomes frenetic....

You start to kiss the back of my neck and before I knew it you push me onto my back. Your sweet kisses make their way down. Your tongue is on my slit, it is wet, you can tell how excited I am. Your tongue invades me, up and down, touching my clit briefly, I shiver.... I’m loving it. Your tongue laps at my pussy, I am moaning, I reach for my breasts, massaging them, playing with my nipples, twisting them, feel them harden... I want to cum, It would be so easy to cum with your tongue invading me… I push my pussy into your face, my hands on your head, pushing you… You stab my slit with my tongue, circling my clit... I start to entrap your head with my legs. I am almost there, I am squeezing you, breathing hard, moaning, You keep your tongue on your clit, I start to shiver, squeezing you more, your finger finds its way to my anus, circling it, my wetness has made my crack slippery, You slide a finger into my ass as I cum, and push hard, your finger all the way inside, my orgasm explodes… I am screaming your name, don't stop! don't stop! I am shaking uncontrollably, my body weak with pleasure.

Friday, November 5, 2010

I Miss You

It has been years since I slept the entire night with a man. In fact it has been more then 10 years. The story below is how I feel…not about my ex-husband but how I miss feeling that closeness.

I miss you, Master. I miss waking up with your early morning hardon pressing into my bottom as we spoon. I miss the leisurely fucking that almost always follows. I miss the days when I pretend to remain asleep and enjoy your fingers exploring my pussy, my ass, my breasts. I miss those days when I wake early, and draw the sheets back gently to see your stubbly face, your naked body, your hairy chest, your dark nipples, your beautiful cock. I miss taking it in my mouth, feeling its softness turn slowly to a raging hardon as I suck it slowly, waking you gently. I miss the grin that spreads across your face as, eyes still closed, you realize what is going on. I miss the way you pretend you are still asleep while enjoying my ministrations, the tell-tale gentle thrusting up to meet my mouth as I devour your cock. I miss the moment when all pretense is over and you open your eyes, and I know that the moment is near. I miss that moment when I stop sucking your rigid cock and move up to straddle it. To slide your big thick cock slick with my saliva into my dripping pussy. I miss starting to fuck you while rubbing my clit furiously. When you reach up and pinch and twist my hard nipples, while trying to hold back your orgasm till I've come. I miss that moment when my pussy begins to spasm, and I ride you hard, finally taking your thick cum deep inside me. When I collapse onto your chest, and kiss you deeply, feeling your cock soften inside me. I miss those morning fucks…

 Please come to me. Stop making me crave for you. I need this. I need to feel your closeness, your passion, your strangth in the morning.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

What's Your Kink?

I know that all of us have a certain kink factor, otherwise we wouldn’t be here reading each others blogs. Some of you are real kinksters while others simply hope that one day you will act upon your fantasies. I am sort of in the middle. I am not extreme but I do like to have fun and will try almost anything once.

What I want to know is what your true kink is? What gets you off? Do you have a fetish? I can’t say that I have a fetish but I do like a man with a really cool tattoo or two. It really just turns me on to be able to kiss it and touch that particular body part.

So I am opening the lines of communication here and tell me. I want to know your deep dwon kinkiest secrets.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quick Favor

I would like to ask you all to do me a big favor. There is a contest being put on by MTV. My daughter's friend who she dances with is one of the 20 finalists from all over the country that are trying to win votes. The winner gets to be a dancer for MTV.

I am asking if you can go to and look for Katelyn D. from Palm Beach FL and vote for her. You can vote once a day until the 11th. Please lets help her out. She is one of the best dancers in the school.

Thanks so much

Power Ball

Powerball is up to $102,000,000 (boy that is a lot of zeros) I only mention this because one of my followers offered to give me a pretty big payout if he wins. I was like…hahaha ok. I hope he wins I really do and not just because I have a stake in it.

My question for you all today is… If you won the lottery would you give it to a friend knowing they would never be able to pay you back? Just do it out of the kindness of your heart?

Now that I am thinking about it…Do you think winning such a huge amount would make you friends or bring you enemies? Is money the route of all evil? I would love to take my chances…

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sexy Shoes

Like most woman I suppose, I have a fetish for shoes. I love them more the jewelry. I love how they make me feel when I wear them. When I have on a tall pair heels, I feel sexy and hot. I am always in the mood for some sex or other types of adult activities. When I wear boots (heel or not) I feel professional, powerful, confident.

I don’t usually wear tennis shoes unless exercising but if I do…I like low, not to bulky shoes with no socks on. It seems to show off a lot of leg when doing that. I think my best parts about me are my legs. I think they are sexy and the shoes show them off. I know there are a few of you out there that would say my breasts are the best thing about me but I disagree.

So if you are looking to buy me a Christmas gift this year or a bday gift in March (HINT HINT) then shoes would be the answer. Fredrick’s has a nice selection this year. I fall in love easy with shoes but I tend to enjoy heels with a sexy strap around the ankle, rhinestones are nice too or something that is different. Off the runway type of shoe.

So if you would like to help me fill my closet… Kiss!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010


 In my last post I mentioned if you go to my profile on Fetlife you will see the negative comments left by a certain someone. I guess when you block that person you erase all their you will only get half of the conversations left by me and Sir Vince who didn’t take a liking to what was being said

Once again...have a great weekend and dont eat to much candy. It was ment for the kids!!

Frist Online Argument

I do not argue with to many people. If I am upset with someone I usually keep it to myself or I might blog about it. But rarely do I tell off or disrespect that person even if I know I am right. I guess that is the sub in me.

Over the past couple of days there were comments made on my face page on Fetlife. (I wont get into the entire story but what was said to me was rude and uncalled for and to make matters worse this person emails me making my feelings toward him even angrier. I have since blocked him but I did leave his comments up there.

I can not believe this person feels that he should tell me what to do or make such insane comments to me. I know he is a Dom and has a sub of his own but does this give him the right to treat me like this just because I am a sub? I have never disrespected him until today when I responded back to him.

Please let me know what you think? You know me… I am appalled by this. If you are a member of this web site or simply want to check out what was said you can find me at nakedaytrader. I would be interested in your opinion.

Have a good weekend and Happy Halloween.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just Chatting

I love when I get an email where someone makes me the center of their stories. If you tap "read more" at the bottom of this post you can read it. It is a real turn on for me to receive such a story.

I joined about a week ago. I didn’t think I would enjoy it but it has been fun and I have met some nice people. I had no idea there where so many kinksters that live near me. LOL I have never been to a fetish party and I was thinking I should go to one of the ones they advertise. I will need a kinky date so it will be all the more fun. So if you are a member come find me and become a friend. I am at nakedaytrader.

Before I go for today I just wanted to tell some of you how much I enjoy your adventures on your blogs. I do not always comment but I do read many of them. And I have to say that I miss Dom Tom’s and Baby Girl’s blogs and I can never seem to get enough of A Dauntless Journey. As far as Kara and Jessica goes…I am not lesbian but their stories of sex and love is so arousing to me. I love it…

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Am Yours

Please...I know I promised I would let you fuck me like that but I’m not ready. Please….

"Don’t be such a little girl, TAKE IT!!” you growl – I feel your cock pushing harder against me. I hear the pop of the cap and a splash of oil spurting over my ass. You pushed the head of your cock hard against my asshole and suddenly it begins to slide inside. I groan with pain and pleasure - Ohhhhh god... no... please... but you ignore me, sliding deeper, your cock thrusting into my ass, filling me, inch by inch… it hurts, but it's sending me wild at the same time. My pussy is so wet and streaming down the insides of my thighs… I don't want this - it hurts - but fuck it feels so good...

Suddenly, you slam your cock all the way into me… I groan with intense pain and pleasure. There's nothing I can do to stop this now. You are holding me down hard, your cock deep inside my ass, and you begin to fuck me, taking me for your own pleasure, using me…I groan with each long hard thrust, so deep, so hard, penetrating me. You aren’t touching your breasts, my clit, but I’m so fucking wet, helpless as you take me. Your belly slapping against my ass with each hard thrust, groaning as you fuck me. Your cock throbbing and swelling inside my ass… I know I'm gonna cum, and cum hard… this is for your pleasure, not mine I know. You thrust harder and faster - you're on your way to your own orgasm.

“I'm gonna cum in your ass... tell me I am yours...TELL ME!!"

I am yours Master…

I groan intensely - I feel your cock ramming hard and deep - and I cry out, my orgasm pulsing through my body… so hard… so intense… it's all I can take - I scream with pleasure, I start shake into intense convulsions, my juices gushing out. I am cumming over and over again.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Take Me

Can you see how much I want you?

It takes all that I have to control myself around you.
Just the scent of you arouses me.
I want you.
I need you.
Fuck me.
Please fuck me.
Please don’t wait for me to ask.
If you want me, take me.
I always want you.
I want you all over me.
I want your hands, your lips, your body, on mine.
Fuck me.
Use me.
Take me for your own pleasure.

Look - I’m wet, now.
Can you see how wet I am?
You did that.
I want you to force yourself inside me.
I want you to fuck me and fuck me hard.
Kiss me.
Get astride me and kiss me greedily.
You know that’s what I want.
I need you.
I want to rub myself against you.
Let me feel my wet pussy slide against your hard cock.
Kiss me hard.
Show me what a man you are
Show me how much you want me.
Bite my neck.
Make me groan.
I love that.
Take me.
Fuck me.
ohh god please fuck me...

Friday, October 22, 2010

I know you can't wait to hear what I am doing this weekend...

Ok… busy weekend ahead. Tonight the kids want to go to local carnival. They love to spend my hard working money on (not so sure they are safe) rides, junk food and silly games. But don’t you love the smiles in their faces?

Tomorrow is busy diving kids to dance class and karate, have to go to the mall and at some point clean the house. Gee, my life sounds like a load of fun. Saturday night seems to be open at the moment and Sunday I need to get my car fixed again. It’s making a funny noise and every morning it freaks me out that I might not make it into work.

I have been looking into new cars and I think I found one I might be happy with. I want to go look at it but I am not sure I will be able to get a loan. I was told I need a co-signer. So if anyone wants to step up and be my hero…hint! hint!

Later Sunday I have to go to my father’s bday party. Love that man :-)

So, this is how my very simple yet busy life pans out for this weekend. TGIF…kiss

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How Would You Punish or Reward?

Bending me over the desk, holding me down, and tug my panties all the way down. If I start to struggle, you'll spank me, punish me, teach me a lesson, remind me what a naughty girl I am.

That'll get you hard. If I’m a good girl, if I don't struggle, You'll fuck me then, like that, from behind, long and hard and deep, sliding your erect cock deep inside me, deep into my wet pussy, teasing me with my cock, thrusting hard inside me, taking me over the edge, making me cum over and over again, until I can't take any more…

If I’m a bad girl, I’ll be punished again. You will force me down onto my hands and knees in front of you, make me take your cock into your mouth, and you'll watch me as I suck you, holding me by my hair, treating me roughly, choking me, using me for your own pleasure, until you feel yourself about to cum, and then you'll cum in my mouth, urgently, selfishly, not caring about my pleasure, and once you've cum, you'll leave you there on the floor, your cum dripping from my mouth, my body trembling, leaving me wanting more.

Is this how you would punish or reward your sub?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fantasy Ideas

A follower asked me…”What if I took you to a fetish party or swing club blindfolded? Have complete strangers touch you? How would you feel?”

I have never been one to want to be in a multi sex partner position at one time…but the thought of others touching me, unable to see them, their breath teasing every inch of my body as they come close is such a huge turn on for me. To not have that control of what happens. I can feel myself getting wet thinking about this venture. I think this is going to be my next fantasy.

Tell me what your fantasy is for yourself or your sub. Give me some new ideas. I’m loving it…

Monday, October 18, 2010

Do You Know How to Make Love to Me

I open my eyes and look up at you, there, above me. Your eyes smile at me. I see the love, lust and desire in them. My heart aches and I reach my hands up around your neck and pull you to me. Lips brush softly over lips. My tongue darts out and licks you. A soft groan escapes from deep inside you. So sensual. I pull you closer and kiss deeper. My tongue pushing past your lips, touching yours. I feel your body melt into mine. Suddenly your grab my head and kiss me deeper, lust overwhelming you. My body reacts instantly, I feel the warm tingle of arousal flush through my body. I want you. My hands roam down your back, pulling you tighter to me. I let them tuck under your shirt, feeling your warm skin. You're kissing me greedily now, hungrily as I kiss you back. Your breathing is quicker and I can feel your growing erection pressing hard against me. You want me too...

This is how I want to feel…How I want my man to feel about me. Do you remember when the last time you just made out and you are so turned on my the touching and emotions that you think your going to burst? When I think of the man I want to be with, I hope that it feels like this and feels like the other stories I post. Full of passion, lust, joy, and love. It is not really even about the sex for me (not all the time) But what leads up to the love making. So much depends on how I am treated (I am sure that is how it is for most women) I love the teasing, and the seduction that plays into my strong sexual emotions. Is it possible to find men like this anymore?  

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Love DV's Blog

I was asked the other day…What is your idea of the perfect man? I told him, I really don’t know. That when I find it then I will know. I hope this statement is true. The only list of demands I have at the moment is he shouldn’t be married or attached, he must be honest with me, I am looking for that dominate feature, and most important treat me with respect and make an effort to understand the person I am.

I have this online friend (who most of you know) who writes the most incredible blog.  It is as if he writes it for me. He has this perfect understanding of how a sub should be treated and how a Dom should protect his sub. (although, he would be the first to tell you he doesn’t have all the answers)

I talk to a lot of new Doms or people who want to try out the D/s dynamic and I always refer them to his blog. I don’t know if they ever read it but my hope is that they will learn something from it and how important it is to understand their subs and treat them with respect and kindness. It is not about abuse or how to over dominate a person. It truly is about love and the intense reactions couples will receive from such a relationship.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm Thinking of You

I wet my fingers with my mouth, sliding them slowly in and out, thinking about you. My fingers slip out and trail down my body and I slip my them into my panties. I think about you, your body, the heat that forms between us. I need this, now.

The want and need between my thighs is too much. I need to touch myself. I can't wait. I need to cum thinking about you. I'm already so wet from just my thoughts of being with you.

My fingers caress over my soft skin, feeling the warmth emanating from it. My eyes close, it feels so good. My fingertips wander down a bit further, softly stroking over my wet cunt lips. I want to savor this. One finger slides slowly up my slit spreading my wetness around. My finger slides around my swollen clit and I take in a sharp breath. I tease myself thinking about you. God, I want to cum. Pleasure pulses through my body, down my legs, across my stomach, deep inside me.

My nipples are already hard as I think about your touch, your lips. I allow my fingertips to swirl over them. I take one in my hold and roll it between my fingers. A gasp escapes from my lips and I feel the sensations shoot through me. I want you to do that to me, bite my nipples, pinch them hard, suck on them and make me writhe under you.

My clit throbs beneath my touch. Around and around, soft slow circles, teasing my body and making me gasp for air. I can feel my hips moving to meet my fingers. The build-up is slow, mesmerizing. I breathe softly. I can feel the pleasure rising, slowly, making the ache stronger.

I pinch my nipples again and gasp. I need this. I pull on my nipple feeling the pain and pleasure flow through me. I want to feel you so much. I need to feel you inside me, filling me, thrusting hard and deep. I slowly reach over to the side of the bed and pick up my vibe. I suck the tip of it into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it, getting it wet, ready for me. I turn it on low and trail it down over my nipples, circling around them. My clit pulses hard and I push my hips up, tensing my muscles.

My thighs fall open, wanting so much to feel you. I trail the vibe down over my stomach to my pussy. The moment it touches my clit I push my fingers inside me. I feel the vibration deep inside. My pussy squeezes around my fingers as I thrust them inside. I gasp. I move the vibe over my clit, stroking slowly, moving in small circles, not wanting to cum yet. My fingers caress my pussy, pushing deep, finding that spot., curling my fingers up, rubbing and stroking.

I push the vibe in, slowly, achingly, feeling my body clench around it. I groan softly. I start to stroke it slowly. My fingers find the same rhythm and I stroke my clit, gently, teasingly as I begin to fuck myself.

I want it deeper, harder. I push the vibe deeper, increasing my pleasure, needing it more now. I push it inside me over and over. My fingers move faster around my clit. I can feel it building. The warmth grows and spreads from deep inside me. I want to cum. I need to cum.

I fuck myself faster, harder, deeper. I need to cum. I need to cum for you. Another moan escapes my lips. The vibe slides in and out, my fingers move around and around my clit. The heat is rising in me, pulsing through me. My fingers circle, trying to keep it as long as possible, that feeling, that divine sensation. I need to cum. I want it so much. I want to feel it. I thrust the vibe in hard once, twice, three times and it pushes me over the edge. My back arches, my mouth opens slightly as body explodes with the sensation. Warmth floods over me as I come hard, squeezing hotly around the vibe, cumming hard, fast, and breathless.

I need you to come over…Make me cum. I need for you to come to me and build this warmth I have for you. I’m waiting...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mini Vacation

I love to see my kids happy and excited…So, 5:45am I wake them up, load the car, hop in with a donut in hand and 1 ½ hours later we were stuck in the middle of nowhere for the next 7 hours. My car broke down. Luckily, I was in the turning lane of the service plaza when all the alarms and lights went off in the car. After an hour of trying to find someone at the plaza to help, a tow tuck guy pulled up.…I had lost my belt. All he could do was tow me and if he drove me 41 miles to the nearest exit the cost would be around $300, he gave me the number to a friend of his who would come out to me and fix the belt. So this super nice mechanic drove 45 miles to install the belt only to find out the water pump was destroyed. So he had to drive back 45 miles to get the part…anyway, 7 hours later the car was fixed…I was $400 in the hole, and the poor kids were upset about not being able to go to SeaWorld.

So I decided that I would drive to Orlando and spend an extra day. The kids were so excited and my 5 year old son was in amazement the entire time. We got to see the new baby killer whale that had only been born 12 hours earlier. They got to trick or treat around the park and had a blast at the water park.

I think I had to pay an addional $650 (a lot of money to me) on this trip but to see my kids, especially my little one, have such a great time was worth every moment of heartache. I am already planning my next trip to the mountains this summer.

FYI… John, my ex had surgery last night to remove the tumor that has been growing…He did well and had stayed with me last night so I can help him out. Hopefully after the radiation treatment and this surgery will be the end of all this. Unfortunately, my mind has not been in an erotic mood lately. I will try to pull something out if my imagination tonight.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Weekend

ITS FRIIIIIIDAY!!! This weekend should be a fun one for me. I am taking the kids to SeaWorld & Aquatica in Orlando. They are so excited. They do a Halloween event for smaller children and my son is so excited to be dressed as Harry Potter and get to trick or treat around the park.

We always have a lot of fun at the theme parks but it always makes me wish I had someone to share my memories with. Remember the post where I said I have not been on vacation with a man in more then 10 years? Well, here is another one. Lol…. I will just keep count and someday hopefully really laugh about my unlucky situation.

But I am thankful for being able to bring the kids to this special place. I love watching them discover new things, especially my 5 year old son. They always look so happy and that just thrills me. I love them so much and would give them the world if I could.

So any donations to their schooling or dance my daughter’s dance classes would be appreciated. LOL…just kidding :-)

You all have a wonder weekend yourself. Kisses

Thursday, October 7, 2010

How Can I Please You?

What do you want from me today? I can see that you're already erect. Were you thinking of me? Perhaps it was the idea of us fucking. Or was it watching me with another girl? Maybe it was you with the other girl. Were you fucking her or were you down between her thighs licking her wet cunt? Your cock is so hard and swollen. I think maybe it was the combination of all of them.

What do you want? You could have it a couple of ways. Perhaps you'd like my lips around your cock first. Would you like that? To have my soft breasts pressed against your thighs as my hand slowly strokes your cock. To feel my warm breath against your cock as I admire you. To feel my warm, wet tongue caress around the head of your cock as my hair gently brushes over your stomach and balls. Would you like that? Would you like to feel my mouth slowly engulf you. Feel the heat of my lips sliding down the length of your cock while my hand strokes you? Maybe you'd like my other hand to fondle your balls. Maybe roll them in my hand and gently tug and squeeze them. Would that make you throb in my mouth? What if I swirled my tongue around you while you were deep in my mouth? Would you like that? Maybe suck hard on you to draw out your pre-cum so I could taste it. Does that make you groan? Does that make you hard?

That's what I'd want. To make you hard. To make you groan my name. To make you weave your fingers through my hair as I sucked your cock. But would that be enough for you? Would you want to cum then? Would you want to cum in my mouth or on my face. Or would you rather I fucked you first and make you cum inside me instead?

Do you want to fuck me? Do you want to slide your hard, hot cock inside my dripping pussy? Would that make you want me more? Would that get you off? Would you want me to slide off my panties and toss them to the floor so you could see my naked pussy? I know you'd like that. I know you want to be inside me, to fuck me.

How would you want me? Should I tease you first and slide over you? Maybe I should rub my wet pussy against your cock and coat you with my juices first. You'd feel how wet I was for you. Would you be able to hold back? Or would need me to slide my dripping pussy down over your cock and take you like that. I could fuck you like that, my thighs straddled over you, riding you, taking your hands into mine and pushing them over your head. I could fuck you hard and force you to thrust your hips up into me. Would you want to cum like that?

Or would you rather fuck me from behind?

Would you like that? To push me to my knees and fuck me from behind? Would you fuck my pussy or would you fuck my ass? Maybe you'd fuck both. First, my pussy to wet your cock so that you could fuck my ass. Would you want that? To feel your hard pulsing cock push slowly into my tight ass? To feel the hot flesh parting around your cock, so tight, squeezing around you. Would you want to feel that? Would you want to grab onto my hips and thrust your cock deep inside my tight hole? Would you lean over and kiss me or would you stay and thrust hard? Would you fuck me hard enough to feel your balls slapping against my pussy?

Could you hold out? Or would you have to cum? Would you fuck me long and hard or do you need the release now?

What is it that you want?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tell Me...

I've been fantasizing about you. I've been needing you. I'm already wet for you. My hand has slinked into my panties and my fingers are caressing my clit. I want you. Let me remove my clothes. I don't need them today. Look at me. Do you like what you see? I want you to want me as well. Tell me. I want to hear it from you. Tell me how you want me, what you want to do to me. What you want me to do to you. I want to know. I want to be yours. I want to be your submissive slut. To obey you, to worship you, to caress every part of your body and your mind. Perhaps, you just want to flip me onto my belly and fuck me from behind. I know how much you want this. I want it too. Tell me... I need to know…Tell me

Monday, October 4, 2010

My Life Updates

Lots going on this past weekend. A lot of you have asked me about John my ex and how he is doing. This weekend he got the news that he has cancer in his foot that will require surgery and radiation treatments. That starts this week. This funny thing is I have been going out of my way to help him and try not to bug him for his child support knowing he has been out of work and will be out of work for some time…He tells me his girlfriend can’t help him because she doesn’t be around sick people. This is the same person he writes to on Facebook telling her she is the best thing to happen to him… For 30 minutes this morning he was arguing with me about how I took his son’s guitar to be fixed when he said he would fix it (that was 6 months ago) Am I just too nice of a person or a sucker?

I got an email this weekend from one of my bosses who says he is leaving the company and I better look for another job before he leaves. I know I have asked before but if there is anyone out there who is willing to give me a shot at a real job NSA…That would be wonderful.

Now I have a movie review for you… Case 39. Very suspenseful, I liked it a great deal. All I have got to say is “Don’t kids freak you out?” Like in Six Since?… They are scary. LOL

New favorite reality TV show… Sister Wives. Things are heating up with the husband bringing home a 4th wife. The other wives are jealous. They are making comments and are crying…kids running around all over the place. It’s great.

Now I am sure all of you want an update on The Deadliest Catch…King Crab season starts in a couple of weeks and according to the news the Hillstands are not retuning to the show due to they are being sued by Discovery Channel for $3million for not showing up for shooting of their spin off reality show. Captain Sig isn’t returning out of respect of the Hillstrand boys. We know from last season that Captain Phil died so that only leaves Capt. Keith. This show will surly be missed by millions of fans from all over the world. I sure hope they can work something out.

Well this is my life the past few days. I sound so vanilla. LOL

Friday, October 1, 2010


Dear Friends,

Well… it has been one year ago today that I started on this incredible journey into D/s and when I started this blog. It has been a lot of fun and I have learned so much. Like anything else worth writing about there have been ups and downs along the way. My relationships with Master C and Sir didn’t turn out like I wanted but I give them great thanks for taking me under their wings and letting me explore my desires and fantasies along with showing me discipline, courage and respect for the lifestyle.

I have met so many wonderful people though this blog and others that I read, men and women. I would like to thank Rob for the concert tickets and for all the advice and love that he has shown me, Dave for the apple trees he planted in my honor, DV for your insightfulness, Tom for the fun assignment, Bob for being a friend, Master C for the love that I felt, Sir for the kinky fun, John for being such a good friend and concert / movie buddy, Mike for your imagination, Rob in N. Florida for your wild stories, and to Baby Girl who let me read about her love for Daddy, Heather for her incredible journey into D/s, and Kara and Jessica who’s love for each other sound perfect, and to Fish who is a lot of fun and who I have enjoyed meeting. I would also like to thank Vicki and Master J…I know feelings have been hurt and I’m sorry for not being able to work those issues out with you but hope in time things will change.

I know I have left so many people out but I thank everyone who has stopped by my blog just to see what I am up to and enjoy reading my fantasies. All of you and the freedom of writing have truly changed my life and I have cherished every moment.

Love you all,

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Need to Relax?

Your feeling tense today. You need to relax. You need to let go. I'm hoping I can help you out. I'm hoping I can help you release this tension. You need to forget about everything around you. You need to be distracted. You need me to fuck you.

I need to fuck you and do it like you love to be fucked. I won’t hold back. I want to kiss you, passionately. Feel my lips against yours. I want you to feel my tongue in your mouth. Press my body against yours. I want you to feel my breasts against your chest, my hips grinding into your hardening cock.

Here I am now, naked before you. Am I touching you the way you want? Let me undo your pants. Let me tug down your zipper and release your cock. Let me pull down your pants. Let me see you. Let me admire you.

I can you see how much you need this? Let me feel your skin on mine, your body close to me. Let me wrap my arms around you and kiss you again. Take advantage of me. Take out your frustrations on me by forcing yourself onto me. I want you to put your hands on me. Move them over my breasts. Roll my nipples between your fingers. Pinch them. Make me gasp from the pleasure. Let your lips wander down my neck, over the valley at the base of my neck. Let your tongue move over my nipples, take them into your mouth. Make me writhe under you. Are you forgetting everything?

I want to feel your forcefulness. Turn me over. Bring me to my knees. Take me from behind. I want to feel the head of your cock against my pussy, nudging me. Let me feel your hands on my hips. I want to feel your fingers tighten into me. Let me feel you push your cock into me, hard. Take me, use me, fuck me. I'm not delicate. Fuck me. Let me feel your hard cock pushing deep inside me. Pull me back into you. Thrust harder. This is what I want and this is what you need. Let yourself go. Give me your gift. I know you need to…

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Crave These Words

“Sit down next to me
look at me
don't take your eyes off me
tonight you're here to please me
tonight you're mine
mine to use as I please
to touch however I wish
you'll do whatever I ask of you
whatever I demand of you
you're my plaything
my slut”

These are the words I crave to hear. The thought of him taking total control of the situation. To give me every direction. It gives me a since of belonging to him, shows me his love, the protection he gives. If a vanilla person were to read this, they would think I was crazy but I know all of you understand the feelings I have and my commitment into D/s

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sister Wives?

Ok last night I saw the new reality show called Sister Wives. Anyone else see this? Anyone else find it interesting? It is about the man who married a woman 20 years ago then shortly after married 2 others and between them they have 13 kids…and to top it off he is dating a woman with 3 kids who he wants to marry as well. They all live under one roof. There are jealousy issues and a strange dimensioned to the household.

As a man…would you be able to handle several wives? They seem like they are one big happy family but is it really? If you are interested in the show its on TLC Sunday night at 10:00.

So my thoughts about this weekend…As you all remember I have been seeing Sir for some time now. I don’t talk about him much on the blog because he doesn’t want to be a part of my stories. But I haven’t seen him in almost a month. I was sick, then he was sick, then there were family issues and so on and so on… Well last night we were going to meet. I briefly got a text message saying he was trying to come over if he can get a sitter (that was at 1:00)… 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 I heard nothing from him. OK…is it over? Why cant he just come out and tell me?

Is this the life of a single sub? I do my best to try and understand him and I take my role as a sub seriously but am I being taken advantage of? Do you have any advice for me?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thank you

I want to thank you for all the love and thoughts of me over the past months. I cherish the teaching and the discipline. I crave the attention you give me. The understanding that you extend. The patience that you show.

You have inspired me to dare to be more ambitious and adventurous in my relationships and this is the biggest reason for my thanking you.

With Love...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The First Time We Meet...Part 2

You drag my head up by my hair and kiss me hard, tasting yourself on my lips. You push me back toward the bed and onto it. I watch you as you strip off your clothes. You kneel over me on the bed, kissing me again as you rip my own clothes off of me. In a second we're both naked, exposed to each other. Your hands wander over me, taking in every curve. I lie back and feel the sensations running through me. I close my eyes as I feel your tongue lick my thigh. I part them for you. I quiver as your tongue works its way up my legs. I know what you want from me. I feel your hot breath on my pussy and I hold my breath in anticipation. I've been aching for you to do this. Then I feel it and gasp. Your tongue slides across my clit. My hips can’t help but move up to meet your mouth. So exquisite. You run your tongue over me again and I let a groan escape. My hands move to your head and I run my fingers through your hair. I feel your fingers probing my wetness, they slide in so easily. Your tongue is assaulting my clit now. You do that so well. I don't know how long I'm going to last. I can feel your fingers sliding in and out of me, fucking me. I can't take this. I need you inside me.

"Fuck me," are the first words you hear me utter. I feel you moan into my clit. You move up my body kissing me. You settle for a moment at my breasts, taking a nipple into your mouth, savoring it. I arch my back to you, needing this, all of this. "Please," I whisper. My pussy needs you. My body needs you. You move up further and I can feel the head of your cock at my pussy. It's what I need. And you thrust inside me. God! I arch my back again at the pleasure. You've filled me, completely. You lean your head down and kiss my lips as you begin to stroke your cock in and out of me, thrusting hard. So, so good. I wrap my legs up and around you, lifting my hips to meet your thrusts. It's too much. I'm so close, so fucking close. Your hard cock is merciless, pounding into me. You thrust faster. I know you're close. My pussy is squeezing around your cock, squeezing each time you thrust into me. I can feel you pulsing. I want your cum. God. I need your cum. I need you to shoot it inside me, filling me. I'm so close to the edge. A few more thrusts, god, yes. Can you feel it? Can you feel my pussy pulsing around you? I can't stop it. I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum all over your cock. It hits me, hard. The sensations plow through me, so powerful. I'm cumming hard, so fucking hard. You can't hold it back. You feel me cumming around you and you begin to throb. You groan my name as you shoot your hot gift inside me. We convulse together. Pulsing hard. I can feel our wetness on my thighs, on your balls, on your cock. You're still throbbing, cumming and cumming. My thighs are locked around you, my pussy milking you. Breathless, you kiss me again and smile. Your cock still moving inside me, still hard, you look down at me and smile.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The First Time We Meet...Part 1

I'm standing outside your door. It's the anticipation that's keeping me from knocking. How will it be when we finally meet? We've been waiting for this day. We've both been wanting it so much. I suck in my breath and let it our slowly. I knock and wait. It seems like ages, time has stood still. I hear the doorknob turn and watch the door swing open.

There you are.
I step into the room.
No words are spoken.

The tension between us is too much. I step forward you kiss me, hard. I return the kiss, passionately. I hear you swing the door shut behind me. My hands are all over you. It's too much and not enough. Your hands are in my hair, around the back of my neck pulling me to you. My hands on you. I need you. You push me back against the wall behind us, hard. You groan into my mouth. My hands move to your shirt. They wander underneath, up and over your chest. Your skin feels so good. I feel your hands under my sweater, moving up my back, pulling me tighter to you. I breathe you in as your lips move down my neck, tasting me. My hands move down and slip into the waistband of your jeans. I push them down in and over your ass. I can't wait. I want you. I let my hands slip back out and meander to the front of your jeans. I rub you through them, your cock already hard. I feel your hands running over my breasts, cupping them. We both have a sense of urgency, almost as if we wait, everything will just disappear, that it was just a dream.

I undo the button and pull down your zipper. My hands reach inside your boxers and I grasp your cock. I've been wanting this, to feel you like this. Your cock is so erect, so hard. I wrap my cool fingers around you and stroke you gently. I can feel you responding to my touch. You moan softly into my skin as your own hands undo my jeans. Your hands slip inside, slipping down my slit. I feel your fingers moving into my pussy, feeling my growing wetness. My knees go weak as you find my clit. We stand there, masturbating each other as our mouths reconnect. Your tongue slides into my mouth. I kiss you back, greedily. My hand on your cock is moving faster. I need to taste you.

I break our kiss and move to my knees. You help me pull your jeans down. I see you, so erect. My tongue flicks out and I taste you. I've been wanting to taste you for so long. I let my tongue drag up the length of your shaft. I hear you suck in your breath. Mmmm, you taste so fucking good. I let my lips glide over the head of your cock, barely brushing it. Then in one move I pull you into my mouth, deep. I take your full length into my mouth and suck you. I feel your hands move into my hair as you lean back into the wall. I've been wanting this, your cock in my mouth. Sucking you has me so incredibly aroused. I can feel my wetness soaking my panties. I reach down with my hand and slip it into my jeans, touching myself as I suck you. I can feel your cock pulsing now. You're not going to last like this. You know this too.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

When do you know if you are being given excuses or what they are saying is truly for real? I always give everyone the benefit of the doubt but there comes a time when I truly start to question what they are saying.

Maybe because I am submissive that I tend to believe in what people tell me and not give it a thought as the motive behind it.

On a lighter note…October will be one year since I started my blog and my journey with Master C and so on. I can not believe it has been a year since I started this incredible journey even with all the ups and downs.

These are just a couple thoughts I had today…

Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Bliss

Alright… What did all of you do this weekend? I need some good stories. They don’t have to be about sex. It can be about a short getaway, a party, or spending time with love ones. My life is getting so redundant.

I drove kids around, got my oil changed, did homework assignments at the Library and had Sunday dinner with the family. And to top it off I found out my grandmother is giving my entire family an all expense paid 7 day cruise in October except me. She invited 4 sets of couples including my 14 year old nephew and my brother and his girlfriend. And after bragging last night at dinner my grandmother said the reason I didn’t get an invite is because she didn’t think I could go because of my kids and I am not in a serious relationship with anyone…yet she is single. And my kids do have a father they can stay with.

So lets see... No sex this weekend either

And last but not least...last night I had this incredible dream. I think I had a cold and was waiting at the doctors office when this adorable, sexy doctor had his eye on me. Somehow we ended up in this car. He was teasing me by whispering in my ear and was super close without actually touching me. I was sooo hot, and just when I think he was going to make his more….BEEP BEEP BEEP. The fucking alarm!!!!

I just can’t win. LOL

So tell me about your weekend. Was it better then mine? Or did you have the same crapy, boring weekend as me?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Last Night's Fantasy

Late last night I was so very horny…so before I fell asleep I came up with this little fantasy and played with myself before I went to bed. I hope you all enjoy it as mush as I did.

Its my first night at the club. The owner believed my fake ID that I was 21 in reality I’m barley 18. I am sitting in front of the mirror nervous but excited that in a moment every man in the club is going to worship me. I am wearing purple hot pants and matching thong with a sparkly glitter bra. I have never wore clothes such as these with an extreme amount of makeup but the others girls say I look great and very sexy. My nerves are getting the best of me and I need to calm down so I decided I needed a drink. "Shot of tequila please."

The bartender looked at me "Here's a double..good luck"

I drank it down as fast as I could. The taste of fire sliding down my throat... What was I thinking. I needed to get back stage, I go on next. The girls gave me the stage name Diamond and the next think I know I hear the announcer telling the audience "Let Welcome a First timer ...Diamond to the Staaaage" I walk out, The Rolling Stones are playing, I start to dance. I have no experience with the pole but I walked over to it and held on to it as I wiggled my ass in front of a cheering crowed. The tequila must be kicking in as I feel very sexy and confident in myself. There were a group of frat boys sitting on the right side of the stage. I crawled over to them and got on my knees as I stated to peel off my hot pants. The boys really liked me, I feel great. The men are throwing money all over the stage, begging me to come dance for them. The frat boys are getting very rowdy and the next thing I knew I was being pulled off the stage. I started to fight when I heard this angry voice, " Your coming home with me right now young lady!" Shit its my wicked older step brother.

"Put me down I’m not a child!" I screamed

"The hell your not" says Don

The owner walks over and says " If the lady wishes not to go with you, you must leave her along and then you need to leave"

"Do you know that she just turned 18? So if you don’t let me take her from here now, I will call the police and let them know that you no only employed her but you served alcohol to a minor" Then you yanked my arm as you dragged me out of the club and into your car. "I am taking you to the frat house to teach you a lesson before I bring you home to your mother"

"You cant do this" I screamed

"Either we do this my way or I will take you home and explain to your mother what you have been up to this evening"

"No, please don’t do that" I pleaded

"Not another word from you"

"Yes Sir"

We pulled up to the house and you opened my door and grabbed my hand. You lead me into the house and up to the bathroom. you grabbed a washcloth and soap and scrubbed the makeup off my face.

"OWWW! Your hurting me"

"This is nothing to the pain your going to feel in a moment"

"What are you talking about?" screaming at him

Very calmly you say "Get down stairs before the guys get home"

You go get an oversized shirt from your room as you walked with me to the downstairs den. "Put this on over your fancy bra"

I do as you asked.. We are in the den looking at the fire place. Above the fire place is a large paddle that the frat boys use when a new member was accepted in the fraternity. I looked at you with large eyes "You won't dare"

"Oh yes...turn around take off your bottoms and place you hands on the seat of the sofa" You grab the paddle

I gasp in horror "Your my brother you cant do this"

"I’m your step brother and I’m doing this out of love and concern for your safety"

I turn around and took off the hot pants and thong I was wearing. The shirt he gave me laid just past my ass but when I bend over I know it will provide no protection.

"I’m going to burn these" And you threw them into the fireplace. " I am going to punish by applying 5 wacks for each offence. #1 Possession of fake ID, #2 underage drinking, and #3 public lewdness"

15 wacks of the paddle. How am I going to take that. I can’t show you I’m scared nor can I cry. I will show you that you can’t hurt me and I can take it. I bend over placing my hands on the seat of the sofa. The shirt you gave me rides up over my ass. I am so embarrassed but I need to be strong. I can not let you think you won.

WACK ( I yelped) WACK (I can feel the tears welling up inside me) WACK WACK WACK (the tears are running down my face) WACK WACK WACK ( I lost count, how many more?) WACK WACK WACK WACK (my ass is on fire) WACK WACK WACK ( Please be done, Please be done)

"Stand up"

I did it. I know I have tears running down my face but I didn’t yell out in pain. I didn’t beg him to stop. My ass is stating to feel numb.

"Do you understand why I had to do this?"

"Yes Sir".. you handed me the paddle and told me to hang it back on the wall.

"Get in the car"

"But I have no pants on"

" That really is not my problem. You can go home in my shirt and return it to me when I see you next"

Embarrassed, I thank you..