Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Need Help

I am heading up the biggest fundraiser of the year for my daughters dance group. It is their Annual Showcase. We need to raise $30,000 this year and this event helps put a big dent in that number. We currently have $11,000 so as you can see we need a lot of help.

What I need is new ideas. I need to do low cost (close to free as possible) fundraising ideas to do at the show. So if you have an idea or steal one from a event that you have attending...I'm all ears.

Thank you for your help...

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  1. Have you thought of having things donated and doing a Sikent Auction? I'm sure some if the parents have businesses where they could donate merchandise/services, and local businesses may help out too!

    A cake walk?

    I would steer clear of fundraising "books" and "food". Ie Cheesecakes etc. my daughters gymnastics team used those for fundraisers. I can't temper the percentage, but the club never got a good percentage of what was sold. I think so
    Etimes people eom rather make a donation (no matter how small it all adds up!) rather than buying an entertainment book etc.

    Maybe see if you can get ONE large donation (ie tv etc) and hold a raffle. Sometimes you need a permit to sell raffle tickets from the City, but they are easy to obtain and not expensive.

    Good luck. I know how daunting it can seem trying to raise a large amount if money. All the best to your daughter in her dance showcase

    Take care. Sky