Friday, December 2, 2011

Daughter Troubles Again

For most kids, Christmas is an exciting time of year. They love to decorate and enjoy doing holiday stuff with the family. Of course by the 25th of December they are jumping out of their skin, cant wait to open their gifts.

For my daughter this is especally true. She is such a sweet girl and loves spending time with her family and loves to decorate the tree and the house. And at age (almost 15) I think this is a rear thing for a teenager so why is her father so determand to do things with out her. He and his two other kids put up a tree and decorated the in and outside of the house. My daughter came home the the other day almost in tears that he didnt wait for her to get home from dance class and then my house. (She stays with him 3 nights a week so its not like he only sees her once a month)

I really feel sorry for her. She wants to love her father and his family but he makes it so hard for her to do that and ends up just hurting her feelings.

Well, the other day I let her and her brother pick out a tree, decorate it and this weekend we are going to local park that is decorated in Christmas lights. It should be a lot of fun.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend...

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  1. The day you have planned to see the Christmas lights etc sounds lovely.

    I'm sorry your (ex)husband didn't share the tree decorating with your daughter. :(

    You sound like a caring loving Mom. Take care. Sky