Saturday, April 13, 2013

I Surrender

I love being submissive to you. Helpless to your intent to have your way with me. You love me like this, and you know I want to be taken, for you to be rough with me, You can't resist - You love it when I'm like this, when I want you to just fuck me, hard, any way you please. And I surrender control to you.

I know how you want me dressed - a tight, form-fitting top, a short skirt; small white panties, bare legs; maybe some sexy heels. As you come into the room, I smile at you; Bend over the back of the sofa, displaying my ass to you. As you move closer to me, I slid my arms behind my back, crossing them at the wrist. You slip a silk scarf out of your trouser pocket, and wrap it around my wrists, tightly, tying a firm knot. I can feel the pressure of the silk on my wrists - it's tight enough that I can not free myself, even if I wanted to. Bent over the sofa like this, my wrists tied tightly, I am on display for you, and you know that I am helpless.

You could fuck me like this - seeing me like this arouses you so much, it's difficult for you to resist sliding your erection deep inside me, fucking me hard just like this, over the back of the sofa. Tonight though, you want more. Right now you just want to touch me. Feeling your cock growing hard in your pants as you slide your hand up my back, taking hold of my top, tugging it up my body, your fingers caressing my back, pulling my top all the way up, over my breasts, until it's bunched up under my arms. You move closer then, pressing yourself against my ass, leaning over me, sliding your hands underneath me to cup my breasts, squeezing, caressing, stroking gently, feeling my nipples harden.

I'm wriggling against you now, trying to push myself back against you, knowing your'll be erect, but you pull away slowly, watching me wriggling, wanting you, needing you. Your so turned on by that, you tug my short skirt up to my waist, looking down at my panties, sliding your fingers up the inside of my thigh, until you reach the crotch. They're already damp - You need to touch me - You tug my panties to one side, your fingers finding my pussy - I'm so wet, so deliciously wet- You slide your fingers between the swollen lips of my pussy, drifting between them, parting them, getting your fingers wet, spreading that wetness to my clit, stroking rhythmically, round and round... I gasp, a little shudder rippling through me, and you can't resist - you slide your fingers into my pussy, and I gasp again, a small flood of my wetness dribbling from me, down your hand, as you slide your fingers deep inside me...

It's clear I can't take much of this - I need to cum, and your so turned on now - my wrists still tied, You pull me up from the back of the sofa, and lead me to the bed, pushing me quite roughly onto my hands and knees - I can hear you undressing, pulling off your shirt, tugging down your trousers and boxers. Your naked, but I know I'm not to look - I wait on the bed for agonising seconds, on my knees, my wrists still tied behind my back, my head laid on the bed, my ass still presented to you, wanting to be taken, hard.

You slide onto the bed behind me, naked now, Your hands moving up my back once again cupping my breasts. Stroking my naked breasts, caressing my erect nipples, pressed against me from behind - and I can feel your hot, hard erection pressing against my skirt, rubbing against me.

I beg you to fuck me, to make me cum, and once again you can't resist - you tug up my skirt again, this time pulling my wet panties down my thighs, tugging them off. You move close behind me - I can feel your hard cock sliding between my bare buttocks now, moving against me, your hands back at my breasts, stroking, squeezing, caressing - and your so turned on now, and you need to fuck me - You slide the head of your swollen cock down my wet slit, and you push, slowly, inch by inch, inside my dripping wet pussy, sliding your hard cock deep inside me, until I feel you filling me, all the way inside me, my pussy squeezing and caressing your erection, my wetness dripping down the length of your cock.

And you start to fuck me, long and hard, thrusting harder, deeper, and with each thrust I slam myself back onto your throbbing erection, feeling your cock thrusting harder and harder, my pussy splashing around your cock with each long thrust, my wetness dripping from my sex, onto the bed, your belly slapping against my bare ass with each thrust of your cock inside me, your hand pushing my head down onto the bed, holding me there, not letting me move.

You can't take much of this - and neither can I - You feel me start to cum, my body trembling, starting to convulse - it's going to trigger your own orgasm - You grab a handful of my hair, tugging my head back hard, leaning over me to kiss me on the lips, your tongue sliding deep into my mouth, and as you kiss me, sensually, urgently, I can't hold it back any longer - I push back hard onto your thrusting cock, shuddering frantically, my wetness streaming down your cock as I start to cum, so hard, crying out with intense pleasure, my wet pussy engulfing your cock - and as I cum, you do too, groaning intensely, your cock swelling, throbbing, pulsing so hard - your spunk suddenly spurting deep into me, spurt after spurt of hot cum, flooding deep inside me, filling me, again and again as we cum together, our bodies locked in orgasm, so intense, so intimate, so delicious...

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