Monday, July 1, 2013

Partnership Story

Below is a story that was written by 2 people. The first half is my new Dom and the 2ed half was written by me. He wanted me to end the story for him. What do you think? I will soon write about my new relationship but for now this story will have to due in deciding what kind of person he his...

You answer the knock at the door wearing a bathrobe and a smile, hiding slightly behind the door as he gently kisses you hello and you open the door inviting him in.

He closes the door behind him then turn to you and kisses you slowly and passionately. Grabbing the back of your neck massaging you.

Suddenly you find yourself pinned against the wall cheek flush on the wall as he spreads your legs wider with his legs. He is kissing the back of your neck and down towards you ear. You feel the hot breathe whispering into your ear about how hard he's going to make you cum. He's very slow sensual and deliberate.

As he kisses you and holds you against the wall he unties the robe and slides it off your shoulders kissing them and moving your body side to side dragging your nipples across the walls surface making them even harder. When they are dragged across the wall you feel constant pressure and your nipples respond with their approval.

He pulls your hail back arching your back and resting your head on his shoulder stopping to see your erect nipples and the look of desire on your face. Kisses you gently and his left fingers caress your body with the fingertips. Across your chest down the front lingering along your belly button as he kisses you. Your arm instinctively moves around his neck as you kiss deeper.

He finds your pussy and as his hand passes over it your moan and quiver and his response is to pinch your nipple and clit at the same time while kissing you

You're having trouble breathing and your beginning to crave him more than you ever thought possible as his finger gently begins massaging your clit

Here you are knees wobbly. Your clit in ecstasy as he holds your legs apart with his while kissing you

He takes his soaked fingers and holds them to your lips so you can smell and taste yourself. So clean and sweet.

At this moment he has you and you find yourself only wanting to please.


My eyes flicked at you. Im not surprised to see how much lust was visible. I could tell by your voice when you say my name in my ear. It is strong and dangerous. My hand reaches behind me and I draw you closer. I needed to feel you. I needed to feel all of you.

Coming closer, you reach your hands around me, bringing them up along my sides. Sighing softly, I leaned back into you. My hands pulled against your hips, bringing your already erect naked cock hard against my ass. Your lips found my neck, softly kissing it as you breathed heavily against it. Our bodies began to move. We swayed together as your hands began to explore. Your hands find my breasts, firm and full at your touch. I melt into you. My hands reach behind me, rubbing your cock. I could feel your pulse as my hands work over you. Our breathing becomes heavier and our movements more frantic.

It is a need now, a need to fuck.

Your hands pinch my nipples hard, rolling them between your fingers as I gasped. You let go of one breast and moved your hand down across my belly and find my aching clit. My knees buckle a little as your fingers rub against me. Our breathing turn more rapid as we writhed together, feeling the need growing.
I need to fuck... You thrust your hips deep into my awaiting pussy. I cried out as I feel you fill me and start to fuck me. I had been needing this. I rock my ass up against you, trying to help you reach even deeper. Your body crushes mine as your cock pounds hard into my dripping pussy. My pussy pulses hard around you, needing you, wanting you harder, faster, deeper. My body tenses as I feel my orgasm growing. I can't hold it back. It's too urgent of a need, to fuck and be fucked. I feel my body tense, my insides swelling around your hard cock. My body is starting to shake as I let go of all passion built up inside me...


  1. Very nice... by both of you... Wish you posted more often!

    1. Thank you...I lost my desk job about year and half ago and since then I don't have the time or motivation to spend thinking and creating stories...but I will keep that in mind and hope in the future I will write more.