Friday, August 26, 2011


I enjoy all kinds of sex, and I love variety and experimentation, trying out all kinds of different things - for me pretty much anything goes, so long as it feels good for both of us.

However, when it comes to fantasizing, when I'm masturbating and thinking of something I know will make me cum, I often find myself returning to the idea of fucked deliciously from behind. It's becoming quite a specific fantasy these days, crystallized in my mind from writing entries in this blog, from reading comments left for me, from delightful cybersex I've enjoyed. It goes pretty much like this...

You love for me to be submissive. Imagining that it's against my will, wanting you to be a little playfully rough with me, You can't resist - You love it when I'm like this, when I want you to just fuck me, hard, any way you please. And I surrender control to you.

The heat from your body as you lay on top me is enough to generate the wetness and excitement I need...I crave. Your touch , your breath, the whispers in my ear makes me want to beg. Beg for all you have to give me. To fuck me raw.

Please, Im begging...Give me what I need. What I know you need.


  1. I like to fuck my lizard from behind while she is bent over the bed on her stomach with her arms tied above her head. I place her across the bed sideways and tie her hands to a table on the far side of the bed. Sometimes I tie her legs up too, so they are stretched out and she can barely stand on the ground. I also blindfold her. Then I spank her ass and shove a finger up her cunt, and rub my hard cock in her ass crack while I continue to spank her. When she is bent over the bed like that, I get my hardest spanks in for some reason.

    Then I push my cock in her, sometimes grabbing her hair from behind, and fuck her while I keep spanking her reddening ass. Her pussy gets very wet and she gasps and moans as I thrust my cock all the way inside her fuckhole. This can sometimes go on for a while. I love the feeling. It sounds like you would too.

  2. It seems Lizard and I have something in common.