Thursday, August 4, 2011

Im in the game this morning

I woke up this morning with an incredible feeling of hornyness and the words of my early morning fantasy seem to pour form my finger tips.

My lips drift across yours
you steal my breath as you taste me
I arch to your touch
wanting more
a moan escapes my throat
raw and greedy
your fingers trace down between my trembling thighs
an intimate touch
my thighs fall open
a soft sweet surrender
a thrust of my hips
as your fingers explore
gliding against me
and then
and then...
your there at my sex
stroking my clit
and I moan once more
soaked, open
my pussy inviting you
exquisitely wet
you bite on my neck
as your fingers slide down
parting my lips
and you push
my pussy engulfs you
clutching your fingers
a groan ripped from my throat
as you thrust
a ripple, a spasm
and you push your hand deeper
enclosed by my sex
soaking your fingers
as you shove
and I shove
filling my sex
two fingers, then three
and I groan
my thighs wide
a spill of my wetness escaping my pussy
the movements more frantic
urgent and rhythmic
needing release
and your gaze meets mine
your breath hot and lustful
and I whisper these words
as your fingers plunge deep...

come for me...
let it go
come for me
right now...

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