Friday, August 19, 2011

The Last Days of Summer Vacation

Monday school starts back for the kids. Thank goodness... They are driving me crazy. "Mom, I'm bored... Mom, I'm hungry... Mom, You never let me do anything... Mom, you make me do to many chores"

Of course my schedule will get demanding. After school starts homework then my daughter to dance class, 6 days a week and my son starts Tball, that is games 2 days a week plus practice. In between all that there is dinner to be made, baths given, and the rush to get my boy to bed by 8:00.

Then it is up at 6:00 and the stress of getting everyone up, dressed and feed before driving them to school by 8:00

Most of the time I don't mind rushing around. And of course my imagination does get the best of me since I am not out creating my true life fantasies. So I guess that will benefit my readers.

TGIF...have a great weekend


  1. That's the best news I've heard about school starting again, more fantasy stories! Yummy :)

  2. Summer is nice, but back to school is as least for the parents. But as you mentioned, that comes with it's own set of drawbacks. Oh well, such is life for us all. The joys of being a's always something. Sorry to hear you are still having to live in fantasy-land. I wish you the best and hope your true life fantasies become reality.