Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Imaginary Friend

As I lie in bed at night I have images in my head of being taken. It is no surprise to any of you but I love to share my thoughts with you... Here is what my imaginary friend wants to do to me...

I love the way you beg me like that, love knowing how much you want me, how greedy you are for me to fuck you, long and hard and deep. Even though I've instructed you not to move, I can still feel your pussy tightening deliciously around my erect cock, squeezing around me, trying to suck all the cum from my throbbing erection. You are such a bad girl...You clearly still need to be punished, you're being so bad and wilfull, such a dirty girl, but it's getting so hard to keep from fucking you, I want you so much right now, and you know it, you can sense it, you can feel my hard cock throbbing deep inside you...


  1. Whatever man ends up (inside??) with you will be very lucky. Choose carefully!

  2. Reina, I've been speaking with someone via email who claims to be you but I thought I'd verify. :) If it is you, let me know. If it's not, then let me know as well and I will pass along the info to you privately.