Monday, July 11, 2011

Date Night

Saturday night was a lot of fun. I had a real life date and ended in bliss. So I showered, dressed and by 8:30 my gentleman friend and I were out the door. He decided to take me to a Country Western bar called the Round Up. Its pretty popular among the cowboy community. We had some drinks and listened to music and watched the people dance. We would have danced too but I have no idea how to line dance. But we had a lot of fun talking and feeling each other up under the table. After some time and feeling a bit tipsy we decided to do something else.

It was suggested to me to go to a strip club. So... I did. I love to watch and watching these girls hang upside down totally nude was very interesting. It made me wonder how they got into this kind of business. They were spread eagle and bouncing their ass right in front of these men's faces. A little more then I was expecting to see. I thought most of the women were very beautiful and wonder if I could ever do anything like that....Well, the answer is NO but watching them did turn me on a quite a bit.

Have you ever brought your wife or date to a strip club? Did she like it? Did you like bringing her? I would love some details.

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  1. A demure lil fem co-worker of mine was dying to go 'with the boys' while on a business trip and all I can say is the cab ride back to the hotel was pretty adventurous! lol She loved it and makes a point about going whenever travels find us in the same place. Next, a swingers club! lol