Friday, July 8, 2011

Having it Rough

I lie here naked on the floor breathing heavily as I feel the result of your lust pooling between my thighs and dripping down my back. You had taken me greedily this evening. I barely had the door open to greet you when you pushed me inside and up against the wall of the foyer. Your kisses were hungry and passionate - more carnal than loving. Your hard body pressed tight against mine, temporarily taking my breath away. Your mouth roughly moved over my lips, pushing your tongue into my mouth, invading me. Your arousal was evident as I felt your hard cock pressing against my thigh.

Hands moved over my body, feeling, groping, needing. Your fingers brushed over my nipples, hard against the fabric of my shirt. Making me gasp into your mouth as you pinched them. I whimpered softly as you pulled and twisted them in your hands. My body didn't know how to react as you moved against me. It became too much for you though. Slamming me back against the wall, your lips departed from mine. Your fingers found the buttons on my blouse and with one sharp jerk, your ripped it open scattering buttons across the foyer floor. Growling softly, your mouth assaulted my breasts, licking and biting at them as the while pinning my arms in the sleeves of my blouse. Writhing against you only caused you to press your thigh in between mine, pinning my hips as well.

Your tongue circled my hard nipples, over and around torturing me with your touch. Pulling them into your mouth, you sucked hard, causing me to gasp again. Rolling my nipple between your sharp teeth, you bit hard. My body cried out as your teeth left their mark on my breasts again and again.

Suddenly you released me, backing away for a moment to quickly strip your jeans and boxers off. As quick as you had released me, you were back pressed tight to my body. Your lips pressed hard against my neck and your stubble scratched my skin. I could feel your ragged breaths as you licked and sucked at me. Your hips moved, your hard cock rubbing against my skirt. I could feel the precum seeping through the fabric as you continued to thrust your hips against me. Your groaning was much more urgent, growing louder as your erect cock slid against the fabric of my skirt.

With a movement I wasn't expecting, you whirled me around to face the wall. Pushing me hard against it, I moaned as the cool surface touched my breasts. Your hands made quick work of my blouse, tossing it to the floor beside the scattered buttons. I felt your hand pressing between my shoulder blades as your mouth moved over my back, alternating licking and biting it. My hands clutched at the wall as your body moved against me.

Withdrawing slightly, your other hand grabbed the edge of my skirt, shoving up up over my ass. Your groan intensified as your hand traced over the skin next to my silk thong. Your fingers threaded through the soft silk, playing with the fabric, toying with it before yanking them down my legs. Your fingers wasted no time sliding down between my ass cheeks, down to my pussy. Your body was pressing closer, your cock still rubbing against me as your fingers explored me. Moving over and around my pussy, you rubbed and stroked me, each movement forcing my legs wider. I could feel your precum smeared all over my ass. Your cock slipped over me, getting wet along your length. Getting wet enough to fuck me.

Your fingers started first though. Two fingers pushed slowly into my pussy as your other hand continued to press me against the wall. Without warning, you thrust them hard inside me, pushing in as far as you could go. Thrusting harder and harder, fucking me with your fingers, pushing my thighs apart. Two fingers in and out, thrusting faster. Then three, filling me, stroking over and over. Pushing hard against me as your fingers fucked me.

Your cock throbbed against my ass, wet and slippery, needing to fuck. I felt you slide your fingers out and stroke yourself firmly. Looking at my swollen cunt lips, you positioned yourself directly behind me. Your hard cock rubbed against my entrance, needing to be inside me. Your thigh nudged my legs further out, your hand pressed me harder against the wall. With a growl, you grabbed my hip and thrust your cock deep inside me. I cried out as I felt you invade me. With a groan, you began to thrust hard against me, sliding your throbbing penis in and out of my pussy. From your thrusts, I knew you wouldn't last long. This excited you too much. Your teeth found the back of my neck, biting at it with more and more intensity as your arousal grew. Each thrust elicited a groan. Your body slammed into mine, harder and harder, pushing me into the wall with ferocity.

Then I calapse onto the floor...

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  1. We have a unique, but wonderful parallel this date my pet . . so I am more than a little taken with your story/fantasy. I will have to write you with the details. Uhmmm, so erotic!