Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lap Dance

Her hair drifted across my body. Long brown curly hair slowly slid down my body following her as she traced over my legs. I could only see her hair until she dipped down. Her head dropped lower and the curve of her back revealed her luscious ass. Her hands ran up the outside of my legs as she pushed her body back up. A smile spread across her face as she looked up to me.

"Enjoying yourself?" she asked and I nodded.

Her grin increased. She dipped her head back down and pressed her lips against my clit. The fabric of my panties warmed as she breathed against them. Flipping her hair, she eased up my body rubbing in time of the music playing behind us. Her breasts brushed against mine as her hands ran up my sides. Just as her face and lips got close she turned over in my lap. Her ass ground down against me and she leaned her body back against me. Her back arched, her body swayed back and forth. Taking my hand in hers, she ran it over her breast, allowing me to caress her for just a moment before putting it back on the chair.

Her body writhed over me, her back pressed against my breasts. Her curls trickled down over me and I inhaled her scent. It was a musky scent, pleasant and sexy. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply again. Her body shifted and she sat up and gazed at me over her shoulder. I paused, unsure, before running my fingertips down her back. She smiled into it and moved on me again. Her body undulated, her ass rubbing my lap, her hands reaching down between my thighs.

With a gentle, yet forceful motion, she pushed my thighs apart and turned over to face me again. She crawled up my body, her hands propping her body up as she slid back up over me. The heat between her thighs warmed mine. Her whole body touching me, caressing me, sensuously moving against me. Her face so close to mine. Her lips touched mine ever so briefly before she let her body slide back.

She stood and look at Master who paid her nicely.


  1. I would have thrown a few more $20s to the gal to keep her going as I enjoy watching her control over you, and your lust growing with each touch . . and 'almost touch'. I know you would cumm the minute her fingers found their way beneath your panties! This I know!