Tuesday, December 14, 2010

For You Jess

Jess, a blogger, suggested I write a threesome story on f/f/f.... I wanst able to that but hope she find this story just as much fun. ENJOY

I look down at her as she's sliding her hand up my leg. I was very lucky to have found someone as beautiful as her. She was just standing there admiring a pair of strappy sandals when I first noticed her. I noticed her legs first, long and lean standing atop a gorgeous pair of black stilettos. I followed them up to her short tailored skirt that showed off her luscious ass. That's really all the further I needed to go but the rest of her delighted my eyes all the same. She noticed me staring at her openly. She didn't look away. It didn't take long to get her back to my bedroom.

She's knelt before me now, her hands sliding over my calves as I run my fingers through her hair. She's naked as I had stripped off her clothes a few minutes ago. She melted at my touch, her mouth was so warm and wet when I kissed her for the first time. My tongue gently probed her mouth as I slowly undid the buttons to her blouse exposing her lacy bra. Her blouse slipped easily from her shoulders. Her breasts were small but perky and her nipples were rock hard. I gently teased them through her bra before removing it altogether. Her hands moved to her skirt zipper, pulling it down and letting the skirt fall to the floor. Her small lacy thong followed quickly. I let my hands run over her soft skin. Such a tantalizing feel. My mouth traced her jaw and lingered for a moment before moving down her neck. Her soft sighs permeated my thoughts and I could think of nothing but her. My hands traced over her breasts and circled to her nipples. So pert, so delicious. She slid slowly from my hands as her body lowered to the floor.

Her fingers traced over my feet and up my bare legs. Her hands taking me in. She caressed them as if they were the essence of my sensuality. This is where we are now. Her lips are softly licking their way up my legs to the edge of my skirt. She looks up at me briefly as her hands part my thighs. Such beautiful eyes looking up at me. I open my thighs for her as her fingertips make their way to my already wet cunt. She gasps softly as she realizes my panties have already been removed. She slowly traces her fingers around my wet lips before pushing them open. She lazily slides one finger inside, sampling me. Her touch was delightfully erotic. With my help, she pushes up my skirt, exposing me to her. I let my head roll back as I feel her warm breath on me, my hands tangled in her hair. I gasp as I feel her tongue gently lick my slit. I spread my thighs a bit wider as she pushes another finger inside, expertly stroking me. Her tongue moves up to my clit and slowly circles it. I sigh and wrap my fingers tighter in her hair. The feel of her tongue mingled with her hot breath is exquisite. I moan as her fingers push deeper and find my spot. I need her. I pull her from me and lift her up until she's standing in front of me. My hands move to lift my shirt off as her hands reach behind me and unhook my bra. My hands then remove my skirt and let it fall to the floor. I then pull her close so her body is pressed tight against mine, I can feel her hot skin on mine. I kiss her lips again and let our tongues glide over each other. I push her back to the bed and lay her across it. Climbing up onto the bed, she slides her hands over my hips, pulling me down onto her. I move my cunt against hers, our clits rubbing together. Our hands explore each other further, mine massaging her breasts, hers gliding over my ass. She wraps one leg around me, pulling me closer, grinding harder. We're both so close. My fingers pinch her nipple and she arches her back to me. I need to take her in my mouth. I break our kiss and lower my head to her beautiful breasts. My tongue deftly flicks over her nipple. She moans and pulls me tighter. I lean off to the side and reach my hand down between her thighs. She's so ready for me, I can feel her wetness flood my hand as I push my fingers inside her. I reach back with my thumb and rub her clit as my tongue teases her nipples. Her hand reaches across mine and finds my clit. She rubs me rhythmically to my own hand, keeping pace with me. She's going to make me cum, her body, her sounds, her touch, oh god. Her hips thrust up to meet my hand, I can feel her pussy pulsing around me. I slide my fingers in and out, fucking her with them. She moans loudly as her one hand claws at my back. I move with her, pressing my own pussy harder against her other hand. My thighs tighten around hers, my muscles tightening. I'm going to cum, she's going to make me cum. My teeth clamp down on her nipple, biting hard. She screams in pain and pleasure and suddenly starts to convulse under me. I push my fingers in hard as she cums on them, clenching around them. Seeing and hearing her cum pushes me over the edge. I cry out as I feel it hit me. God. The pleasure flashes as I convulse on her. I kiss her lips hard as I let it flood over me. Our bodies rock together as we ride out our orgasms. We stay like that, entwined as we slowly come down. Gasping for breath we smile and lazily untangle ourselves. I'm so glad I found her today.


  1. AMAZING JOB!!!! I had to get my vibe while I read it a second time :) It really made me feel like I was with you when reading this. You really know how to make the reader feel like they're part of the story. Great job!!


  2. Hey Jess...Im so glad you liked it. It was you inspired.

    I got a new computer and lost your new blog address. Can you send it to me at nakedaytrader@aol.com

    Your the best

  3. The way you explore new thoughts/fantasies never ceases to amaze me, one would only imagine this was a hot fantasy to see you write with such passion . . sooo nice, I imagine Jess had a big grin across her face as she read the blog.
    Very nice!