Wednesday, December 15, 2010

HATE Is a Strong Word

OK...its bitching time. As most of you know I have been looking for a new job. Mostly because I can't stand my boss. Well today was a topper. Every Christmas I usually get a bonus. 7 years ago I started out getting about $3500...every year it seems to get smaller and smaller. This year (today) he took the accountant and myself out to lunch. I was excited because this is when he gives out our bonuses. He is going on a 2 1/2 week vacation so we had out lunch early this year.

So we got a speech about how poorly he is doing and he cant give us our usual Christmas bonus. (He was telling us this in his new car on his way to the restaurant) The entire 2 hours we spent eating he was telling us how much he spends on his girlfriend to keep her happy and how much he spends on his 5 homes, and his new cars...and his $250,000 he spends on country club dues every year.

So the company paid for lunch and at least I didn't have to eat the ham sandwich I brought to work.  the highlight of our lunch was the woman at the next table you flashed the girl sitting at her table and we all got a peek. HOHOHO!!! And now I'm back here sitting at my desk blogging to you wonderful people who have taken the time to hear me bitch.



  1. Hey Carrie, I've never got a Christmas bonus from any job I had. I work as a waitress so me and the rest of the girls do our own thing. We draw names out of hat and do a secret Santa type thing. We'll usually go out during the week after the restaurant closes so all the girls can come. Weekends it's closes after 1am so it's a little late. We'll go to another restaurant, enjoy a nice meal and swap gifts. It's always been a lot of fun.


  2. Hey Jess...That does sound like fun. But my office only has 3 people in it. The boss, the accountant, and me. The accounant makes over $120,000, the boss makes over a yes, I feel I deserve something.

    Oh well...I used to work for a hospital and it was nice doing gift exchanges and going to private praties. We were all close and I truly miss being with them duing Christmas.