Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Fun

One of my friends / followers wrote this story for me and I just had to post it. He says this is part 1 of 2. Its very playful and sexy...

You try on the "Ms Santa" dress he sent from Fredericks . . slide on the candy apple red heels . . ohh, and the tiny white lace thong he included. You look in the mirror and admire the way you look, your legs smoooth, tan and gleaming from the lotion you know he luvs.

You go into the garage and there sits the sports sedan he had Enterprise deliver last night just for this occassion . . you slide into the leather seat and realize the 'dress' is barely long enough to cover your thong . . you sit for a moment, anticipating the excitement on his face when he approaches . . and the thought of his warm hand on your bare thigh. You're pussy begins to get very wet and you haven't even left the garage! LOL Its what you luv about him . . spontaneous, playful . . unafraid to tell his pet what he wants and how!

As you wait by the curb at the airport arrivals, you are approached by a policewoman . . she is waving at you to move, but you freeze. As she approaches the car she sees your red outfit and smiles (its the Holiday spirit!) and then as she peers inside and takes in the outfit, she decides to get a closer look . . just as I exit the Terminal. I see the car, and begin smiling at what might be happening in the exchange with the cop . . . you are startled at my voice when I call out "Is there a problem officer?" . . but relieved just the same. The cute female officer says "ohhh noo, no problem . . I was just admiring her outfit!". You are in near panic in the car . . knowing your pussy is nearly exposed to this lady cop. You hear me say . . "well that's good, I sent her the outfit and told her what to wear so she had no choice. In fact if you'd like to see more of her . . take my card and give us a call later. I'll make sure she's dressed appropriately." She smiles, takes my card and thanks me . . and I know you will be doing me a favor later today! lol I get in the car and place my hand on your thigh, grasping your warm leg . . leaning over to kiss you. You know not to ask about my 'invitation' to the officer . . but I swear you are close to cumming because of what just happened. I tell you to drive ahead . . and that I need to stop at the nearby Mall to pick up something for this evening. You lick your lips, look at me with a lustful desire . . yes my pet, I KNOW you need to cum . . patience!

You pull into the Mall area and I tell you to park in the garage . . go to the upper floors I tell you as its easier to park there. You pull into a spot near the cross-over bridge to the mall . . and ask what I am picking up. My finger to your lips . . shhhh, then I move my hand between your thighs as I hold you back in the seat with my other hand . . "I luv the way you look in this outfit my pet . . your soft warm thighs begging to be licked, kissed". I move my hand up to your pussy and you spread your thighs even more . . my pet luvs my touch, and as I tease your thighs just beyond the cloth of your thong, I can feel you already on your way to a powerful orgasm . . I 'spank' your clit firmly and it sends you into an explosive orgasm . . and I proceed to rub you even more through your panties. Your scent fills the car as you pussy has thoroughly soaked your thong . . and I tell you its a bad thing to wet your panties and 'spank' your clitty again . . you JUMP from the pain as your clit is still very sensitive. I begin pulling off the thong . . its now on the floor still wrapped around one ankle as my fingers begin their assault on your drenched cunt. Three fingers easily slide inside as you arch your back . . come on baby, cumm for daddy . . you again scream out as I am stroking your clit . . your juices coating my fingers and the leather seat. "That's it my pet . . give yourself to me, your total attention . . do what I ask, when I ask . . and WANT more! Yes? I want to see the look in your eyes, that you NEED me . . that you can't wait for my direction, my punishment when deserve and also my cock." I feed you the fingers covered in your juices and you hungrily lick them clean. You suddenly see me looking around and know I am not yet finished . . . ohhh damn! LOL

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  1. I can totally relate to that story!! I can't wait to read the rest...