Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How Do You Want Me

You want to bend me over the desk, hold me down, and tug my panties all the way down, down to my ankles. If I start to struggle, You'll spank me, punish me, teach me a lesson, remind me what a dirty girl I am.

If I'm a good girl, if I don't struggle, You will fuck me from behind, long, hard and deep, sliding your erect cock deep inside me, deep into my wet pussy, teasing me with my cock, thrusting deliciously inside me, taking me over the edge, making me cum over and over again, until you can't take any more, and you cum frantically, filling me with all your gift, spurting deep inside me...

If I'm a bad girl, I'll be punished. You'll force me down onto my hands and knees in front of you, make me take your cock into my mouth, and you'll watch me as I suck you, holding me by my hair, treating me roughly, using me for your own pleasure, until you feel yourself about to cum, and then you'll cum in my mouth, urgently, selfishly, not caring about my own pleasure, and once you have cum, you'll leave me there on the floor, your cum dripping from my mouth, my body trembling, leaving me wanting more.


  1. MMMM, hard to decided which to be the good girl or the bad girl - both so delicious!

  2. Well, I am glad to know you still have it! LOL
    (JUST KIDDING!) I would never start off with "you're a good girl" until after I used you for my pleasure, smacked your ass to remind you of how remiss you've been lately and left you sitting with my cum dripping from your chin. Perhaps I'd return after taking a shower and getting a cool drink to see if you know why.
    The rest of your afternoon and Christmas morning would depend on your response my pet.