Friday, December 3, 2010

A Quick Fantasy

Your tongue is on my slit, it is wet, I am excited. Your tongue invades me, up and down, touching my clit briefly, I shiver.... I love it when you make contact with my love button. Your tongue laps at my pussy, I am moaning, You reach for my breasts, massaging them, play with my nipples, twisting them, feeling them harden... You want me to cum, you love when I cum with just your tongue, I am pushing my pussy into your face, my hands on your head, pushing you, You stab my slit with your tongue, circle my clit... You feel my legs start to entrap your head, You know that I am almost there, I am squeezing you, breathing hard, moaning, I keep your tongue on my clit, I start to shiver, squeezing you more, Your finger finds its way to my anus, circling it, my wetness has made my crack slippery, You slide a finger in my ass as I cum, you push hard, your finger all the way inside, my orgasm explodes, I am screaming your name, don't stop, don't stop... and you keep going, going, it seems like forever before I calm down.

You are straddling me now, you thrust your cock inside me, riding me hard. You have to cum. You push my legs over my head so you can pound me. Your cock thrusting deeper inside me. My pussy is spasming, squeezing you, I am so tight, you can't hold back, you feel the cum rushing through your cock, warm squirts of your hot cum hitting my cervix, you keep pounding till all is exhausted. you lay there inside me, kissing me deeply, your cock softening. You roll off me, we head for the shower, soap each other up, kissing.

1 comment:

  1. Mmmm, your writings describe my 'hobby' in great detail my pet. Reading your words makes me think your imagination is as 'visual' as mine, and I can only say your writings seem much more detailed these days. My thirst remains . .