Friday, June 24, 2011

He Craves Me

I got this email the other day and I just had to share it with you. It turned me on greatly...

I want you naked on my bed
the thought of it makes me pulse
I can feel it in my cock
An ache, a need
a constant throb
And I'm erect, and I want you...

your exquisite curves are liquid against the sheets
soft, subtle movements as you breathe
light dappled on your gentle skin
secrets to be discovered
intense pleasure between your thighs.

As much as I love this image...
as much as I love thinking of you this way...
all I want is to take you

You're so beautiful
So sensual
but all I want is to be all over you
to fuck you
to cover you in my hot wet cum

I want to make you wet
to fuck you with my hard cock
to make you scream
to turn this beauty into lust
hard, frantic, urgent lust.

The images tumble in my head
my body between your thighs
urgently moving
thrusting and fucking
overwhelming need and desire.

I want you wrapped around me
I want my cock deep inside your cunt
I want to feel you clutching around me
clinging onto me
engulfing my cock with your hot, wet need
bathing my cock with your cunt.

Our bodies melt, merging into one another
the wet slap of cock inside cunt
the irresistible rhythm of sex
my body in yours
inside you
craving you
wanting you
plunging deeper, harder
grabbing at me frantically
clutching at my cock
fucking me
and fucking me
and fucking me...

and when you come...
ohh god when you come
all over my cock
a hot, wet flood
screaming my name
your body arching
beauty out of passion...

that image of you
your breasts exposed
your thighs clinging
your head thrown back

it's what I need and
what I want


  1. Wow, where can I get me one of those guys?

  2. Well put . . and I'm right here (SBF)!!! lol

  3. i want to know who sent the email im jealous