Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Your Secret

I've seen you with her. She's seems sweet, kind, lovely. She's the one you introduce to your friends. She's the one your family loves. She's the "keeper" as they say.

I'm not any of those, am I?

I'm the one who makes you utter those filthy words. You are the one who makes me the fucking slut that I am to you. Your the one who tells me what you want and I comply.

I'm your dirty little secret.

And you love it.

I know you do.

I know that you think of me when you're with her.

I know you fantasize it's me you're fucking. It's my dripping pussy squeezing around your cock. It's my fingers tracing down your back. It's my hot wet mouth around your cock as you moan in lust.

And I know what you like.

Sex isn't made to be pretty. It's made to be ugly and raw. It's made to be pure carnal pleasure in any form that it comes. It's made to be a release, a yearning, a desire - something you need to have. Now.

Don't tell me you want to make love to me. Save that for her.

I know you want to fuck me hard and raw with no complications.

Tell me you want your cock in my pussy, in my mouth, in my ass. Tell me you want to feel my lips around you. Tell me you want to spread my thighs and lick me until I cum for you. I like to hear it. I love hear those harsh words whispered, so full of arousal.

That's why I'm here...

That's my purpose. I'm here for you to fuck and use. I'm here to keep you satisfied. To tease you and fuck you.

You know I'll do whatever I ask.

You know I'll comply.

Because I'm your dirty little secret.

The one that make you stroke yourself when no one's home. The one who makes you cum while reading my words. The one who fantasizes with you. The one who fantasizes for you. The one who wants your cock. The one who wants to feel you pressed up against me as you slide your erect cock inside me. The one who needs to feel your body rubbing against mine.

You like me being your secret. Will that ever change?

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  1. Good Morning!!! Another incredibly hot post. You must have had trouble sleeping last night?