Friday, June 3, 2011


Katie is on her way to Vegas. Im so excited for her. If you missed it she was on at the very end jumping up and down at the AL auditions. She has short white blond with black highlights hair.

This weekend is my son's birthday party. He will be turning 6 on the 24th but I had to have his party a bit early. I have never seen a kid so excited. We are having a giant waterslide and a snow cone machine. I got a bunch of waterguns and water balloons. I am making cupcakes and it will be catered (a cookout) My little buddy and his 46 guests are going to have a blast.

On top of all that I am hoping I will have some time to fit in a little sex. I have been sex free since last week. I am feeling frisky. And am in need.

Have fun this weekend. Bye

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  1. Let's hope your dreams fill the gap, so to speak.