Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Kiss Part III

You lift me into your arms
and carry me to the bed

laying me down
leaning over me
kissing me again
lingering on my lips
wanting you so much

your hands slipping around my back
unclipping my bra
sliding it off my shoulders
pulling it gently from me
smiling lustfully as you look at my breasts
leaning over to kiss me again

one of your thighs slipping between mine
moving together
our bodies warm
and soft
brushing together
as we push and move
our movements becoming one

wanting you
craving you
kissing your way down my neck
nibbling gently
your breath warm
as you move down further

your hands tracing down my body
as your lips kiss my collar bone
kissing down to my breasts
your tongue circling a nipple
flicking across it teasingly
taking it into your mouth
biting gently
feeling me arch underneath you
wanting you
wanting you so much

kissing your way further down
lips tracing over my tummy
hands gently parting my thighs
your fingers sliding over my panties
down to my crotch
stroking softly
rubbing me
caressing me
as your lips slide down

your fingers slipping into the waistband of my panties
smiling at me again
and tugging them down
all the way
pulling them off my ankles
leaving me naked
naked underneath you
looking at me...

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