Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Kiss Part IV

your gaze following my curves
leaning over me again
and parting my thighs

holding them apart softly with your hands
moving closer
your breath warm between my legs
your lips so close
and kissing me
ohh god right there
on my pussy lips
your tongue flicking out
circling my clit
feeling me tremble
parting my thighs further
moving down

the tip of your tongue teasing my slit
feeling it begin to part
tasting my wetness
as your tongue slides up my slit
dragging it all the way up
until the flat of your tongue
reaches my clit
sliding over it
your fingers parting my pussy lips
as your tongue dips inside me
inside my cunt
tasting me
drinking me

and I writhe under you
so wet now
arching up towards you
your tongue circling my clit again
lapping greedily
opening your lips
and engulfing my clit with your mouth
feeling me tremble
hearing me gasp

you kneeling up between my thighs
feeling my gaze on you
as you slide your boxers down
taking them off
feeling me watching you
seeing how hard you are
your cock so erect
visibly throbbing
needing to be inside me
needing to fuck me

and I gasp
pulling you over me
our naked bodies sliding together
your hands stroking me
touching me
my hand finding my erect cock
gasping as I stroke it

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  1. wow she is all worked up glad to be her bar of soap