Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Can Feel You

Do you have any idea how much I want you right now? How much I want to feel your hands sliding over my body? Feel your lips on mine? Your body pressed against me? I'm thinking about that right now. You. Your body. Your hands. Your lips. Your tongue. My own hands are acting as yours, sliding over me. I'm touching myself as you would, letting them caress my arms. My eyes are closed as I feel my fingers drift across my breasts. I want you. My fingertips gently tease my nipples as I feel my heartbeat quicken. My nipples grow hard under my touch. I roll them between my fingers, moaning softly at the feelings they produce. They are so sensitive. You know that though. You know how it makes me writhe under you when you suck on them and bite them. You know the pleasure it brings me, the feelings in my cunt. I pinch them harder, feeling you in place of my fingers. I let my other hand move across my belly. The anticipation I feel when you do this to me. Will you touch me? Will you tease me? I move my hand down my thighs, feeling your hand spreading them. I let them fall open and caress the insides of my thighs. Just the soft touch of fingertips on my skin. I pinch my other nipple harder, moaning as I do. I see you there, propped above me, watching me as you give me pleasure, loving the look on my face, the movements of my body. I know you love that.
My fingertips move up my thighs. I want this, I need this. My fingers gently slide up my slit. I am so wet for you. You know how wet I get when you touch me like this. I spread my wetness up to my clit and gently rub, such intensity. My eyes close tighter, my breath quicker. You love this, finding my hard little button and circling it, watching me become helpless to your touch. I let my fingers slide back down my slit and tease my pussy lips, touching them softly. I am so ready for you. I open myself and slowly slide two fingers inside. I'm so warm and wet. I slide my fingers in and out, feeling them stroke me. Feeling your fingers as I do. Feeling them touch me in the way I love. I slide them out and bring them up to my lips. My tongue slides up my fingers, licking my juices off, tasting me. I know how much you love my taste. I know how much you love licking me off you. I move my hand back down and spread my saliva over my clit. I rub again, a bit harder this time. I can't wait much longer. This teasing is too much. I want to cum for you. My other hand moves down along my belly. I can feel you sliding down my body until I feel your hot breath on my pussy. My fingers slide back inside me. I curl them forward to find my spot. My back arches up as I feel your tongue on me. My fingers rub faster. I can see you there, your face buried in my pussy, looking up at me and smiling. You know how much pleasure you bring me. My fingers stroke in and out, curling forward each time, pressing into me. I know it's what you want, to see me like this, masturbating for you. My fingers move in tight little circles as I stroke myself. Pushing three fingers inside, filling me. My head falls back as I arch my back higher. It's too much, not enough. I push my fingers in deeper, fucking myself with them. I can feel my pussy tighten around them, starting to pulse. Bring me there. I press harder with my fingers as I feel the warmth spreading through me. Bring me over the edge. I can feel your body moving with me, willing me to cum for you. I know you want that, for me to cum on your face, your tongue, your lips. My fingers move with you. Pushing deeper, rubbing harder. The pleasure is growing, blossoming out from my touch. Rubbing faster. It's there. I moan your name as I feel the release wash over me. A white hot pleasure crashing into me. My cunt pulses around my fingers, your fingers, making them so very wet, throbbing hard. Such amazing sensations, such release. My breathing is ragged as I come down. Feeling you in me, over me, through me, I relax at the thought, wishing you were here.


  1. Ahhhh, what a great morning read! The fantasies and imagination are as sharp as ever . . perhaps a shopping trip together, carefree, warm sun on you as the covertible top is down, and you playing with yourself with your dress pulled up . . all for my enjoyment. So much fun!

  2. I sure wish I were there...smiles!!!
    What a hot story!