Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Ok...I have got to tell someone... You all know my boss is crazy, I have spoken about him many times. This morning my office (consists of 2 people) has our heads spinning. My boss has the new I Phone 4S and there is an app called friend finder. Basically, we can look up exactly where he is at all times as long as his phone is with him. So today... Anthony ( He is the one actually tracking his whereabouts) followed him from his house, to the bank, he circled the parking lot like 12 times, ended up at the edge of a lake, walked back to his car, and came into the office. Hmmm, a little strange don't you think? What is he doing at a lake for like 2 minutes.

Anyway, I guess we will be having fun with his new IPhone. LOL

Did I tell you all that he was once considered a suspect in his wife's murder? It turned out she was killed by her doctor boyfriend...But my boss could have prevented her death and choose not to help her. But that is another story. But does make for a great Halloween tale.

I told you all he was CRAZY. Please I need a job...


  1. Wow. Your boss sounds even creepier than mine was lol.

  2. Clearly he's at the lake disposing of the ill-gotten goods he gleaned while circling the bank's parking lot.

  3. If I hired you . . I'd NEVER get another thing done related to work!!! LOL I would be sure you ordered the new leather sofa for my office, and would put you in charge of writing an employee manual for 'special' girls! lol It would be fun to write, no??