Friday, November 4, 2011

I Need to Vent

This post might be a bit gross... I work in a very small office. That consists of the President, the CFO and myself. I seem to always have issues with the big boss but over the last couple of days I have had issues with the other one. Now, I don't mind if people telling me personal things, I don't mind if they tell me about their aliments. But 3 days ago this guy tells me how he wasn't feeling well. He said how he was unable to have a bowel movement. That he has been pushing and pushing and nothing was happening. Yesterday he came in...And tells me he no longer has the pushing issue but he had the runs. He kept going into the bathroom and when he came out he went into great detail about what was happening to him. He finally went home early THANK GOD...Well today I got to hear how he was feeling better but now his ass is sore and how he had hemorrhoids. How there was some sort of bubble and had to use medication to take down the swelling (I have no idea about what this is about) Then to top it off he tells me how bad his gas is...OMG. who tells people this?

Now...don't you think this was way too much information? Especially to an employee? I have never been so grossed out. I get a lot of comments about how detailed I am in my writing but this was beyond detail. I learned stuff about him and bodily functions more then I would ever care to know.

ok...Thanks for listening.


  1. Ewwww, that's so gross....and really inappropriate stuff to tell an employee. Is there any way you can talk to the other boss and tell him about this incident, and how uncomfortable its made you? Maybe that would get him to stop...


  2. No...The other boss is 78 years old and he talks about this stuff with him. He is a good guy and I think he feels he can talk to me about anything.

    He left early today and won't be back until Monday so hopefully he will be back to normal. :)

  3. A little too much info...
    Good for you that you were able to tolerate it without going off.