Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Deadliest Catch

I know you all wait to see what I write about the Deadliest Catch every week so here it goes... Last night was all about the top of the king crab season 2010. The first pots were dropped and their was excitement in the air. Every year it is always the same, right before exhaustion sets in, tempers flair, and mistakes made. So far not much is happening in the way of drama. Jack Anderson wants to run the boat but no way are the 3 Hanson owners (all who work on the boat) is going to allow that. The two new boats on the fleet aren't making nice with the views. They are young and cocky and no one likes that. As for the crab count goes the Seabrook is at the top. The other boats aren't having much luck but it is only 3 days into the crab season and I have faith that our favorite captains will pull out ahead.

Where is my man when I am all horny after watching the Catch? I am sure all of you know how excited I get watching the fleet race for red gold. (Don't you love how I know the lingo) In fact it is when I want to have hot, raunchy, dirty sex. LOL


  1. omg!! where can i get the dvds for this show i need to get every season for her then let her watch then thput her in the shower and let her do her thing.

  2. Crabs? Really? The new porn? What is this world coming to when it cums to crabs?