Thursday, April 7, 2011

I love It Rough

"Beg me..." He says, "beg me to fuck you... tell me what a dirty fucking slut you are..." and he takes a handful of my hair, pulling me back towards you, my back arching deliciously as I push back against you. I can feel your hot, hard erection throbbing against my ass as you tug me back against you, rubbing yourself against me, using me. I need you inside me, need to feel your cock deep inside my pussy, but my wrists are tied tightly behind my back, and it's almost impossible for me to move, bent roughly over the desk, your hand still in my hair, pulling me back harder, leaning over me, hissing in your ear. "Tell me..."

"unnnhhh Sir... ohhh Master... I'm a slut.. I'm a dirty fucking slut..."

"Then beg me to fuck you..." You demand, "beg me to fuck you like the slut you are...". you drag me back harder, your cock pressed hard against my ass, your free hand sliding underneath me, cupping my breast, pinching my nipple hard.

"uunnhhhh... ohhh... please fuck me... please fuck me Master... I'm begging you... fuck my pussy Sir... unnhhhhh... ohh please..."

"That's better," You growl. You push my face down against the desk, holding me down, your cock slipping down from between my buttocks, throbbing and erect, sliding quickly between my open thighs from behind, rubbing the head of your swollen cock against my dripping wet pussy... getting it wet.. and then pushing... hard... all the way inside me with one long, deep thrust.

I groan with pleasure, pushing back onto you.

"unnhhhh ... yes...fuck me harder... god I need that... fuck me..."

"Greedy little slut," you growl, lifting up your hand and spanking me, hard. I let out a whimper, and you thrust your erection deeper and harder inside me. I try to grind back onto you, and you lift up your hand again.

"Don't you dare move - did I say you could move?" and I feel your hand come down again, harder this time... slapping my bare ass. I groan with pleasure, unable to help myself pushing further back onto you, my warm, wet pussy engulfing the full length of your cock, squeezing tight around you. "unnhhh ... such a bad girl..." you gasp, "I told you not to move... and you're still moving... unnhhh fuck... dirty girl... dirty fucking slut..." and you spank me again, harder this time, taking hold of my hips, ramming your cock into me, deep and hard. I squeal with pleasure and pain.

You start to move inside me now... "I know that's what you want... my cock fucking you... harder... faster... and you're so fucking wet... so tight around my thrusting cock" as he is ramming deeper into me now... my pussy splashing around your cock... I'm groaning, already so close to cumming... crying out with each hard thrust of your cock, slamming into me... taking me... using me for your own pleasure...

"I've instructed you not to move, but I can still feel your cunt tightening deliciously around my erect cock, squeezing around me, trying to take me deeper inside." you groan with pleasure. I squeeze around your cock again, my pussy pulsating around your erection, pushing myself back onto you, fucking you hard as you fuck me, driving your cock deep inside me, and I groan passionately, begging you to fill me, begging you to cum hard in my pussy, begging you to spurt all your cum deep inside me.

I feel a sudden stream of wetness pouring over your erection, my body starting to convulse. You gasp with pleasure, thrusting your pulsing cock deep and hard into dripping pussy, grabbing my hair, tugging me back... hard. You cum with such intensity... I feel you relax as you let up on top of me. "uunnhhh yes Master... I hope your slut has satisfied you."


  1. Oh God...What a way to start ANY day...This one has me definitely ready...

  2. Yeah...I really shouldn't have read that at work. I hope no one comes into my office. LOL!

  3. Reina strikes again!

  4. wow I think I need a shower after reading this I think she needs a shower also so lets save some water and shower together .

  5. That got me hot and hard. Great story Reina!

  6. OK . . can you be ANY more descriptive? LOL Wow, my lil pet has seemed to worked herself into a frenzy . . now come to my office and lets finish what you've started!!! YIKES! lol