Friday, April 29, 2011

What A Night

I have to admit I have never had a man take a Viagra. There has never been a need. Over the past couple of weeks, Master and I had been talking about trying it to see what would happen. HOLY SHIT... He was a machine. Making it larger then normal and powerful. I have always been the one to keep going and wish that after he came he would be able to keep going but after last night not only did he fuck me once but fucked me twice and I had to turn him down the third time.

I woke up sore and needing to give my pussy a rest. I am not sure if I can even think about having sex for the next couple of days. Is this a normal feeling? Have any of you used Viagra and what were your results? I am interested in knowing.

World News... Did you all watch the Royal Wedding? It seemed to be very traditional from the ceremony to the dress. I was hoping there would be more personally but the couple does look very happy and Kate looked like a queen and seems like the kind of person who can handle that pressure.


  1. I have used it! It can be exactly as you say. Harder than normal, and go, and go, and go. You only went twice! I have been able to do much more than that. But it also depends on what she can handle. :) It's a grand thing.


  2. Interesting to see your reaction to this. I have only used 'help' a couple of times over the years, mainly due to a gals sex drive being incredibly strong and knowing from a previous rendevous I needed to meet her needs. I was among the hottest sex ever and my first experience with 'breath play' (she initiated).
    I would not have thought you couldn't take it though . . lol That part of your blog surprised me!