Monday, April 4, 2011

How Do You Like It

I know for most of you that you enjoy different kinds of sex. Who wouldn't? No one wants to get bored. We all like it soft, romantic, fun, playful, involve a fetish or role play. But for me...I love it rough. I just cant get enough of being picked up (especially with one hand) being thrown on the bed. A little biting, spanking, being forced to do something nasty.

The act of being tied up, blindfolded, maybe your hand over my mouth... Or perhaps being turned over with you fucking me from behind as you pull my hair. I love being forced into submission.

Many of us had had a rape fantasy. I love this idea of roughness even fighting back makes me wet inside. Him wanting to take me...trying to keep me still enough for him to get what he wants. I can feel him hold my wrists burn as I try to struggle my way free.

At times I want sweet, gentle, loving sex but most of the time I want to be taken. A little pain with my pleasure. How about you?


  1. With Kara it's more sensual. Yes we do enjoy tying each other up & blindfolding one another but once helpless the foreplay is still sensual. Touching, teasing, rubbing, massaging, etc. Occasionally we'll get a little rough with the strap-on but not all the time.
    With Scarlett it's the opposite. It's more rough then sensual. Most of our sex scenes involve various aspects of BDSM & D/s.
    Either way I love the sex I have with both of them :)


  2. We tend to either be
    a) Very rough: lots of struggle, being pinned and held down while He "forces" Himself on me, or
    b) Very playful, with lots of laughing and joking, kisses and nips and sometimes tickling.

    Both are pretty awesome, depending on what mood I'm in....^_^


  3. I like to be rough. I also sometimes am a complete gentleman. Either way, lizard seems to enjoy it, but when I'm rough with her, her orgasms tend to be more intense. I am not a sadist though, and we do not enjoy pain, just rough play.

  4. I'd rather it be rough... it seems like women always talk about the candlelight and romance and soft kisses, and that's fine every now and then. But most of the time? Throw me down and TAKE me, dammit!

  5. I like it rough. I am a sadist and I want to teach her to cum while receiving my pain. She likes to be fucked hard and fast. It makes her cum really hard.