Thursday, April 21, 2011

You Woke Me Up

His breath was hot against the back of my neck. Hands slithered around me and I could feel his hard cock nestled against my ass. His body moved slightly, a gentle rocking, pressing against me in a slow rhythm. I moaned softly as his hands drifted over my breasts. The question 'What time is it?" entered my mind before quickly leaving as his fingers pinched a nipple. I groaned as my body began to respond. I pressed back against him, letting him know I needed him just as much while lips touched my neck, gently tracing its contour. His hands caressed and soothed me as I began my own rhythm of want and need.

I let my hands drift over his before sliding them behind me, down over the side of his body, feeling his heat and strength. I moved slightly to allow my hand to slip between us. His cock was hard and erect. Heat poured from him into my hand as my fingertips grazed over him. His lips responded by parting to kiss my neck a little harder. His tongue swirled over my skin as my fingers did the same to his cock. Not quite touching him fully, just enough to tease. His hips pushed up to me, pushing his cock into my hand, asking me to stroke him.

His hands found their way across my body, sliding down over my hips, over my thighs. They coaxed my thighs open, giving him access to me. Already hot and wet, his fingers nimbly slid along my slit, gasping as he discovered just how aroused I was. Showing his appreciation, his fingers pushed against my pussy, slipping inside me as I took my turn and gasped. My hand grasped him a bit tighter as his fingers worked me. Pushing up inside then sliding out to slip up and tease my clit. Little circles over and over, building me up. My pussy was drenched in my juices, slippery for him, wanting him.

His cock pulsed in my hand, telling me what he wanted. I stroked him slowly, sensually, teasing out his erection, wanting him desperate with desire. His body pulsed with arousal, rocking against me, my hand. His lips pressed firmer and I turned my head to meet his. His mouth devoured mine, greedily kissing. Lustfully kissing. His tongue slipped past my lips, letting me taste him, letting me return my desire. His other hand slid up into my hair, holding my head to his. His fingers tangled in my hair, fueling his arousal as the silken stands caressed his skin.

His thigh slipped in between mine, pushing my thighs open, urging me. Without hesitating, I moved against him, directing his cock to my dripping pussy. Feeding him into me, opening for him to slide all the way inside. We both broke our kiss and groaned at the feeling. My soft wet pussy enveloping his cock, his hard hot cock filling me. Our bodies moved together. Slow, lazy, intimate fucking as we found our rhythm. His hand held my hip, pulling me back to him as we rocked together. We do this until we both fall asleep after intense orgasims.

Yes to everyone...I wrote this about 3am this morning as I was unable to get back to sleep. I know some of you wish me poor sleep so I can write all this erotica. LOL. Have a wonderful Easter and I will see you all on Monday.


  1. And I dreamed about watching the news, and we were debating which news channel to put on. Hmmm. Do you have a school by any chance that teaches someone how to have erotic dreams? ;-)

    As always, super duper hot post!

  2. yes alright another night of no sleep and another great story and its shower time again she should write a book.

  3. I so love your erotica. You never fail to make me hard.
    Thank you,