Friday, February 12, 2010


Sometimes I get emailed something that completely captures my true feelings of being a sub. Below is one of those emails.

I figured you would understand better than most. You must love being taken, too. Giving yourself to your Master, feeling his strength and how it makes you want to give in completely to his every whim and heighten your desire to please him in any way he demands. I love being a dom and having a woman willingly give me every bit of her body and soul. To know that even when I am rough, she takes satisfaction knowing that she is pleasing me. To make you do things that you would only do for me, and only because I ask them of you, and I only ask them of you to allow you to prove your devotion. That symbiotic relationship between dom and sub is a wonderfully powerful thing.
It's interesting talking about both sides of the dynamic. When I talk to submissive women, what I often find is that men want to demand sex, but most don't appreciate or respect what being submissive really is, and how much of a true gift it is to a man when you offer yourself to him. A real dom understands and cherishes the gift his sub offers.


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