Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Walk Home Part II

Last November I posted a story called The Walk Home
Shortly after I wrote that story I got a email from someone who took it upon himself to finish the story. I wasn't sure what to think of the story but or some reason today, I decided to post it...

After our little escapade against the lamppost, we walk the few blocks to our house quickly, giggling, stopping to kiss and whisper sweet nothings. You are clearly excited to have been watched, to have your ass naked under the streetlight, to be seen fucking with abandon. You naughtily suggest we should have invited the two kids back to our place. Being more pragmatic, I question if they are 18 yet! Anyway, I think I can satisfy you.

As we reach the front door, I can hardly get the key in the lock, I am so excited. Once inside, standing in the living room with no lights on, I start tearing your clothes off, then quickly remove my shirt and jeans too... I push you down onto the sofa, kissing you deeply, my hands on your firm breasts, feeling your erect nipples, teasing them..... I kiss you, moving slowly down your neck, lightly biting, then move to your hard nipples, sucking them, twirling my tongue around them, enjoying their erect playfulness, loving your moaning... I take my time kissing, licking them, my hand brushing your short, trimmed pubic hair, not touching your sex, making you wait. "Fucking eat me, you tease" you finally beg. Being your attentive lover, I take the hint, sliding down your sweaty body, kissing lightly as I go, until my mouth is over your pussy, you feel my hot breath. For a few seconds, I stop, breathing, keeping you waiting.... Your pussy emits the strong scent of horniness, my tongue caresses your outer lips, circling, tasting your wetness, the saltiness of my semen which was recently deposited... slowly, teasingly my tongue finds your engorged clit, licking it, circling it, sucking it into my mouth. You are moaning harder now, I can tell you are enjoying yourself... I leave your clit and move to your inner lips, my tongue snaking inside, tasting my semen mixed with your copious fluids. I lap up as much as I can, then move up and kiss you so you can share the taste of your sex, our tongues entwine, you love the flavor, the saltiness.... there will be more of that later, I whisper, then return to my task, teasing your clit, licking your lips, using my tongue to fuck you. My hands raise your ass up, so I have access to your puckered nether hole, I circle it with my tongue, and feel you shiver. Your juices are flooding out, dripping down your crack... I continue to tease your anus, licking back and forth, probing with my tongue, feeling you breathe harder, as you anticipate an invasion ... but not yet!

I move my tongue back to your clit, and slowly circle your anus with my finger, feeling you wriggle and moan.... I resist the strong urge to penetrate your tight rear hole, even though I know you would like it in you current state of arousal... I know it would quickly lead to you begging me to fuck your ass hard, and I want to continue to orally please you .. so instead I slip first one, then two finger insides your pussy, curving my fingers up till I find that spongy area, and press hard on your g-spot.... I am sucking and licking and circling your clit, thrust my fingers in and out, I feel, and hear, an earthquake coming, the sofa is shaking, you are trembling, screaming, your hands forcing my head into your pussy .... I keep up my ministrations as the waves roll over you, fucking you harder now with two fingers inside, keeping your orgasm going, going, going, till finally, you release my head and beg me to stop. I sit up and watch as you slowly calm down, watching your face grinning and happy..... one satisfied sex kitten....

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