Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Little Research

In human sexual behavior, a SUBMISSIVE is one who enjoys having any of a variety of BDSM practices performed upon them by a DOMINANT; or one who holds a submissive position within a relationship based upon Dominance and submission (Ds). This enjoyment can spring from a simple desire for submission or an enjoyment of the interplay of wills involved in such a scenario.

In many BDSM communities, there is a distinction between a submissive and a slave. In this context, a slave's goal is surrender and obedience. In contrast, a submissive tends to expect some gratification in return for his or her submission.

In a wider view of human behavior, a SUBMISSIVE is one who needs to give most or all authority over their lives to a dominant, who will protect, guide, and nourish them. This D/s relationship need not include BDSM practices as it is based on the whole relationship, not just the sexual aspects.

What do you think?

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