Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Presidents Day

Happy Presidents Day. This day will always have a special place in my heart. 13 years ago I gave birth to my beautiful daughter on this day. Although, 3 days earlier I was pissed off that my husband, at the time, decided he was going to go into work. You see, it was Valentines Day and I was scheduled to have my baby that day. So not only was I now past due but my husband rather go to work then to be with me. I guess I could sort of understand…who wants to be with a woman who is 9 months pregnant and past her due date. So my wonderful parents decided that I should not be alone and they wanted to take me out to dinner. How sweet of them so they took me to the Olive Garden. This turned out to be a nightmare. We get there and the place is packed. It was going to be at least 45 minute wait. I realized that it was Vday and that any place we went would be busy. So I am standing there… 9 months pregnant (and I looked it) my legs were swollen, no husband to comfort me, and I’m not very happy. Now…do you think that 1 person, 1 man, would say…. Would you like to take my seat? NO!!! No one would give it up. My dad even complained to the restaurant to try and get me a chair. NOTHING! I stood for an hour before they took us in.

All I could do was wish my water would break and they would have to clean up the mess. LOL But a few days later I was in labor and my daughter was born. She and my son are my world and would never regret a single day. Happy Birthday Ashley.

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