Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Phone Guy

Master C came over last night. I was grateful that he was going to allow me to apologize to him in person. He also came over to help me fix my computer. I have not been able to get online since I moved in. Well to make a long story short I spent most of my evening on the phone with AT&T. But Master C didn’t let it bother him. He stood before me and told me to get to my knees. He dropped his pants and forced his cock down my throat.

The man on the phone kept asking me questions and I was answering him with my mouth full.
Master C thrusting his cock further and further down the back of my throat. I know the guy on the other end heard me moaning and the sound of my lips as I came up for air. But he never stopped talking on the other end. The longer he was on the phone the more turned on I got. But this was not important… I know this was to be about pleasing Master C. This was my punishment for the last day or so. He gets all the pleasure and I have to wait for mine another day.

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