Thursday, March 3, 2011


I love being submissive. I like the whole idea of being taken care of and I servicing my Master....But sometimes being submissive doesn't fit into my life. I cant go into details here but I will tell you I am so MAD today. PISSED at some things that have been going this past day that has extended from months of arguing back and forth. Anyway, all I want to do is vent but who will listen to me. Not Master...he wont hear of it unless I'm calm. But this subject matter needs to be expressed with anger and hate for a stupid system. I want to stand on top of the highest building and scream, stomp and punch at anyone or anything that stands in my way.

In fact I am writing this post as a way to get out my frustrations before I blow up at someone. Does anyone have a punching bag...that is what I need in times like this. Thank goodness I don't feel like this very often. I am usually a calm and patient person. Loving and understanding so when I do get angry and bitter I do not know how to handle myself.

So this is me throwing a tantrum... Do you feel it?


  1. Not we have all come to expect of our Carrie. I hope these outbursts help you to feel sexier, tiger.

  2. *hugs* I wouldn't consider that a "tantrum". We all need an outlet for our frustrations. Sometimes it just helps to shout, yell, stomp your feet (in the appropriate environment at the appropriate time), etc. It gets all of those negative emotions out!

  3. Thanks guys...for your support