Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thinking Back

I was sent a very long article this morning and it was very interesting but too long to paste the whole thing here. But the first few paragraphs hit close to home. Before I knew what type of person I wanted to be I struggled with my feelings. And this article summed up exactly how I felt back then. I am interested in knowing if any of you subs out here felt the same way?

by Jay Wiseman,
author of "SM 101: A Realistic Introduction"

Let me guess. You're a woman, you're heterosexual, and you keep having strange, disturbing, recurring, and intense fantasies of a powerful, masterful man having his way with you.

Perhaps he tears off your clothes and takes you. Perhaps he throws you over his knee and gives you a long, hard spanking. Perhaps he ties you naked and spread-eagled to a bed and proceeds to alternately tease and torture you for hours. Perhaps he locks his collar around your neck and orders you to kneel at his feet -- and you do, both fearing and loving every second of it.

Have these fantasies become so intense and recurring that they make up almost every sexual fantasy you have? Have they become the centerpiece of your thinking when you masturbate? Have you looked through personal ads searching for the ones from men that mention bondage, spanking and related practices, longing but not daring to answer them? Have you thought of asking a man to help you explore your fantasies?

Do you worry that if you mention these desires to a man that you might end up being beaten or even raped? Do you wonder how on Earth you are ever going to reconcile your deeply submissive desires with your distinctly feminine beliefs? Do you have the increasingly strong feeling that if you don't act upon these feelings soon then you will go insane with frustration?

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  1. That is a very nice description of what I think a lot of women fantasize about or want. I think there is a lot of fear and reservation in those feelings and desires and thinking it's wrong to feel that way and want those less admitting it and acting on it. Many will never act on it and will hide those thoughts their entire lives...and that is a shame.

    Just my thought and view on a nice piece of writing. I will however defer to the women who can truly answer this.