Monday, March 7, 2011

Who Do You Think Of

Sometimes I feel I feel when you want to have selfish sex with me. Its ok...I understand. I don't feel this way all the time and sometimes it is good. Keeps me on my toes...

You say you want me.

But it's not me you want.

You say you need me.

But it's not me you need.

I am no one. And anyone. It's why you come here, isn't it. It's so you can have me be anyone you want me to be. You don't need to see me or know what color my hair is. You don't need to look into my eyes and see yourself reflecting there. It's not what I'm here for. I'm here so I can become her. She's the one in your fantasies, the one I become as you read the words. I'm her, your wife, lover, girlfriend, mistress, sexual fantasy, the girl next door, the one you noticed walking by, the one you admire from afar.

It's her voice you hear when I tell you to fuck me. Hers which makes your body tremble. When my hand slides over your body it's her you feel. Her scent fills your nose and her taste lingers with you long after we're done. She's the one you want and desire. That's who I am.

I want you to think about her now. Close your eyes and think about her, all of her. Think about her soft skin, her beautiful smile, the curve of her hip, the swell of her breasts. Think about how much you desire her, how much you want to touch and feel her. Who is she? Or is it really me you want?


  1. Hope everything is well, that posting seems a little disconnected.

  2. Sometimes I get thoughts in my head that have no outlet except for here. thanks for your concern.


  3. Its all you my pet . . for perhaps I shouldn't tell you, but the expressions could be those I feel with others since you are not with me.
    For some days I do yearn to 'use' my lil pet, for no particular reason . . just 'cause I need to vent some passion. Its what connects us, to be quietly understood . . and fucking appreciated! (play on words there! lol)