Thursday, March 17, 2011

Book Club

Hello...It seems like I have been away forever. I want to thank all of you for your warm support for my son. His surgery went well and besides some red eyes he looks and feels as good as new.

I believe most of you know that I love to read. One of my favorite authors is Jodi Picoult. I enjoy her books for 3 reasons. 1) She puts the climax of the story in the first chapter, leaving the readers wanting to know what happen and how it came to be. 2) The ending always has an off the wall twist. 3) Her stories always makes you think "What would I do in that situation" And that you can relate to the story in some way. Over my loooong weekend I had a chance to read her latest book. I'm not quite finished yet but the subject line has got me thinking...

The story is about a married couple who struggle with infertility and when the stress of losing their baby at birth they divorced. A year later the husband finds "God" and the wife find love with another woman. They end up married and decide to use her unused embryos to start their family. When the ex-husband finds out he sues the women for custody of the embryos saying God would not want these unborn children to be raised by a gay couple.

The story got me thinking of both sides if the coin. What do you think? Should a gay couple, male or female raise a child together? Do you think being gay is environmental or were you born that way? Do you think it is our business to care either way as long as the child is in a safe and loving environment?


  1. I think it's ridiculous to assume that a couple couldn't be wonderful parents, just because of their sexual orientation. Maybe not *all* gay couples would be good parents...but not *all* straight couples are good parents, either. We're all just people...

    Personally, I think if the couple, gay, straight, kinky, or whatever, can provide a healthy, loving atmosphere for the child, they should be allowed to have kids.

    (P.S. I haven't read this book, but Jodi Picoult absolutely kills me...tried reading "My Sister's Keeper"--couldn't finish it because it just broke my heart...)


  2. I believe people are born gay or straight, though I also think our environment can lead to having a personally that is more or less willing to explore sexuality, including same sex sexuality.

    I also agree with Panda's property that parents will be good or bad depending on their skills. I also believe, however, that if a child is raised by same sex parents that could result in them being teased or confused, such that gay parents might need some additional parenting skills to deal with those issues.

    A straight kid could be teased too, so I'm just saying I think there are more chances for kids of a gay union to be questioned or confused by the situation.

    Good to have you back!

  3. I think you both bring up some good points. Kids need love and understanding and shouldn't matter how the parents choose to live their lives.

    As far as kid's being teased it is a big issue and one that I hope they could over come.

  4. I don't read her books but Kara does. Great topics though. Rather then answer here I'll try and write a post on my blog with them as soon as I have some free time.

    ~Jess XX~

  5. wait til the gays sue the3 guy for child support then lets see how that makes you all feel.. It has already happened and the lesbians won..
    this country is all fucked up