Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dear John Letter

As a lot of you know I am currently living with my Exboyfriend until I can move out next week. Last night we got into a big argument and got me very upset and very mad at him. So when I went to bed I thought of this letter. This is a letter that I would hope Master C would have written to him. This is not Master C's style and I don't want to put words in his mouth. But it was sort of a fantasy in my head.

Dear John:

I just wanted to write to you and thank you for not having sex with Carrie for such a long time. Because you left her in an exceedingly horny state. John, I can't believe you could be living under the same roof as this sexpot and not fuck her at least twice a day. I have never had a woman with such a sexual appetite. And her willingness to do anything at all in bed is awesome. The way she sucks my cock is something else. And how appreciative she is when I lick her pussy. She even likes me to lick her asshole, to finger it, my goodness she gets excited. She is unbelievably bold. Had she ever done anything like that to you, John? Have you read the blog yet? She has fucked me in the park, movie theater, hotels, and in her mother's house.  She is shameless! Do you know I fucked her ass? It was awesome. Her ass is so tight, gripping my cock like a vice. She gets so wet, she left a pool of her juices in the bed. She screams so loud when she cums.

So John, thank you. I appreciate what you have done for me.

Master C


  1. your letter is incredible, I wish I was Master C. so that I can be with the incredible woman that you are. Enjoy yourself


  2. Here is the letter he should have written.
    Dear Asshole:
    I have seen a few stupid people in my life but u take the cake. It just took a little love and training she has become a very nice fuck. I treat her body like i want mine treated and she comes so often i am afraid she will pass out with pleasure. Now u .wow what a piece of shit,U have a kid with her and you do nothing, U are lazy and a real scumbag. some day I hope to meet u in person so i can slap you around like the little bitch u are.Just remember asshole i will give her a couple of kids and raise yours and there will be nothing u can do about it.
    BTW she loves to swallow My CUM and craves more
    to bad she didnt like yours she has swallowed me more in three months than u in your entire relationship. Oh well u lose i win