Monday, January 4, 2010

Have A Great New Year

I hope all of you had a great New Years. I didn’t do much. Here is the run down on everyone else’s night. Master C was in Vegas and went to some crazy party. As it should be in Vegas  My parents were on a cruise for a week. My daughter had a party that she went to. Teenager fun… My son fell asleep at 7:00 (he is 4 so not a big partier) So that left me trying to calm 2, 100 pound dogs from the fireworks that the kids down the block were shooting off.

But I had a nice weekend and Master C returned home yesterday. I hope to be able to see him soon. Here is my question to you all… Master C needs me to find a place where we can “be together” besides our houses. Any ideas!!! I am all out and keep in mind it has been really cold outside. 

You give me the idea and I will be sure to post all the juicy details. ;-)

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