Friday, January 22, 2010

I love To Watch

It all started innocently. It was a dark, moonless night, a pleasant breeze blowing. I was walking around the neighborhood around 10 PM, taking my dog Charlie for his evening walk.  So I'm not paying much attention to the dog. As I walked, Charlie saw a cat, he suddenly yanked the leash from my hand and took off chasing the cat into the back yard of a house. So I followed him. The cat of course got away, climbing a tree, as all cats do, living to taunt the dog another day. And I found Charlie sitting at the base of the tree in the neighbor's back yard, glaring at the cat's green eyes ten feet above.

As I turned to leave, I saw a light in a window at the back of the house, and movement. I stopped in the shadows, not wanting to be noticed. As I focused, I could see two people silhouetted in the window. The window had horizontal blinds, but they were not fully closed, so with the complete darkness outside, I could see pretty much everything, "Are they naked?" . "Sure looks like it," I thought, grinning.
I stopped, transfixed, as the couple embraced on the bed. With the darkness outside, no moon, I felt pretty safe from being spotted, and anyway the couple were fully engrossed in each other. So I moved closer, excited. There was a girl, mid twenties I'd guess, laying on the bed. She was smiling at the guy who was turned away from me, I could see his naked ass. She had one hand on her breast, playing with her nipples, they were stiff and pointy. Her other hand strayed to her pussy, she began masturbating slowly, circling her clit and occasionally plunging her finger inside, giving him - and unwittingly, their enraptured audience - a fabulous view. I'm so wet, this is really exciting me. I hiked up my skirt, and put my hand inside my panties, slipping inside my moist pussy, masturbating. As I watch, the guy gets on the bed and goes down on the girl. It's like a silent movie, I can see but not hear anything, there is an air conditioner humming loudly which blocks any chance of me hearing them. But I can see her put her hands on his head, pulling him into her sex, writhing on the bed, locking his head between her legs, till finally she appeared to come, I could see her mouthing as if she was moaning, then finally relaxing, smiling as her orgasm fades. I am coming too, moaning as I stick my two fingers inside my own hot gushing wet pussy...

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